Muzen Wild Mini Review 1

Muzen Wild Mini Review

The Wild Mini by Muzen is a unique Bluetooth speaker with excellent controls and lots of volume. It is a rugged little speaker that is great for the outdoors.

small bluetooth speaker comparisons

The 5 Best Small Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in various sizes, ranging from just a few centimeters in diameter to large systems that weigh more than 20 lbs. This article focuses on the best small Bluetooth speakers, with all speakers on this list weighing less than 10 oz. We pitted these five popular small Bluetooth speakers against each other to see which is the best to buy and for which purposes.

Treblab HD-Force (Portable Bluetooth Speaker) Review 2

Treblab HD-Force (Portable Bluetooth Speaker) Review

The Treblab HD-Force is a small to medium-sized Bluetooth speaker with subtle lighting effects and impressive volume capabilities. While the HD-Force excels in battery performance and portability, the sound quality has some noticeable flaws which can benefit from equalization.

soundcore mini feature

Anker Soundcore Mini Review

Soundcore Mini Check Price The Soundcore Mini from Anker is the smallest Bluetooth speaker within Soundcore’s product range. Less than half the size of a soda can, the Soundcore Mini is ideal for regular portable … Read more

Oontz Angle Solo logo

Oontz Angle Solo Review

The Oontz Angle Solo from Cambridge Sound Works is a triangle-shaped Bluetooth speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand. Available in four different color variations (red, black, white, and blue), the Angle … Read more

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers - Outeraudio

The 10 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Best Overall Soundcore Motion Boom Plus The Motion Boom Plus is the top choice for an ‘everyday speaker.’ Easy enough to carry but large enough to put out impressive sound. For The Outdoor Lifestyle Turtlebox … Read more

Outdoor Speaker Placement Guide 5

Outdoor Speaker Placement Guide

Outdoor speakers can be a great addition to any home, providing the ability to enjoy music, movies, or other audio in the backyard, on the patio, or in other outdoor spaces. However, determining the best … Read more

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The Ultimate Speaker Gift Guide

Nearly everyone enjoys listening to music, whether on their smartphone, headphones, home stereo system, or computer. This makes audio equipment a great gift for almost anyone, whether an audiophile, musician, or someone who enjoys some … Read more