JBL Clip 5 Review 1

JBL Clip 5 Review

The JBL Clip 5 is a compact waterproof speaker, similar in size to the JBL Go 4. However, it carves out its own space in the market with its built-in carabiner that can be used … Read more

JBL Go 4 Review 2

JBL Go 4 Review

JBL’s Go 4 is a pocket-sized waterproof Bluetooth speaker for everyday use and outdoor adventures. A built-in carry loop enhances portability while its refined sound and cutting-edge wireless support marks a notable upgrade from the … Read more

JBL Clip 3 Review 3

JBL Clip 3 Review

The JBL Clip 3 is a portable Bluetooth speaker for an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a mountain biker, camper, or skateboarder – this speaker provides a lightweight solution that lets you jam to your favorite … Read more

Soundcore Boom 2

Soundcore Boom 2 Review

Soundcore’s Boom 2 is a waterproof boombox-style Bluetooth speaker with outstanding portability that lends itself well to outdoor use. While it looks similar to the original Soundcore Motion Boom, it has many benefits over its … Read more

Soundcore Motion 300 Review 4

Soundcore Motion 300 Review

Soundcore’s Motion 300 is a mixed bag. While it provides reliable durability, with easy-to-use controls and comprehensive app control, its sound quality suffers from a lack of upper midrange and highs that cause it to … Read more

JBL Flip 6 Feature

JBL Flip 6 Review

Look no further than the JBL Flip 6 for a reliable Bluetooth speaker that can be integrated into your daily life. Its compact and lightweight build makes it easily portable, and its weather protection means … Read more

Soundcore Motion X600 Review 5

Soundcore Motion X600 Review

Soundcore’s Motion X600 stands out for its impressive spatial sound and aesthetic design. It merges comprehensive audio control using the Soundcore app with outdoor protection, incorporating an IPX7 water-resistance rating. It is well suited to … Read more

Treblab HD360 back

Treblab HD-360 Review

Treblab HD-360 Treblab’s HD-360 stands out from the crowd with its visually striking design, featuring four visible drivers that wrap around the perimeter of the speaker. The idea is that the spread in driver placement … Read more

Soundcore Motion X500 Feature

Soundcore Motion X500 Review

Motion X500 Soundcore’s Motion X series incorporates portability with high-resolution audio and a focus on spatial sound. The range consists of two speakers, the X500 and the larger X600. Both speakers have unique designs that … Read more

treblab fx 100

Treblab FX100 Review

When using a Bluetooth speaker outdoors, it’s vital to ensure that the speaker can withstand the environment you’re putting it in. Some speakers excel indoors but lack the qualities needed for a versatile outdoor speaker. … Read more

treblab hd mini bluetooth speaker

Treblab HD-Mini Reviewed

Treblab’s HD-Mini is a small Bluetooth speaker with portability at the forefront. It’s slightly smaller than their HD7 but larger than the JBL Clip series and the Sony SRS-XB100. At its weight and dimensions, the … Read more

ewa a106 bluetooth speaker

Reviewing The EWA A106 Pro Mini Bluetooth Speaker

EWA’s A106 Pro is one of the best selling mini Bluetooth speakers online for a good reason. It produces clear and detailed audio while being smaller than a shot glass. The speaker’s upward firing driver produces impressive dispersion of sound while the IP67 waterproofing makes it well-suited to outdoor use.

JBL Clip 4 Feature

JBL Clip 4 Review

JBL Clip 4 The JBL Clip series was originally introduced in 2015, seeing further refinements through the years with each new iteration. The Clip 4 is the latest in the Clip range and brings improved … Read more

doss genie speaker

Review of The Doss Genie Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The Doss Genie is an affordable mini Bluetooth speaker that offers a viable solution for moderate-volume casual listening. While it lacks audio performance when it comes to sound quality, it is capable of reaching impressively loud volumes due to the 5W driver. With a moderate battery life and fairly slow charging, there are better