What Determines Audio Quality? 1

What Determines Audio Quality?

The sound quality of an audio device, whether it’s a portable Bluetooth speaker, a large PA system, a pair of reference monitors, or even earbuds/headphones, is affected by various electrical and physical components.  Psychoacoustics suggests … Read more

fiio e10k olympus

FiiO E10K Review

FiiO is fast becoming a big industry player when it comes to audiophile consumer products. The company was highlighted at CanJam 2019 with some exciting new IEM releases. One of FiiO’s more popular products is … Read more

Linear Tube Audio MZ2 Review - Outeraudio

Linear Tube Audio MZ2 Review

The tube amplifier market is full of boutique brands from around the world all with their own designs, audio profiles, and quirks. Linear Tube Audio (LTA) has been building preamplifiers, power amplifiers, headphone amps, and … Read more

ifi audio stereo retro

iFi Audio Retro Stereo 50 Review

One of the more trendy audio brands to appear this decade is iFi Audio. Founded in 2012, the company design and manufacture a range of trendy audiophile quality products from its headquarters in Southport, UK. … Read more

Feliks Audio Elise Review - Outeraudio

Feliks Audio Elise Review

Feliks Audio design and manufacture hand-crafted tube amplifiers out of their facility in Lubliniec, Poland. The companies 20 years of experience comes through in the products they make with the Espressivo, Elise and Euforia winning … Read more