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The 8 Best Outdoor TVs

The following televisions are made to be used inside a shaded area. While these outdoor TVs also offer protection from the elements, they don’t have the same cooling mechanics we see in TVs used in sunlight. Outdoor TVs for shaded areas tend to be a little more affordable.

Outdoor Speaker Placement Guide 2

Outdoor Speaker Placement Guide

Outdoor speakers can be a great addition to any home, providing the ability to enjoy music, movies, or other audio in the backyard, on the patio, or in other outdoor spaces. However, determining the best … Read more

How To Install An Outdoor TV 3

How To Install An Outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs allow you to combine being outside while enjoying your favorite shows. If you’re a sports fan, having the game on while you’re gathered around the BBQ can feel like heaven. Watching a scary … Read more

Apollo Enclosures Outdoor TV Enclosures Review - Outeraudio

Apollo Enclosures Outdoor TV Enclosures

Installing an outdoor TV is a little more challenging than an indoor one and requires specialized equipment or modifications. You can purchase a specially designed outdoor TV with weather protection and anti-glare modifications. However, these … Read more