best bass headphones

The 6 Best Bass Headphones

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There’s no frequency quite as controversial as bass. Because bass is essential to many popular music types, people naturally seek out elevated bass. Even the most die-hard advocate for balanced sound likely started their journey into music with enjoyment for … Read more
Underwater Speakers: Sound Submerged 2

Underwater Speakers: Sound Submerged

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We’re all used to listening to music in the above-ground world. We all know and understand that sound travels underwater as well. Even though we don’t often think about it, the reality is that nothing prevents you from listening to … Read more
Best House Party Speakers

The 8 Best Party Speakers

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A party isn’t a party without loud thumping bass music shaking up the neighborhood, so you need proper speakers. While you can probably provide music for a small gathering of friends with any of the thousands of portable Bluetooth speakers … Read more
Muzen Wild Mini Review 3

Muzen Wild Mini Review

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The Wild Mini by Muzen is a unique Bluetooth speaker with excellent controls and lots of volume. It is a rugged little speaker that is great for the outdoors.

The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

We’ve revamped our list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers in 2023. A new year means new products. We’ve swapped out older products for new, better products capable of producing a lot more sound.

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What Determines Audio Quality? 8

What Determines Audio Quality?

The sound quality of an audio device, whether it’s a portable Bluetooth speaker, a large PA system, a pair of reference monitors, or even earbuds/headphones, is affected by various electrical … Read more
How to Connect Speakers to a TV 9

How to Connect Speakers to a TV

While the onboard speakers on most newer TV sets are becoming rather impressive, many viewers prefer a dedicated speaker system to elevate their viewing experience, especially when it comes to … Read more

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