The Best WiFi Speakers

Wireless technology for speakers is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep up! Currently, most WiFi speakers are designed…

The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers
New Updated List For 2023

We’ve revamped our list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers in 2023. A new year means new products, we’ve swapped out older products for new, better products that are capable of producing a whole lot of sound.

Video Reviews in 90 Seconds

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How To Install An Outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs allow you to combine being outside while enjoying your favorite shows. If you’re a sports fan, having the game on while you’re gathered around the BBQ can feel…

Listen to Music Safely – How Loud Is Too Loud?

Safe Music Listening Guide – Understanding Loudness What Makes a Speaker Loud?What is the Relationship Between Power (W) and Volume (dB)?What are A-Weighted Decibels? (dBa)What Influences How Loud a Speaker…

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At OuterAudio we’re obsessed with creating well-researched curated lists of the best speakers and headphones available on the market. Actual reviews you can trust and use.  Our reviews have been referenced by some of the leading manufacturers in the audio industry. We’re known to always have an informed and fair opinion. That’s our commitment to you. We’re proud to be mentioned by these companies.

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