The 7 Best Garden Outdoor Speakers


When looking for that perfect sound system for your garden, you need to take into consideration many factors – durability, weather protection, power, longevity, warranty, but also the aesthetic aspect. Sure enough, you’ll find the most powerful, military-grade speakers out there, but it’s all for nothing if they feel out of place once you place them. That’s where garden outdoor speakers come in.

The 7 Best Garden Outdoor Speakers 1
AVX Audio Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Blending high-fidelity sound seamlessly into the outdoor surrounding.

AVX Audio Outdoor Landscape Speakers

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The 7 Best Garden Outdoor Speakers:

Luckily, some enterprising souls thought of disguising them as rocks, flower pots, and even animals. If on the other hand, you would rather hide them from sight, that can also be arranged, as we prepared a little list that has a little bit of something for everyone.

1. AVX Audio Outdoor Landscape Speakers

AVX Audio Outdoor Landscape Speakers
  • Power: 80 W
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Mounting: single
  • Size: 10.5 x 7.0 x 19.0″

At the top of our list is the AVX Audio Garden Speakers. The dull brown color ensures that these speakers will blend in perfectly to your natural landscaping. The UV resistant and weatherproof enclosure means that the speakers are durable and will withstand the elements for many years.

The AVX Audio Garden Speakers deliver a rich sound, lacking slightly in the bottom-end. For the sound-junkies, specs include a frequency response of 80-20 kHz and 8-ohm impedance. Power handling of the AVX Audio Garden Speakers is 40W RMS / 80W PMPO per speaker.

Sold individually, in pairs, or in sets of six – you can either just have one speaker in the garden bed or scatter them around the whole grade. The speakers are pre-terminated and integrating them into your outdoor speaker system is effortless. No additional speaker wire will be required when installing the speakers either.

2. Niles Audio GS4 Discreet Garden Speakers

Niles Audio GS4 Discreet Garden Speakers
  • Power: 110 W
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Mounting: dual
  • Size: 9.0 x 5.5 x 10.8″

The Niles Audio GS4 Discreet is a type of custom-designed, high-quality speakers. The custom design mentioned here refers to their enclosure, rather than wiring and drivers, which is sleek-looking, sturdily built, and more than able to survive for years on its own.

The cabinetry is completely weatherproof, as it well should be, and comes in dual mounting options, and the parts required for either (or both?) come with the purchase, free of charge. What you get are a couple of stakes for garden installation, and wall mount brackets if you decide to, well… mount your speakers on a wall or any flat surface.

As far as the sound department goes, the GS4 features a 4-inch mineral-filled woofer for a rich and deep sound, as well as a 1-inch Teteron tweeter to take care of the highs and mids. The speaker handles the bass pretty well, but it does feel somewhat lacking compared to the crispy clear highs and full-bodied mids.

3. Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System

Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System
  • Power: 200 W
  • Weight: 0.64 lbs
  • Mounting: dual
  • Size: 16.8 x 16.8 x 10.9″

Polk is renowned worldwide for their quality audio equipment, and the Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System only adds to the company’s luster. What you get with this deal is a set of 2 Polk Atrium Sat30 speakers, along with a single Polk Atrium Sub10 speaker with a dual voice coil Dynamic Balance woofer. Translated into plain English, this means you’ll get the whole package – crispy highs, creamy mids, and tight lows. Granted, it may be a little over your budget (don’t ask how we know), but it’s worth the expense.

However, the selling point of this set is not the sound quality, amazing as it may be, but rather its inconspicuousness. The thing is, the enclosure for this set doubles as a flower pot stand so that it can blend in on a level never before seen in garden speakers (pun very much intended).

4. Outdoor Speaker Depot Audio FS525 Decorative Frog Speakers

Outdoor Speaker Depot Audio FS525 5.25-Inch Decorative Frog Speakers
  • Power: 100 W
  • Weight: 15.8 lbs
  • Mounting: single
  • Size: 19.3 x 11.5 x 12.0″

It’s speakers in frogs! Do you really need to know more?These speakers are sure to thrill all the admirers of Pepe and Kermit the Frog (not related)¸or at the very least, anyone who had a frog as a pet growing up. All jokes aside, though, these speakers have a lot more to offer besides the novelty value. For one, the enclosure is fully weatherproof and able to survive years of rain, snow, and water with very little maintenance.They are, however, fragile on some extruding parts, and they can get damaged in transport. Still, nothing a little glue and spray paint couldn’t handle.

Moreover, the sound is adequate, to say the least. You get great clarity in the highs, and a well-rounded mid-range, though the bass is somewhat lacking. Still, you can easily fix this by wiring them to a stereo with a bass boost, or you can disregard this if playing genres that aren’t heavy on it.Speaking of wiring, it’s important to mention that the speakers can handle 100 Watts of power, so keep that in mind if you want to crank them all the way up.

5. Theater Solutions 2R8G Granite Rock Speakers

Theater Solutions 2R8G 8-Inch Woofers Outdoor Garden Waterproof Granite Rock Patio Speaker
  • Power: 500 W
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Mounting: single
  • Size: 12.0 x 12.0 x 13.5″

The Theater Solutions 2R8G Rock Speakers are, contrary to what you might think after reading the name, not speakers intended for rock music (although they’re more than capable of handling it, make no mistake). These are, simply put, rocks, albeit multi-layer composite rocks with rust-resistant steel grills and silicon seal.Thanks to an enclosure that looks like granite rock, these speakers blend effortlessly into the garden. If nothing else, this makes for an excellent conversation starter.

As far as the sound goes, the rocks don’t disappoint. They sport 8-inch woofers, with very responsive bass and treble. Moreover, the drivers are angled upwards at 20 degrees within the enclosure to be able to deliver optimum sound when placed at ground level. Let’s face it, where else are you going to put these?They are rated at 250 Watts, with peak power at 500 Watts, but they’ll work well with as little as 50 Watts pushing them.

Still, if you want to make the most of them, don’t be afraid to give them all the juice you can – these were made for outdoor performance, and it would be a shame not to use them to the fullest.

6. Sound Appeal Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

 How to choose a tailgate speaker So you have a tailgate party coming up and you need a suitable speaker. We can help you out. As with any speaker that is designed for a specific purpose, there are a few things that you will need to look for. Keep in mind that a tailgate party takes place in a parking lot or secluded area and except if you bring a generator along, there probably won't be electricity, so can't just take along any old speaker.  Portability When it comes to tailgate speakers, they need to be portable. You will need to load it up and take it to the party and once you are there, you will need to be able to place it in the perfect spot where everybody will be able to enjoy the music and party hard. So in order for it to qualify as a portable speaker, it will need to have the following characteristics: Battery powered - First and foremost, tailgate speakers need to be battery powered. This means that you need to be able to charge the speaker and then be able to play music through it, without it having to be plugged in. So make sure that you do not buy a speaker that needs to be plugged into a socket. Also, remember to make sure that its battery will last long enough so that it does not die in the middle of the party. Right size - When it comes to the size of proper tailgate speakers you need to make sure that they are not too big or too small. Do not buy a small portable speaker that will barely make enough sound to entertain a hand full of people, nor should you buy a speaker that will be difficult to transport. It should be large enough to entertain a crowd, but small enough to fit in your vehicle. Handles and wheels - Okay so this is probably not a necessity but it is definitely something to keep in mind. Take it from somebody who has had to carry a speaker that was not really made to be carried - tailgate speakers need handles or wheels - or both.  Power So you want to get a speaker that is loud enough to entertain all the guests and has enough bass to at least make the earth shake just a little bit. Looking at the wattage is an easy way to determine the volume capabilities of a speaker, but with modern advances in audio, a low wattage does not mean the speaker is soft. So, take a look at the reviews and make sure that the people who have listened to the speaker say that it is loud and powerful enough.  Sound quality There are several speakers out there that cost next to nothing but also sound horrible. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to listen to music through low-quality speakers all night long? Don't be cheap, buy a decent sounding speaker. Make sure that the tailgate speaker you buy has the ability to sound crisp and clear, as well as loud. If there is one thing in this world that you can be sure of, it is that you will never regret buying a great sounding speaker.  Conclusion If you use this guide and our recommended tailgate speakers, you are sure to find the perfect speaker that will make your tailgate party a roaring success and impress all your friends. And as a plus, you can always use your tailgate speaker as a party speaker and take it with you when you go camping or do whatever. Personally, I think that a tailgate speaker is a must-have.
  • Power: 100 W
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Mounting: single
  • Size: 18.5 x 10.0 x 9.0″

The Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker from Sound Appeal is pretty much what it promises on the tin – a wireless speaker placed within a hardy enclosure designed to look like a rock. Still, lest you think these puppies have only novelty value, we should mention that they are great value for money. For starters, the enclosure is hardy indeed, made of multi-layered plastic, able to withstand everything the elements can throw at it. It was built for outdoor performance, and perform they do, admirably so.

The selling point on these speakers is the fact they’re independent of any wiring, at least in terms of the source for the tunes. They do use a cord for power, however –as they come in pairs, both are wired together, and then one of them is wired to an outlet. The power cord is about 8 feet long, but you can always get an extension cord to lengthen the reach. Since we’re on the topic of wiring and connectivity, it’s important to note that a pair of speakers counts as a single device, but you can only connect to a single device at a time.

In plain English, this means that the most Rocks you can connect to at a time is two. On the flip side, there’s no interference, and the signal travels sure up to 25 feet. You’ll probably get a signal over that distance, but this is the optimum range.

7. TIC GS-10 80-Watt Outdoor Speakers

TIC GS-10 4-Inch 2 Way 80-Watt Outdoor Speakers
  • Power: 80 W
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Mounting: dual
  • Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 13.7″

The TIC GS-10 is a set (well, a pair) of speakers that are cleverly designed to stand unobtrusively amidst the greenery, or next to the patio. They are made of high impact ABS plastic, and able to withstand years of punishment. The black color of the plastic allows the speakers to blend in, or at the very least, not draw too much attention visually. With the purchase, you’ll also get a pair of ground spikes if you decide to install them in the garden, as well as the appropriate fasteners to attach them to the deck.

Sound-wise, the speakers provide a 360-degree omnidirectional sound coverage, so you don’t have to bother with angling them or swiveling. The sound itself is quite powerful, with lots of clarity in the highs, a full-bodied midrange, and somewhat loose bass. If you want to get the most of it, you should use them in conjunction with a pair of subs or tower speakers to make up for the bass.

The 7 Best Garden Outdoor Speakers 1
AVX Audio Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Blending high-fidelity sound seamlessly into the outdoor surrounding.

AVX Audio Outdoor Landscape Speakers

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