The Best Floating and Pool Speakers 2017

Portable speakers that enable us to listen to our audio when outdoors are nothing new, but now it is possible to enjoy music even while swimming in the pool. There are water resistant outdoor speakers available for the job, but what about taking your speakers into the pool with you? These type of speakers not only float on water, but are able to deliver great audio and can be used without risk of moisture damage.

Most of them have also been designed to blend in seamlessly with your pool area, so your guests might just be left wondering where the music is originating from at your next pool party.  While not full blown party speakers, there are some great pool speakers and floating pool speakers that you can use either by the pool or they can float alongside you in the pool while playing music.

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The Best Pool Speakers

A great poolside speaker is essential if you want to throw a pool party or even if you just want to chill by the pool alone or with some friends. If you have ever switched on your living room sound system and tried to listen to music by the pool that way, then you will know what I am talking about. And while listening to headphones by the pool is always an option, it is very antisocial when you are in a group and you generally cannot go swimming with them. This is why you need a quality poolside speaker that is waterproof and loud enough for some summer fun.

Here are our 3 best poolside speakers:

1. Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerThe Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is so much more than a portable pool speaker. According to one Amazon review, this speaker withstood a raging tornado that destroyed the home it was held in and then laid out in the pouring rain for an entire day and still worked perfectly. If that is not proof of the durability of this speaker with its IP66 ingress protection, then we don’t know what is.

This truly remarkable speaker offers you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted sound and thanks to its passive subwoofer and two 40mm drivers, the sound is crisp, clear and undeniably of the utmost quality.

With the Hydra, you can stream music through any of your Bluetooth devices such as your Smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. So best make sure that your playlist is fully stocked with all your favorite hits because you are not going to want to let go of this amazing portable pool speaker. You can also switch tracks or adjust the volume of the speaker with the use of some convenient buttons – and all this with Waterproof, Wireless, Shockproof, and Dustproof features.

While the Photive Hydra pool speaker has a rather simple industrial design, it outshines all its competitors due to its sheer quality in both built and sound.

Available at: Amazon.

2. Sharkk 2O IP67 Bluetooth Speaker

Sharkk 2O IP67 Bluetooth SpeakerAre you looking for a truly outstanding portable pool speaker with a bit of a rugged look that can provide quality sound? If so, then the Shark 2O IP67 might be just what you are looking for. This speaker has the longest Bluetooth range on the market at a range of over 60 feet of uninterrupted music streaming and over 100 feet of connectivity capabilities. So your Smartphone or tablet or whatever device you are streaming from does not need to be anywhere near the actual speaker. For anybody looking for a pool speaker that offers remarkable portability features, the Shark 2O IP67 is the ideal purchase.

This solid speaker features a rubber coating that makes it both shockproof and dustproof so that you won’t have to worry about such silly things. It also comes with a great IP67 rating which means that it completely waterproof and perfect for a pool party.

Unlike many other portable Bluetooth speakers, the Shark 2O IP67 can be connected to with via Bluetooth and an AUX cable. Further than that, it also features a MicroSD slot which means that you can make use of its portable function without having to connect to it via Bluetooth.

With up to 10 hours of battery, you can use this pool speaker to play music anywhere or for calls as it comes with a built-in microphone. It also comes with voice prompts that allows you to make and take calls and you can even use your Siri function through the Shark 2O IP67.

The Sharkk 20 speaker comes with a Velcro wrist strap, USB charging cable, power adapter, auxiliary cable, user manual and a one year warranty.

Available at: Amazon.

3. FUGOO Sport Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

FUGOO Sport Portable Rugged Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerThe FUGOO Sport is the perfect portable pool speaker for those of you looking for a more sporty look and some pretty sporty functions. Being a pool speaker, this model is waterproof with an IP67 rating. It can however only be submerged in the water at max 3 feet for up to 30 minutes. This is not a major flaw though since nobody other than the folks at Bikini Bottom actually wants to use a speaker to listen to music under the water. In addition to its waterproof feature, the FUGOO Sport is also both snowproof and sand proof. No adventure is too rough for this little portable speaker.

If you are the adventurous type, you will find many accessories designed specifically for the FUGOO Sport, such as a bike mount, strap mount, multi-mount and even a remote control. All these accessories are available in the same black and teal color palate as the actual speaker so that you can enjoy the rugged outdoors in style.

This pool speaker offers extensive battery life of up to 40 hours. This is four times more than most other portable pool speakers! All of this is produced through a powerful 360º speaker system which allows you to listen to clear unobstructed music no matter where you are in relation to the speaker.

What about the sound? Well, be ready to be amazed. When you turn on this tiny speaker it is hard to believe that it is actually producing such pure and truly incredible sound. Unlike many portable speakers, the designers did not focus merely on portability, but also on the actual sound quality and my oh my, did they get it spot-on. The pool speaker features six speakers in total that consists of two tweeters, two woofers, and two passive radiators. The speakers are tilted upwards at a perfect 8º angle to further improve the listening experience. If sound quality is very important to you then the FUGOO Sport is undoubtedly the way to go.

The speaker also responds to preset voice commands that allow you to answer phone calls or use Siri or Google Now with which you can do all the things you do with your phone, such as play music, call your friends, get a weather update, and so much more.

The FUGOO Sport is a bit more pricey, but for the extensive features and remarkable sound quality, it is well worth it.

Available at: Amazon.

The Best Floating Pool Speakers

If you want something a little more innovative than a poolside speaker, you can opt for a floating pool speaker. These little guys are completely waterproof and they will play music via Bluetooth while they float alongside you in the pool. These speakers are cute and fun and they never fail to impress your guests.

We looked at several floating pool speakers, and chose the three best ones on the market:

1. iJoy Beach Bomb Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Speaker

iJoy Beach Bomb IP66 Waterproof Shockproof Portable Bluetooth SpeakerThis speaker was designed specifically for all those people who love to enjoy the entire summer in the pool. It is completely waterproof and will float alongside you while you swim and dive and enjoy the feeling of the cool water under the warm sun rays – all the while playing your favorite music as you stream it remotely from your Bluetooth device.

When you buy the iJoy Beach Bomb, you won’t be able to remember how you ever survived without it. It is a must-have for each and every summer-crazed water lover. If dropped in the pool it will simply float around and continue playing uninterrupted music, and no need to worry about accidentally submerging it in the water as it can handle being in debts of up to 3ft.

This floating pool speaker also features a hands-free option that will allow you to answer incoming calls to the connected device and use the built-in mic to have a conversation without ever being near your actual phone.

On the speaker, you will see 6 buttons including the power button, previous song, next song, volume down, volume up, and then finally a play/pause button which also acts as the answer phone button. This allows you full control over your music and phone calls, all the while splashing around in the water.

The iJoy gives you up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music and it can be connected to via Bluetooth, micro USB, USB, or Aux.

For all the summer fans out there looking for the perfect floating pool speaker – look no further than the iJoy Beach Bomb.

Available at: Amazon.

2. NUWA Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker


NUWA Portable Swimming Pool Float Bluetooth Speaker

This new NUWA floating pool speaker is simply outstanding. It has a high IPX7 rating and unlike most similar speakers, it is not only splashproof or water resistant but it is shockproof, dustproof and damage resistant! There is no need to be gentle with this speaker since it can float in the pool with you or even while the kids are playing and splashing around. The speaker can even be submerged in the water at up to 3ft and it will just continue playing music.

All you need to do to stream music to this floating pool speaker is pair your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices to it and press play. Your music, podcast, audiobook, or whatever audio file you choose to play, will instantly play through the speaker in high-quality sound. With dual 5 watts of power, this little speaker’s volume capabilities will surprise you.

When it comes to connectivity, we have to say that we were thoroughly impressed. The Bluetooth connectivity has a maximum connection distance of up to 120ft – which from having reviewed countless portable speakers, is a very impressive feature. The battery will also last for up to 5 hours, which will give you more than enough time to enjoy the sun.

Overall this floating pool speaker consists of high-quality materials and delivers high-quality sound and durability at an affordable price, making it the perfect choice for a pool speaker.

Available at: Amazon.

3. Monster SuperStar BackFloat High Definition Bluetooth Waterproof Floating Speaker

Monster SuperStar BackFloat High Definition Bluetooth Waterproof Floating SpeakerFor a slightly different looking speaker, there is the Monster SuperStar, which is a very slim and sturdy portable offering. It has a silicone casing to keep the water out, but this also makes the speaker shockproof and very resilient. It has an IPX6 rating, so it can handle getting wet, but don’t let it get completely submerged for too long.

The sound quality is equally impressive and while it is easy for a speaker to sound impressive in a small shower, the Monster SuperStar manages decent audio quality outdoors as well. It is capable of high volume levels without distorting your audio, even when floating around in the water. Audio quality can be a hit or miss with smaller speakers, but the highs on the SuperStar is crisp and the lows are rich. For very deep bass the speaker will distort slightly at high volume, but this is to be expected. As with most portable speakers, it comes with an integrated microphone for taking phone calls and the audio quality over the speakerphone sounds good too. While floating the front panel of the speaker points upwards and this is where the passive bass radiator and two drivers can be found.

With about seven hours of audio playback on a full charge, the SuperStar is able to handle long sessions of lounging in the pool. Included in the package is a protective pouch, which is not only well padded but perforated so that it doesn’t interfere with the audio quality.

While it is not a cheap speaker, it delivers with solid performance and durable design.

Available at: Amazon.

Other Pool Speakers

Here are some more great floating pool speakers that you can use to make those sunny days by the pool all the more exciting. From a pool speaker that resembles a mini tri-hull boat to one fun ball-shaped speaker that offers an exciting light show – if none of our above-mentioned best pool speakers did it for you then one of these four speakers are bound to.

1. IPX7 100% Waterproof & Dust-proof Floating Bluetooth Shower Speaker

IPX7 100% Waterproof & Dust-proof Floating Bluetooth Shower SpeakerThis speaker from Maze has an IPX7 rating, which means it can be submerged to a depth of up to one meter for up to thirty minutes without the water doing any damage. Not that you have to worry about this speaker sinking that deep as it is designed to float on top of the water. It connects to any Bluetooth audio devices, which makes it a breeze to pair with a phone for music playback.

Since this speaker uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries you can expect playing times in excess of 15 hours. These batteries also only take about four to five hours to fully charge. It can also be recharged via a computer using the USB port.

While the speaker is quite compact it definitely packs a big sound. It sounds great when used in the shower and even features a suction cup for mounting on any smooth, flat surface. Since the speaker can float you can take use it in the bath, hot tub or swimming pool as well and still enjoy your music. When connected to your phone it even allows you to answer phone calls.

The speaker features a nice round design and all the buttons are on the top of the device. In addition to the call button it has buttons for power, play/pause, and track forward or backward, the latter also doubling as the volume controls. Despite its lightweight design, this little speaker is actually quite rugged as well.

For a loud, clear speaker that is very comfortable around or even in the water this offering from Maze comes highly recommended.

Available at: Amazon.

2. NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerThe NYNE Multimedia Aqua is another IPX7 rated Bluetooth speaker, so it has no problem with water. It has been specifically designed to float and features a stylish look that, according to the creators, is meant to resemble a mini tri-hull boat.

The Aqua connects via Bluetooth and has a 33-foot range, so your precious phone or tablet doesn’t need to be anywhere near the water for you to listen to music. The Aqua is a bigger speaker than the one from Maze, but still manages a decent 10 hours of playback per battery charge.

I really like the sound quality of the NYNE Aqua and it even has four equalizer settings for those who want to adjust the playback. It features 2.0 stereo channel output with 2 passive radiators, which means it sounds as good in the pool as it does in the shower. In addition to audio playback, it is also capable of hands-free calling thanks to the integrated waterproof microphone.

With its high-quality rubberized finish cabinet, the Aqua not only looks good but is pretty durable as well. It is not a very heavy speaker, but the included strap makes it easy to carry around or hang wherever you need it. If you are away from water and want to connect an older device that doesn’t have Bluetooth you can use the 3.5mm AUX input located on the sealed rear panel of the Aqua.

For a decent waterproof speaker that features a unique design, the Aqua is a must.

Available at: Amazon.

3. Sharper Image SBT606 Bluetooth Floating Party Speaker

Sharper Image SBT606 Bluetooth Floating Party SpeakerSome portable speakers look function while others are a bit more adventurous with their designs, but the SBT606 is downright flashy. This is thanks to the responsive LED lights on it that blink in rhythm with your playlist. This nifty gimmick doesn’t detract from the design of the speaker either as it has an IPX7 rating.

While the LED lights are probably a bit much for the bath or hot tub, they do add another dimension to pool parties. The party doesn’t just have to be confined to the pool either as it is also able to light up a room with its multi-colored lights when placed on a flat surface. Incidentally, the lights can be set to pulse along with the music playing through the speaker or simply at random.

As with all good portable speakers the SBT606 connects via Bluetooth and pairing it with a compatible phone or tablet is very quick. When not immersed in water the speaker can also be connected to an audio device using an auxiliary wire.

The battery life of the SBT606 is very impressive and it can keep going for a couple of hours even if you had the lights going the whole time. The audio quality is generally very good, but at its best when in the water. This is because on a flat surface the speaker faces downwards, which obviously impacts the volume and quality.

If you are looking for a floating pool speaker that can do more than just play music you won’t be disappointed with the SBT606.

Available at: Amazon.

4. Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Swimming Pool Floating Speaker

Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Swimming Pool Floating SpeakerOut of all the pool speakers on this list, the Ivation offering is probably the only one that looks like it actually belongs in a pool. That is because it looks more like a bright mini beach ball than a speaker, but beneath its colorful exterior lurks a pretty powerful speaker.

The Ivation uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology, so it is able to stream from any compatible device up to a distance of about 33 feet. It has fully waterproof seals, so the speaker, batteries, controls, and lights are all protected from water.

Anyone who enjoys swimming at night and wants to chill out with some tunes will appreciate the cool blue mood lighting that the Ivation is capable of producing. This feature also makes it easier to locate the speaker at night but can be switched off during the day. The rounded design of the Ivation is very nice but limits its use outside of a pool. When immersed in water the audio quality remains crisp and because of the weight distribution of the speaker, it remains right-side-up even when used in a wave pool.

The Ivation is powered by 6 AA batteries, which offers a decent amount of playback time. Sound quality is not an issue either as the speaker is able to deliver plenty of volume along with some solid bass. Since it only has a single driver it is not going to be able to compete with more expensive speakers, but for its price range, it is a solid performer.

If you are looking for a decent portable speaker that will only be used in the pool the Ivation fits the bill.

Available at: Amazon.


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