The Best Floating Pool Speakers


While most of us are familiar with waterproof speakers, floating pool speakers are different in that they aren’t just made to withstand water, but are designed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of floating. This differs from Bluetooth speakers that happen to also float, in the sense that they are able to continue to provide clear audio quality – something that is often not the case with Bluetooth speakers that can float but isn’t designed with that intent and purpose.

Best Overall

DuoTen Pool Speaker

8 Watts

DuoTen Pool Speaker

A versatile floating speaker that can also be stuck to shower doors. Good audio quality is paired with a lot of extra features.

Best Lighting Effects

Kingsom Floating Speaker

6 Watts

Kingsom Speaker

The Kingsom offers both quality audio and impressive lighting options. Perhaps its most impressive feature is the IP68 waterproofing.

Best Battery Life

Poolmaster 54504

5 Watts

Poolmaster 54504

Another top contender on our list, the Poolmaster offers clear audio and a battery life of up to 10 hours, setting it apart from the competition.

Best Value

Blufree Floating Speaker

10 Watts

Blufree Speaker

With an affordable price, 10W of output, and good sound quality, the Blufree speaker covers all bases without denting your wallet.

It’s important for us to mention that while floating pool speakers have a lot of benefits, one also needs to set realistic expectations. Floating speakers are typically manufactured by smaller brands and don’t carry the same hefty R&D budgets that their bigger brand counterparts do.

Because of this, you will typically find that the audio quality probably isn’t going to match that of your regular JBL Bluetooth speakers for instance. This isn’t to say that the audio quality is always bad either though, they will more than suffice for most uses. We’ve also made sure that our list evaded products that just didn’t meet the basic standards for audio quality, or have a history of manufacturing issues.

Our Category Winners

Floating Pool Speaker or Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

The most common, and logical question that you may have, is whether you’re actually in need of a floating pool speaker or a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. While both could fall under the umbrella of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the floating pool speakers, as touched on earlier, are unique in the sense that they are made to float for hours at a time.

Floating pool speakers are a great choice for parents who are looking for a Christmas or Birthday gift for their child. Not only will it keep them occupied, but arguably more valuable is that it will provide a soundtrack to their youth that can live on fondly in their memories

They also hold a big benefit over traditional Bluetooth speakers for those who spend a lot of time out on large bodies of water. What could be more fun than some time in the lake with friends? Well, having a speaker you can toss in with you makes it just that much sweeter.

Most floating pool speakers also come with some kind of LED light, many of which can bring life to your pool area at night, and are also loved by kids.

Regular waterproof Bluetooth speakers offer superior audio quality on average, but they are far more limited around water. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers will save you from damaging your speaker if they accidentally fall into the water, but you’re not going to be able to use most of these in the water.

When a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is placed in water, the audio quality will traditionally drop as well, as the drivers will often end up submerged, at least partially. The result of this is that the sound quality can sound muffled or have abrupt changes in sound clarity as water levels rise or drop around the speaker.

Benefits of Floating Pool Speakers

  • Placed at pool-side
  • Great for kids
  • LED lighting effects
  • Can be used for large bodies of water
  • Typically affordable

Benefits of Regular Bluetooth Speakers

  • Clearer audio
  • Trusted manufacturing brands
  • Usually louder
  • More prevalent stereo pairing

In short, if you’re just looking for some audio in or around your swimming pool or hot tub, we’d recommend opting for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. However, if you’re looking to buy a speaker for children who spend a lot of time in the water, want a pool speaker that offers some LED lighting at night, or if you spend a lot of time on large bodies of water, a floating pool speaker will be the best choice.

The 7 Best Floating Pool Speakers

1. DuoTen Floating Bluetooth Speaker

duoten pool and shower speaker

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 8 Hours

Next up is the eye-catching and innovative DuoTen Bluetooth Speaker. This DuoTen speaker is housed in a bright blue and green enclosure and can be used in a variety of applications in and outside of the swimming pool.

The DuoTen Bluetooth speaker is rated IPX7 water-resistant, allowing for use in rain, dust/sand, and snow, as well as in the water, of course, where it can withstand a shallow submersion for a short time if necessary. The DuoTen speaker can be clipped to a carabiner and hung attached to your backpack or belt on a hike, and its lightweight design adds very little noticeable weight to your person. It can also be mounted to a bike frame to accompany you on a cycling journey in the mountains or on the streets.

A feature I really like about this speaker is its integrated suction cup on the base of the unit, so you can attach it to any appropriate surface such as a shower wall, car or boat windscreen, or stand-up paddleboard safely with no worries about it potentially falling off. The IPX7 rating of the speaker also grants it the ability to float in the water with you with minimal risk of product damage.

As for connectivity, the DuoTen supports Bluetooth pairing, where a stable transmission range of around 66 feet is to be expected, and it also supports FM radio compatibility, where the attachable antenna can be extended to enhance signal quality.

Because the DuoTen is so compact, the biggest issue we came across is the potential to capsize if one is jumping in and out of the pool, so it’s best used in water where there isn’t going to be an excessive risk of turning over, even though the IPX7 rating will mean you have time to turn the speaker over and prevent damage should it turn over.

The sound quality of the DuoTen speaker is good enough for its size and price point, again, as with practically all the speakers on this list, it doesn’t offer anything special, but the quality of the audio here exceeded my expectations. The DuoTen supports true wireless stereo pairing with another of its kind, for louder listening level potential as well as a wider stereo field.

The control panel of the DuoTen speaker is located on top of the unit and the buttons are of high quality and easy to use. The control panel also features a small LED screen that displays the current source signal (Bluetooth or FM) as well as battery status and a digital clock- lovely stuff! The speaker also has an LED light show feature where you can select a stable color, allow the device to scroll through the 7 available colors, or activate the beat-driven light show where the LEDs flash to the beat of your music.

The bottom line: The DuoTen Bluetooth speaker holds a range of incredible features at a highly affordable price. I really love the additional functions such as the suction cup, the digital clock, and FM radio connectivity, which you don’t often see on these floating pool Bluetooth speakers. The downsides are mainly based on some issues in the battery saver mode that causes some audio to sound glitched, as well as the smaller size making it more prone to turning over.


  • Versatile
  • Suction cup for shower use
  • Digital clock
  • FM Radio
  • Battery life


  • Battery saver mode
  • Prone to tipping

2. Mcanbr Floating Bluetooth Speaker

mcanbr floating pool speaker

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 5 Hours

The Mcanbr floating speaker is another compact, kid-friendly product great for use in any water-based environment. The Mcanbr holds an IPX7 water-resistance rating, allowing for full waterproofing, and can even survive a shallow submersion for a short amount of time, should it accidentally end up underwater. The Mcanbr’s pairing process is incredibly straightforward with regards to Bluetooth pairing, and the wireless range is surprisingly strong. The speaker also accepts a TF card loaded with music.

The Mcanbr floating Bluetooth speaker adopts a UFO-type shape, with speakers situated on top of the disc facing upward to the sky, along with the control panel and LED system.

The Mcanbr utilizes a pair of tweeters and 3 passive bass radiators to deliver astonishingly decent sound quality. Compared to other speakers of this size, the Mcanbr replicates low-end energy well enough, with enough clarity in the upper midrange and high end. Sure, it lacks some depth and punchiness, but at the end of the day, this speaker definitely exceeded my expectations. Volume-wise, the Mcanbr can get loud enough, again, I’m impressed here as I didn’t expect such a small speaker to reach the volume levels it is capable of.

The onboard LED lighting system can be activated/deactivated on the control panel of the speaker, and a series of lighting color schemes can be selected to suit the current mood. The LED brightness can also be adjusted, and when operating at full brightness levels, adds some really cool effects to your swimming pool at night. The Mcanbr is also available in different color schemes (Green/White, Red/Black, or Blue/Yellow)

The battery life of the Mcanbr is quite poor, to be honest, the 2000mAh battery can provide up to around 4 hours of playtime when the device is set at around 50% volume and the LED system is deactivated. So, for a swim of about 1-1.5 hours at full volume with the lights enabled, the speaker should survive, anything more than that would be risking it.

Overall, while the sound quality is impressive for a speaker of this price and size, one must weigh this up against the lack of additional features and poor battery strength. If you’re looking for a good-sounding fun speaker to join you for short stints in the pool, the Mcanbr will certainly do the trick, however, this speaker wouldn’t accompany you on a camping trip or day out on the lake without requiring a recharge.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Sound quality
  • Loudness
  • LED light control


  • Lack of features
  • Low battery life

3. Poolmaster 54504 Floating Pool Speaker

poolmaster 54504 speaker for pool

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 10 Hours

The Poolmaster is a versatile pool-friendly floating speaker that promises handy features and excellent sound quality in another UFO-shaped speaker. The Poolmaster is rated IPX7 water-resistant, allowing for any exposure to the elements up to and including a shallow underwater stint, though this isn’t recommended.

The Poolmaster supports Bluetooth connectivity, providing a reasonably strong connection range up to 60 feet. Additionally, two of the Poolmaster speakers can be paired via Bluetooth to establish a larger speaker network for a stereo effect, or just simply for louder music.

The Poolmaster also supports hands-free calling, a feature I really on some of the other models. The Poolmaster will identify your incoming caller and the call can be accepted, rejected, or redialed using the control panel on top of the speaker. The call quality on this speaker is pretty much as good as your mobile phone, and not much of a delay is present.

As with most floating pool speakers, the Poolmaster has an LED function to add some ambiance to your nighttime swim or outdoor party. There are 7 colors to choose from to suit the environment/mood and can be cycled using the controls on the speaker. The LED is bright and vibrant and the controls are easy to navigate.

While the Poolmaster is advertised as a floating speaker to use in the pool, lake, river, or hot tub, it’s worth mentioning that it also sounds great indoors too.

As for sound quality, I again am impressed by the volume capabilities and fullness of the sound from such a small and affordable speaker. Sure, it’s not for audiophiles or anyone serious about music, but for casual background listening or spoken-word-based listening such as podcasts or audiobooks in the pool, the Poolmaster certainly does the trick.

The Poolmaster’s battery is another impressive feature, where I managed to run this speaker at around 70% volume with LED disabled for around 10 hours. I suspect a full-volume listening session with colorful lights and stereo pairing will enable around 5 hours of playtime. So while it may not be enough for a weekend away at the lake, for some casual use in the pool here and there, the Poolmaster’s battery is definitely sufficient.

In conclusion, for the reasonably low price of this speaker, its sound quality, battery life, and additional features make for a great floatable pool speaker for kids, parties, or casual use. Its durable design allows for use in rainy conditions and can easily be thrown into the truck and taken on a camping/hiking trip with you.

The Poolmaster does lack in one area, that’s Bluetooth connectivity. While Poolmaster advertises up to 60 feet of connectivity, there appear to be issues with least with some unit’s receivers that impact the distance your Bluetooth source can be from the device before it drops the connection.


  • Affordability
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Features


  • Bluetooth issues
  • No specified warranty
  • Not very loud

4. Uufoo Floating Duck Speaker

uuffoo floating duck pool speaker

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 5 Hours

Uuffoo has married Bluetooth speaker technology with arguably the most iconic floatable item: the rubber duck. The floating duck speaker is designed for use in the pool, bath, hot tub, or lake alongside you to play your favorite tunes in whatever aquatic activity you find yourself in!

The floating duck is pretty small and lightweight, its polyethylene plastic build allows for buoyancy and is supported by an IP67 weather-resistance rating if the speaker is used correctly: the speaker driver is located on top of the duck and should not be submerged, however, it can withstand splashes and other forms of water contact.

The PE plastic construction also adds a level of durability, protecting the duck from accidental drops. The floating duck is white but advertised as paintable, and an onboard LED lights up the entire duck in a variety of colors, controllable by the remote. The remote also provides control over music playback and volume adjustment commands, no buttons or switches are located on the duck itself, except for the power on/off slider.

The floating duck is charged using a charging dock and can provide around 4.5 hours of playtime at maximum output level and using the neutral LED, rather than other lighting options. This battery life is reasonably poor when compared to similar speakers, but one has to remember this is more of a fun, gimmick-based product and less of a high-performance speaker.

As for sound quality, I didn’t expect much here, and in that way, can’t say I was disappointed. A speaker of this size and enclosed within polyethylene won’t sound the best- the bass response is practically non-existent and an unpleasant ‘boxy’ midrange dramatically alters any sounds you play through it. The floating duck also can’t really reach party-starting volume levels and distorts horribly when the output volume is pushed beyond 70%.

Overall, the floating duck is a fun speaker for kids to play with or for adults to enjoy a podcast while floating in the water. Above that, I wouldn’t recommend this speaker to anyone serious about sound quality. The floating duck can also function purely as a color-changing rubber duck, however, I’m sure a cheaper alternative could be found if all you’re looking for is a light-up floatable item. I’d say this is a great stocking-filler type of item, nothing more.


  • Unique design
  • Paintable
  • Includes remote


  • Sound quality
  • Only 5W output
  • Lack of features

5. Kingsom Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker

kingsom floating pool speaker

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 7 Hours

Available in both blue and purple, the Kingsom floatable Bluetooth speaker is a stylish and versatile speaker for indoor, outdoor, and aquatic uses. This Kingsom speaker is rated IP68 water-resistant, allowing for use in all conditions and even submersions up to 3ft underwater for about 2 hours. The Kingsom supports Bluetooth pairing only and utilizes the technology’s 5.0 edition to support pairing up to a distance of 85 feet.

The Kingsom Bluetooth speaker features a built-in LED lighting system to light up your pool at nighttime, 8 color themes are available, including fast flashing, slow flashing, and fixed colors on or off. The egg-like shape of the speaker positions the light beneath the surface of the water, acting as an underwater lighting system that illuminates your entire pool, rather than the surface of the water.

The sound quality of the Kingsom took me by surprise, reaching decently loud volumes for a speaker so small and maintaining a fair level of stereo spread and balanced frequency response. While you can’t expect a speaker of this price, size, and construction to produce audiophile-grade sound, this speaker sure sounds good enough for casual listening without cringing at the thin, boxy sound most speakers like this produce.

Additionally, the stereo spread of this speaker is also wider than expected, it is a pity that true wireless stereo is not supported here, though. The battery life of this speaker is also decent, allowing up to around 7 hours of playtime on about 80% volume, with LED features enabled. The Kingsom also automatically enters sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity, and powers down after 60 minutes to further enhance battery performance.

The Kingsom floating pool speaker also works great as an all-purpose Bluetooth speaker, however, I wouldn’t take it further than the front door as its cheap plastic build may not withstand a camping trip or hike, should it be accidentally dropped or crushed by something.

Overall, for the price, the Kingsom Bluetooth floating pool speaker offers great value for money, delivering relatively good sound quality, strong battery life, and mesmerizing LED lighting for your pool. While it may not be the most well-built Bluetooth speaker, it certainly is worth the money and if taken care of, should survive until it is upgraded.


  • Value for money
  • Battery life
  • Impressive LEDs
  • IP68 waterproofing


  • Low Battery Life
  • Build quality

6. Blufree Bluetooth Speaker

blufree floating pool speaker

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 5+ Hours

Next on our list is a compact, basketball-shaped speaker from Blufree that delivers all the lovely pool-friendly and fun-filled features, great for gifts, kids, or use around the house. The Blufree speaker is another IPX7 speaker which can tolerate practically any exposure to hazardous conditions, including a brief and shallow underwater experience.

The Blufree is built relatively durably, although I wouldn’t particularly feel comfortable having it thrown around in the back of a truck like some other speakers can withstand, I’d feel more at ease using this speaker around the house inside and out, rather than taking it out to the beach, lake or river. The control panel on the unit provides control over all music playback functions including play/pause, skip/rewind, and volume up/down, as well as LED lighting modes and power, of course.

The Blufree supports Bluetooth pairing of up around 50 feet and also accepts a USB input when used away from the water. Additionally, two Blufree speakers can be linked together to form a stereo pair or simply a louder system.

As for sound quality, this Blufree speaker can get reasonably loud, although I wouldn’t power a house party using this speaker. For casual use around the pool or for a small gathering, this speaker has enough power to drive some beats and get the dancefloor open.

Regarding the actual sonic quality of this speaker, I was surprised by the low-end response of this speaker; while it wasn’t exactly bone-rattling bass, for a speaker of this size, price, and plastic build, I certainly didn’t expect the warm-ish lower midrange and relatively fat bass I received. The high end seemed a little ‘tinny’ although this was to be expected, and the speaker could reach decent listening levels before some distortion occurred, however, the sound quality did fall apart a little at such volumes.

The Blufree speaker accepts hands-free calling and the microphone is good enough, although it can become difficult to be heard if you’re more than about 4 feet from the Speaker.

Overall, for the shockingly low price of this speaker, I can’t say I’m disappointed, however, I’d rather spend a little more and get some extra features and improved sound quality.


  • Affordable
  • Good bass response
  • Loudness
  • Hands-free calling


  • Prone to distortion

7. Skywin Hot Tub Bluetooth Speaker

skywin floating speaker for swimming pools

IPX Rating:



Battery Life:
Up to 5+ Hours

While all the speakers on this list are suitable for use in the hot tub, this Skywin portable Bluetooth speaker has specifically been designed for use in one, with a stylish color scheme and design to match most hot tub builds.

The circular shape of the Skywin speaker means it can be placed in a variety of settings; whether it be hung from the ceiling, placed on the coffee table, or floating in the water, the sound quality and projection should remain the same. The Skywin speaker is quite a bit larger than most speakers on this list (around double, I’d say) so it may not be ideal for carrying around with you or taking along on a camping trip, but for use around the house and in the water, it’ll sure do the trick.

The Skywin Bluetooth speaker is IPX7 water-resistant, making it appropriate for use in virtually all conditions including short periods of time spent underwater. The design of the Skywin speaker situates the drivers and control panel on top of the floating unit, with the LED lighting system hanging beneath the surface to light up your pool.

As for battery life, the Skywin Bluetooth speaker can play for around 5 hours at 80% volume, while the LED lights are disabled. This would translate to around 2-2.5 hours of maximum output volume listening with lights activated- not the greatest battery life, but not far off from most of the items on this list.

The sound quality of this Skywin speaker isn’t the greatest. Compared to others on this list, one would notice a distinct lack of low end and thin, harsh high frequencies that easily distort when volume levels are pushed. For soft, background music this speaker will perform as advertised, but I wouldn’t recommend using it for any high-energy, loud music. The built-in microphone is about as good as the mic on your cellphone, and hands-free calling is a breeze using this device.

To conclude, the Skywin offers good value for money and has all the basic features you want in a floating pool speaker, however, for just a little more you could end up with a much better speaker that offers greater versatility, audio quality, and additional features.


  • Affordable
  • Loudness
  • Dual speakers


  • Sound quality
  • Lack of features

How We Selected Our Products

When selecting our top picks for the best floating pool speakers, we first went through the process of removing all initial products with common manufacturing or reliability issues. Given that floating pool speakers are manufactured mostly by smaller companies, this already knocked quite a few products off the list.

Next, we wanted to make sure that all our options had sufficient waterproofing to allow for a margin of error should you accidentally submerge your speaker for a brief period. The lowest rating on our list is IPX7, which will mean that you have sufficient time to rectify any capsized speakers before they become damaged.

We then excluded all products where the audio quality wasn’t up to scratch, that’s not to say that all of our listed products sound great, in some cases, we may have included lower quality sounding speakers because other elements of the product offer something beneficial or different from other models.

Because we realize that everyone requires different things from their floating pool speaker, we’ve tried to include some variety in the types of speakers.

There are smaller products like the DuoTen which are versatile and in its case, filled with functionality. Other products focus less on features and instead provide options that are less prone to capsize or have better Bluetooth receivers.

Why Trust Us

Unlike a lot of other affiliate review sites, we believe in transparency and being open about the products we recommend. We hate knowing that our readers are potentially wasting their money on a product that doesn’t perform as they expect. You’ll notice we’re not shy to call out problems we or other customers may note about particular products.

Our writers understand audio. You may notice a lot of online review websites covering the audio niche have very little understanding or passion for speakers in general. There’s nothing we love more than getting our hands on new products and giving them a thorough test.

Buyer’s Guide – What you need to know about floating pool speakers

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll run through what you need to consider when purchasing a floating pool speaker.

As we’ve touched on, floating pool speakers are not high-end audio products that seek to cover broad frequency response ranges or be able to withstand falling down a flight of stairs. They are mostly novelty by design, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide endless hours of fun. 

Battery Life

Taking note of battery life is important for almost all portable speakers, and floating speakers are no different. The last thing you need is to have the music stop in the middle of your experience due to bad battery life. 

Not all battery requirements are the same. If you’re someone who spends only an hour or two in the pool and you’re looking to purchase a floating pool speaker for that use alone, you’ll be able to get by with most products on the market. However, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in other areas of water, perhaps in a lake while out on holiday, you may want to make sure that your floating speaker is able to provide you with enough battery life for you and your friends to spend the day out in the water.

Also, remember that battery life is usually determined by how you use it, and while some manufacturers will show you an inflated number based on a low volume use, we always recommend seeing what the estimated battery life is at full volume for a better idea of what to expect. Similarly, if you use the LED lighting effects on your speaker, your battery is going to wear out quicker too.

Something to look out for here is a lithium-ion battery. A well-integrated lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with a micro USB or regular USB cable is really convenient. You definitely do not want to have to always be buying batteries.

We found that the Poolmaster and the KingSom offer some of the best battery life on our list.

Audio Quality

As with any speaker, audio quality is something you’ll want to pay close attention to. However, when buying floating pool speakers you should accept that they aren’t likely to be the same wide audio experience that you may find in a lot of the higher-end Bluetooth speakers on the market. This is especially true for the frequency response ranges.

Floating pool speakers place more of the development budget on topics like waterproofing, affordability, and unique design approaches, such as the lighting effects often found on these speakers.

Don’t get it misconstrued though, we’re not saying that all floating pool speakers sound bad, we came across some surprisingly decent performances when exploring these products. They will in most cases suit their use as desired. But if audio quality is something that is very important to you, we’d recommend looking at what options you have. If you’re just looking for some sound at your swimming pool, you’ll more than likely have a more fulfilling experience with a quality waterproof Bluetooth speaker placed on the side of your pool.

We found some of the best audio performances in the KingSom, Poolmaster, and Mcanbr.


Arguably the most important topic when it comes to speakers that are meant to sit in water. Good waterproofing, in conjunction with a solid design, will ensure that your floating speaker doesn’t encounter problems during its intended use.

Because these speakers aren’t usually created to be fully submerged, the most typical designs revolve around fully waterproof elements, while other parts of the speaker are more prone to water damage if they flip over or end up submerged. 

Floating pool speakers will typically take this into consideration with the design, however, and will still be able to survive for a fairly long time before they start encountering issues of leaking and subsequent product damage.

The products on our list tend to be either IP67/IP68 or IPX7. While these are all acceptable levels of waterproofing, IP68 will have the most resistance. And while we don’t recommend submerging floating pool speakers, should an accident happen and your device ends up tipping over or becoming submerged for a short period you will be protected.

If you’re unsure of water-resistant ratings you can always reference our guide here.


It may not be the first thing you think of when thinking about buying a speaker, but for floating pool speakers, in particular, having a well-thought-out control decision can make the experience just that much better. 

If you opt to purchase a floating speaker that has no control panel, keep in mind that you’ll have to use your phone (or Bluetooth source) to change the volume, the song, pause the music, etc. We find that a good control panel with a good layout and easy-to-press buttons can make the process of using a floating speaker that much easier.


Durability is always an important aspect to keep in mind, especially if you’re purchasing a product for a child. It is more than likely that your speaker is going to see some kind of impact at some point. Ensuring that the product you buy is made with durable materials will give you peace of mind about how long it will last.

As with most purchase decisions, it’s mainly going to be based on what you’re planning to use the product for and the type of environment it’s going to be used in. If you’re simply looking for an ambient speaker to float around your pool while you have a late sedate late-night swim, durability isn’t going to be of as much importance in comparison. You wouldn’t need to worry about the decay of materials due to hours of sunlight, nor would you need to worry about someone doing a cannonball directly onto it.

Stereo Pairing

Stereo pairing essentially turns two of the same device into their own unique channel of audio, with one speaker becoming the left and the other becoming the right.

Stereo pairing isn’t just for high-end Bluetooth speakers anymore. We’re seeing more of the Bluetooth market adopting this approach of creating more audio depth, and floating pool speakers are no exception.

If you’ve got a very large pool, or plan to be using the speakers in a large body of water, it’s worth considering the idea of stereo pairing your speaker to not only increase the depth of your sound but also create a larger area of sound out on the water. Because paired speakers are usually placed slightly apart from each other, you can ensure that both the shallow and the deep ends of your pool are receiving audio.

The stereo pairing will typically work with the same brand and model of floating speaker. That is to say, if you have a Poolmaster floating speaker, it will likely only pair with other Poolmaster floating speakers.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While all of our listed models offer Bluetooth connectivity, it should be noted that not all Bluetooth is equal. Bluetooth 5 technology will ensure faster transfer speeds along with more connection range.

Since almost all floating pool speakers make use of Bluetooth as their sole connectivity method, this isn’t an area you want to slack on. If you’re planning to only use the speaker within a few meters of your mobile device, the Bluetooth version probably isn’t going to be an issue, regardless of whether you use Bluetooth 4 or 5, but for those who plan to have their Bluetooth source far away from the speaker, you will need Bluetooth 5.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers specify the Bluetooth version in their notes, so if you’re looking for a lot of range on your speaker, we highly recommend ensuring that the product you choose offers Bluetooth 5 functionality.

Lighting Effects

While most LED lights are by no means a necessity, they are typically just placed to add a bit of flair to a product. With floating pool speakers, however, the included lighting in most models can offer more than just something exciting for the kids to look at. They can actually offer value for those who enjoy a summer dip in the pool at night.

That’s not to say, however, that all floating pool speakers offer viable lighting that can help illuminate your speaker or the water around it to the degree you may be looking for. For instance, the Mcanbr offers a lot of lighting on the top of the device but nothing that really illuminates the water. On the other hand, models like the Skywin, Bluefree, KingSom, and Poolmaster offer more thorough lighting additions which are made to light up the water around them.


Because floating pool speakers are typically created by smaller companies without an established brand authority, we recommend that if you’re looking to spend money on one of these speakers, look at the warranties provided by the manufacturer. With a quality warranty, you can remove some of the stress from the purchase and rest easier knowing that should your floating speaker not behave as advertised, you then have the option for a refund or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Floating Pool Speakers Waterproof?

You can expect most models of floating pool speakers to offer some kind of protection against water. However, that doesn’t mean they are made to be submerged. The way pool speakers are designed is typically to provide a platform where the speaker driver is housed and for that panel to be water-resistant at a minimum. If you’re worried about your speaker becoming submerged during use, we recommend an IPX7 rated speaker.

What’s the Difference Between a Floating Pool Speaker and a Pool Speaker?

While both are considered types of pool speakers when one refers to a pool speaker, it is typically in reference to a mounted speaker that is placed around your pool area. These are often a type of patio speaker that gets mounted under the eaves of your patio. Traditionally mounted pool speakers will cost quite a bit more on average than a floating pool speaker, but they will also provide superior audio quality.

We recommend mounted pool speakers as a permanent and wider encompassing audio solution for your pool area.

Do Floating Pool Speakers Work Underwater?

While these speakers sit on top of the water, you won’t be getting underwater audio. One can achieve underwater audio with the use of aquasonic speakers, though these run into thousands of dollars.

duoten pool and shower speaker
Scratched Textured TOP PICK Stamp Seal

DuoTen Floating Pool Speaker

A versatile floating speaker that can also be stuck to shower doors. Good audio quality is paired with a lot of extra features.

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