Polk Audio Atrium 5 Speakers Review


The Polk Audio Atrium 5 Speaker is more than an industrial product. This audio output is an investment that exceeds any military specifications. The tweeter domes and the rubber materials that act as a surround sound system provides for smooth notes, perfect for anyone and their listening needs.

The tweeter phase cap has a new design to it that also smoothes out the frequency response.  There is a speed-lock mounting system that has safe installations in difficult areas of the home.

If you’re in search of the perfect outdoor speakers, these specs will deliver. Just by picking up this product you’ll be able to tell that it’s durable and made extremely well. Although this doesn’t come with the screws that it needs for mounting, it does sound amazing when it’s hooked up and used for the first time.

The bass response on the speaker is powerful and tight without getting in the way of the other tones. You can turn the audio on and the vocals will sound very realistic with a great mid-range. If you are the type of listener who wants a heavy bass, you may want to go for a different product within the Atrium line.

This provides more balance in your sound, although it’s enough for the average listener. The amp powering is great on this although if you desire a ‘window-shaking’ production you may want to hook it up to a sub-woofer.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Robust Construction
  • Sealed Speaker
  • Waterproof Cones
  • Convenient Mounting Brackets
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect Sound
  • Dynamic Range
  • Great Sound Response

Polk Audio Atrium Series

If you are in search of a speaker that offers reliability and flexibility, this Polk Audio Atrium speaker is your product. With the freedom to put these absolutely anywhere and obtain the same performance, you do not have to worry about where you’re mounting them.

Whether you choose to have them outside in your yard or inside in the den you will get the same delivery. The Atrium Series itself was first introduced to the market in 2002. This was built for sonic performance and quality. It has gone through its own weatherproofing certification which is why you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping them outside and maintaining their ability to perform. The Polk Audio series is highly recommended over other outside speakers because of a well-rounded sound, price and solid mechanisms.

The Components of the Speaker

The tweeters within these speakers are made up of Anodized Aluminum. There are rubber surrounds within this product that provide a very smooth, high-end tone desired. Listeners can hear the highs and the lows clearly – it is a very realistic reproduction of audio. The tweeters have also been designed so that there is a very smooth frequency response.

The Aerated Polypropylene Cones are filled with material that they have used in other models put out onto the market. If you are looking for a high-end output these are the speakers for you. They can play extremely loud without distortion and it won’t get less concise the louder that it gets.

The dynamics are extremely balanced. This ensures a great material performance as it eliminates the artifacts that often come from the tweeter and the driver. You’ll obtain a very realistic reproduction of sound at any volume level. This can be angled steeply and it will fill up an outdoor space quickly, providing you with a full range of sound. With the ability to maximize the frequencies, you don’t have to sacrifice any audio detail. If you invest in the Polk Audio Atrium 5 Speakers you can look for increased power handling, power separation and improved imaging.

The speed lock mounting system on this product makes for a smooth and easy installation, regardless of the location. There aren’t as many parts to worry about. All that you have to do is mount the brackets and then click the speakers into place. These are speakers that far exceed the industrial specs and their all-weather certification ensures that the product will maintain their great quality regardless of where they are set-up or what the temperature is. The aluminum, brass and stainless steel material upholds this quality and it prevents rust from ruining the exterior.

The PowerPort Bass Venting on this speaker set is water resistant. You can actually feel the music when it begins to play; it sounds extremely realistic which is why it’s great for entertaining guests. You can also obtain this product in white or black, depending on your preference. If you plan on keeping them outside you may want to go with the black because it hides dust easily.

Long-Term Investment

For many electronic products, especially speakers, it’s common that they wear down after a few years. If you use them often it’s normal for listeners to invest in new ones every so often because of one thing breaking or not giving you the effect that you desire in an audio output. The Polk Audio Atrium 5 is a product that is going to last you a very long time!

Although it can be exposed to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, you won’t have to worry about going back to the manufacturer and replacing the product. Speaking in terms of durability and quality, this is the ultimate bargain.

You can purchase the set for $244.90 which is an absolute steal. There are some buyers who prefer investing in more of them to cover a larger area. If you only invest in one set you can still flood your home or backyard patio with sound you enjoy and you shouldn’t have to worry about buying more than one.

If you want something that’s really powerful then it’s your choice as to whether or not a single set gives you the production of audio that you find suitable. With a tight bass production and a permeable product your audio needs inside and outside of the home are covered. You won’t regret this purchase once you begin using it!


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