Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels

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One of the most challenging aspects of owning a large Bluetooth speaker is the ability to move it around. Many manufacturers have begun including wheels in their speaker designs to simplify the process. Speakers with wheels built-in are easy to move from one place to another and are essential for those who cannot carry heavy items due to physical constraints. Considering many large and loud Bluetooth speakers weigh more than 30 lbs, having built-in wheels isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity in many cases.

Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels 1
Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels 2

JBL PartyBox 310

The PartyBox 310 is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker with wheels. Its loud sound, clarity, and lengthy list of features make it an instant favorite.

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Our Top Picks

Best On Budget

The ION Block Rocker Plus is an outstanding budget speaker that can be used for everyday use or serve as a dedicated tailgating speaker. It has a large battery capacity and can be upgraded to a waterproof version.

Most Durable Wheels

The Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 has large, treaded wheels that can be used on nearly every surface. If you want versatility in where you can take your speaker, the Rockin’ Roller 270 is ideal.

Best PA System With Wheels

The Rockville RPG2X12 is a comprehensive PA system that features wheels on both speakers, making it easier to carry. This is a great solution for those needing professional sound and versatile control of their sound using a mixer.

When buying a speaker with wheels, knowing what type of speaker you’re looking for is essential. Wheels are only added to fairly large speakers, so you’re likely after a reasonably big speaker that can produce high volume levels. Still, there are a few distinct styles of speakers, each intended for different purposes.

The three primary types of speakers with built-in wheels are:

  • Party speakers
  • Tailgate speakers
  • PA systems

Party speakers with wheels are ideal if you’re a music lover who frequently has friends over. These speakers are typically easy to use, have a lot of functionality, and typically sport deep bass and lighting effects. You can store them anywhere in your house and use the wheels to move them to wherever the party is happening easily. Similarly, party speakers are an investment, and most owners want to use them as much as possible; having an option with wheels lets you host your ragers and brings big sound to parties hosted by friends and family.

The unique design of tailgate speakers makes them ideal for tailgating and other outdoor parties. They are distinct from party speakers in their inclusion of microphone support and general build characteristics. Because they are made to be frequently carted around, tailgating speakers are typically durable. They will most likely lack the lighting effects of most traditional party speakers. Ultimately, portability is at the core of these speakers, and having wheels attached makes it extremely easy to wheel around the parking lot of your next tailgate party.

The inclusion of wheels isn’t as standard in PA systems. However, some models incorporate them. PA speakers are common for street performances, corporate events, and presentations. Having the ability to roll your PA speakers around is amazing. It’s one thing to be expected to cart around a speaker after hours in your casualwear; it’s another to deal with heavy speaker solutions in a suit or other professional environment.

If you’d like to see more options for these speaker types, you can check out our other best lists for more product options and reviews (some even come with wheels) :

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Our list is comprised of speakers of all prices. We’ve included summaries below for detailed information on the design, features, and more on each model’s wheel systems.

1. JBL PartyBox 310

Price: $549.95
jbl partybox 310

Max Power Output:240W
Battery Life:Up to 18 hours
Frequency Response:45 Hz – 20 KHz
Wheel Size:Medium
Treaded Wheels:No
Lighting Effects:Yes
Mobile App:Yes
Bluetooth Version:5.1
IP Rating:IPX4
Mic Input:Yes

When it comes to party speakers, JBL’s PartyBox 310 is renowned for its comprehensive list of features, one of which is the built-in wheel system that lets you cart it around with ease. Given that the 310 weighs 38.4 lbs, one can see the value that this added mobility brings.

It has a built-in handle area on the speaker’s top and a handle that can be extended from the speaker for more accessible transport. The wheels are of moderate size and can be carted easily on hard surfaces; while not ideal for grass, they also do well over slightly textured surfaces like asphalt. Should the wheels break, you can also find replacements available online.

The PartyBox 310 is a powerful speaker with a lot of volume; it can host up to 150 people indoors or 100 outdoors. In addition to being loud, it also comes with a comprehensive mobile app and party-chaining abilities. You can use the TWS mode to pair an additional 310 together for an improved soundstage.

Unlike the larger siblings of the 310, this speaker is battery-powered and provides a whopping 18 hours of battery life, ensuring playtime throughout the day or night. It also features microphone and guitar inputs, making it an excellent choice for karaoke. It is waterproof against drizzle, splashes, and sprays.

Notable Features:

  • Comprehensive app support
  • Microphone & guitar inputs
  • Vibrant lighting effects


The PartyBox 310 is a popular speaker that incorporates all the best modern features and packs them into a versatile and robust solution for almost any situation. At around $550, it’s not the cheapest option, but it is a reliable audio investment.


  • It can get very loud
  • Deep bass
  • Packed with features


  • Expensive

2. Monster Rockin’ Roller 270

Price: $249.00

Monster Rockin Roller 270

Max Power Output:200W
Battery Life:Up to 100 hours
Frequency Response:50Hz – 20kHz
Wheel Size:Large
Treaded Wheels:Yes
Lighting Effects:No
Mobile App:Yes
Bluetooth Version:5.0
IP Rating:IPX4
Mic Input:Yes

The Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 is an outstanding tailgate speaker that has been consistently featured on our list of the best speakers for tailgating. What we love about the Rockin’ Roller 270 is its powerful sound and ridiculous battery life. There are no hyperboles regarding the battery life of the 270. It has up to 100 hours of battery, meaning you can use it for multiple events without charging it. When it comes time to charge, you’ll find the Qi wireless fast charging a dream to use.

It has large, treaded, durable wheels built into it that can be dragged across almost any surface. While hard surfaces are the easiest to carry across, asphalt, short grass, and carpets are no match for this speaker. There are two carry handles built in; one is an extendable carry handle similar to that found in other speakers, while the second handle is fitted closer to the speaker and makes it easier to lift it into your truck or place it in an elevated position.

With 200W of output, it has enough volume to cover large indoor and outdoor areas. While it can be used anywhere, it excels in outdoor areas and has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, protecting it from splashes and spills. It features a wide dispersion of sound, and the 270 in its name comes from its broad 270-degree sound spread. It supports TWS and has a mobile app to adjust the lighting or tune the built-in FM radio.

Notable Features:

  • Qi fast charging
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Versatile mobile app


The Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 is a relatively affordable speaker built for easy transportation. Its rugged wheel design makes it easy to move across multiple terrains, while the powerful sound ensures the speaker is heard both close and far.


  • Incredible battery life that can last up to 100 hours
  • Wide 270-degree sound
  • Large wheels that can be used on almost every surface


  • Build quality falls behind that of larger brands
  • RRSP is fairly high (but it can regularly be found on sale)

3. Rockville RPG2X12 PA Speaker

Price: $469.95

Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels 3

Max Power Output:1400W
Battery Life:N/A (AC Only
Frequency Response:50Hz – 15kHz
Wheel Size:Small
Treaded Wheels:No
Lighting Effects:No
Mobile App:No
Bluetooth Version:Unspecified
IP Rating:None
Mic Input:Yes

Portable PA systems are ideal for demanding live music events where you need extension control over the sound you’re producing. However, they are often weighty and difficult to transport. Rockville’s RPG2X12 is a portable PA system that makes transportation much easier due to its built-in wheels. While it doesn’t feature a retractable handle, it does come with a built-in handle design on the top of each speaker. The wheels are relatively small, but since each speaker is compact, it is fairly easy to lift and carry over challenging terrain.

The speakers feature 12” drivers that produce up to 111dB SPL and come with a comprehensive 8-channel mixer with 1400W peak power output. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally and come with speaker stands. In addition, this bundle comes with microphones, cables, and remote control. Including Bluetooth connectivity adds a lot of value, as this isn’t included in every PA system.

This versatile speaker system does much more than serve as a solution for public addresses and events. You can use the RPG2X12 inside your home or place of business with great effect.

Notable Features:

  • Comprehensive 8-channel mixer
  • Bluetooth support
  • 270-degree sound


The Rockville RPG2X12 isn’t for everyone; it is harder to move around than traditional Bluetooth speakers due to the prominent speaker stands and mixer. However, it is a robust system that can be used for many purposes, providing excellent sound quality with deep bass, rich mid-tones, and vocal clarity.


  • Powerful output that can cover a large area
  • Durable wheel design
  • Wide sound coverage


  • No carry handle extension
  • Even with wheels, this comprehensive PA system can be a challenge to carry

4. ION Block Rocker Plus

Price: Price not available

Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels 4

Max Power Output:100W
Battery Life:Up to 50 hours
Frequency Response:65Hz – 20kHz
Wheel Size:Medium
Treaded Wheels:Yes
Lighting Effects:No
Mobile App:No
Bluetooth Version:Unspecified
IP Rating:None (Optional Upgrade)
Mic Input:Yes

The ION Block Rocker Plus offers outstanding value for a versatile Bluetooth speaker that gets the party going indoors and outdoors. Sporting a relatively compact design for the amount of power it can produce, the Block Rocker Plus can do it all. It comes with a mic input and a microphone in the package, making it an excellent solution for karaoke or tailgating events.

The wheels are of moderate size and include some treading, making them suitable for various surfaces. The clearance between the wheels and speaker base is somewhat limited, so it struggles on long grass but can easily be carted across asphalt, tiles, carpets, and even some short grass. It has a built-in carry handle that can be extended for comfortable use, while additional handles built into the sides can lift the speaker.

The Block Rocker Plus comes in several different variations. The base model has 100W output and lacks waterproofing, while an upgraded version will run you about $70 more but includes IPX4 water resistance. Additionally, there are also 120W versions with and without waterproofing. The larger Block Rocker XL has 220W output and water resistance for those needing more power. This more powerful variation is also built for wider sound dispersion. In addition, it has an extremely impressive battery capacity that can last up to 50 hours.

Notable Features:

  • Bass boost
  • USB-charging port
  • Includes microphone


The Block Rocker Plus is ideal for those who want versatility from their speaker. Whether you’re using it at home, at a tailgating event, or for your business, the built-in microphone allows your kids to use it as a karaoke speaker, or you can use it to MC a wedding—an affordable yet respectable speaker with wheels.


  • Versatile design that can be used for many purposes
  • Whopping 50-hour battery life
  • Large, treaded wheels


  • No app support
  • Waterproofing is offered at a premium

5. Philips X5206

Price: $210.77

Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels 5

Max Power Output:160W
Battery Life:Up to 14 hours
Frequency Response:40Hz – 20KHz
Wheel Size:Small
Treaded Wheels:No
Lighting Effects:Yes
Mobile App:No
Bluetooth Version:Unspecified
IP Rating:None
Mic Input:Yes

Party speakers with wheels are awesome; they come with lights and deep bass and often include microphone or guitar inputs. The X5206 combines all of these features into an affordable Bluetooth speaker that also incorporates wheels and an extendable carry handle into its design. Note that the smaller X3206 version doesn’t have those benefits.

The small wheel size and lack of tread limit this speaker’s portability. It will work great on flat surfaces and even on most asphalt and carpets, but you won’t be able to carry it across grass effectively. Still, the speaker is not excessively heavy at just 30 lbs, so if you need to move it over grass for a short distance, it won’t be that big of a problem.

Like most party speakers, the lighting effects add to the speaker’s character, and the X5206 comes with two large LED rings around the drivers, with four modes that can be toggled between. The built-in guitar and microphone inputs make it ideal for social settings, and the 14-hour battery life ensures you can keep it playing for hours on end. The bass and treble knobs let you manually adjust the sound profile to match your environment. Throwing a party? Crank up the bass! Karaoke session? No problem, tone down the bass and enhance the vocals with more treble.

Notable Features:

  • Microphone/Guitar input
  • Karaoke effects
  • 2.0-channel sound


Overall, the Philips X5206 is ideal for those who enjoy the features provided by the JBL PartyBox range but can’t afford the notably higher price tag. It’s a budget speaker but doesn’t cut back on the essentials.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Vibrant lighting display
  • Stable wheel design


  • No app support
  • No waterproofing

6. Pyle Pro PADH212

Price: $195.99

Pyle PA Speaker With Wheels

Max Power Output:1600W
Battery Life:N/A (AC-Only)
Frequency Response:50Hz – 20KHz
Wheel Size:Small
Treaded Wheels:No
Lighting Effects:None
Mobile App:No
Bluetooth Version:Not Specified
IP Rating:None
Mic Input:Yes

The Pyle Pro PADH212 is a cabinet-style PA speaker with wheels that is an absolute monster when it comes to size and sound at its price point. At under $300, the PADH212 is all about value for money. While it lacks the visual flare found in some of the party speakers on this list, it is a PA system, first and foremost.

Standing over 40” tall and weighing 46.9 lbs, this very large speaker can be challenging to carry by hand. Thankfully, the built-in wheel system makes maneuvering the speaker around once on a solid surface easy. Most speakers in this article have two wheels on the lower rear of the speaker, but this one has four wheels on each corner of the base. These wheels are somewhat small, making it unsuitable for rough asphalt or grass. However, it can still move freely on wooden floors, tiles, concrete, and even most carpets.

This speaker with wheels features two large 12″ woofers, a 5×12″ horn, and four Piezo tweeters capable of producing up to 800W of RMS power at 8 ohms. It isn’t protected from water, so if you use it outdoors, ensure it isn’t exposed to rain. It’s important to note that, unlike other speakers on this list, the PADH212 doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and requires wired inputs. This isn’t uncommon for a PA speaker.

Notable Features:


Overall, suppose you’re a musician looking for an easy and affordable speaker that you can wheel around event venues or a homeowner looking for a speaker you can pull out when you need to entertain a large group of friends. In that case, this speaker does a great job of fulfilling those tasks.


  • Large and powerful design
  • Four wheels make for a sturdy transport
  • Great sound quality for its price


  • Noticeable glue smell, especially when driven hard
  • Limited durability

7. Altec Lansing SoundRover

Price: $135.99

Music On The Move: The 7 Best Speakers With Wheels 6

Max Power Output:180W
Battery Life:Up to 6 hours
Frequency Response:Unspecified
Wheel Size:Small
Treaded Wheels:No
Lighting Effects:Yes
Mobile App:No
Bluetooth Version:Unspecified
IP Rating:None
Mic Input:Yes

The SoundRover by Altec Lansing is a budget speaker with wheels that costs less than $200. While it doesn’t have all the features found in more expensive alternatives, it’s a great solution for less demanding buyers who want a speaker with wheels for casual use. Standing just over 30 inches tall and weighing 33.6 lbs, the SoundRover is what we’d consider a medium to large-sized speaker.

It has relatively small wheels on the lower rear of the speaker, which are suitable for most hard surfaces. However, they are too small to carry across grass. Given that the speaker is fairly wide, I’d prefer the wheels to be wider set, too, as the speaker can be prone to wanting to topple over when wheeled over rough surfaces like asphalt.

A benefit of the SoundRover is its ability to be used as a traditional Bluetooth speaker, a PA speaker, or a karaoke speaker. Microphone input facilitates this, and the speaker comes with a microphone in the package, removing the need for aftermarket expenses. In addition, it has a USB output for charging your phone, an AM/FM radio with a built-in antenna, and an aux input. It also has some basic lighting effects for parties.

The sound quality is impressive for its price point and is further aided by the ability to tweak the bass and treble using the controls on the back of the speaker. It can be paired with an additional SoundRover for better coverage but doesn’t support stereo pairing. In addition, the Bluetooth range and battery life could be improved to create a better user experience.

Notable Features:

  • Included microphone
  • AM/FM radio


The SoundRover is a good budget choice for a speaker with wheels, great for casual use with friends and family but isn’t great for professional purposes. Still, few speakers in this price range can provide the same features and performance.


  • Affordable
  • It can be used for karaoke
  • Numerous features and controls


  • Not very balanced when wheeling
  • The build lacks durability

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Speakers With Wheels

Built-in wheels are just one feature of these speakers. Aside from the ability to easily move the speaker between locations, you should also consider a few other core features that make a speaker good or bad. Below, we’ll discuss exactly what you should look out for and the steps you need to take to avoid disappointment.

Sound Quality

Speakers with wheels still need to sound good, and while audio performance is in some ways subjective, there are a few key points that shouldn’t be negotiable. Because speakers with wheels are typically large, you may want to use them to cover a reasonably large area. This means your speaker likely needs to be able to achieve high volume levels. Opting for a traditional portable Bluetooth speaker may be better if you don’t require much volume.

The way a speaker sounds is defined by its ability to cover specific frequencies. Some speakers sound great in the low-end, with pounding bass, while suffering from a lack of clarity and intelligibility in the upper frequencies. Others have detailed midrange but lack the low-end thump. The best speakers with wheels have a bass you can feel, a warm tone, detailed mids, and clear highs.

Sound quality will ultimately vary between each speaker model, and the more money you spend, the more options you’ll have with speakers that tick all those boxes.

Weather Resistance

Water resistance is beneficial if you use your speaker to host outdoor events or parties. IPX4 protects from splashes, spills, and drizzle, while IPX5 and IPX6 can withstand more moderate rainfall and direct water sprays. For speakers that will be used around water, such as by the poolside, opting for an IPX7 or IP67 speaker will give you additional peace of mind, as these speakers can withstand submergence in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The difference between an IPX7 and an IP67 rating is that IP67 includes dust protection. Ultimately, thinking about how you will use your speaker will guide you to make the right choice.

Battery Life

You will need a powerful battery to keep a party rocking for hours. Since these speakers tend to be on the large side, they are often capable of providing excellent battery performance, typically ranging between 5 and 20 hours. Still, the exact capacity varies between models and should be noted before purchase. Additionally, it would be best if you considered the charging times, as some speakers make up for their lower battery life by offering fast charging.

Wheel Design (Size & Materials)

The built-in wheels on speakers come in different sizes and shapes. It’s a vital consideration that is frequently overlooked. Small wheels work well for flat surfaces like tiles and wooden floors but can struggle when dragged over asphalt, carpet, or grass. Wheels with larger diameters are better suited for these textured surfaces, and some models may even include treads on the wheels for better grip.

In addition to the size, the materials used are also vital. Wheels are often a weak point in a product, given that they carry the entire weight. This is where the material composition is important. Pay close attention to the types of wheels being used, and if you need more traction, consider a larger wheel with tread.


The weight of a speaker may seem irrelevant when it has built-in wheels. In contrast, the overall weight is still an important consideration. If you’re keeping your speaker at home and want to move it between rooms easily, you’re unlikely to have problems with the weight. However, if you want to take your speaker away from home, you’ll still need to lift it when moving it in and out of your car. Some large speakers can weigh more than 50 lbs and be extremely difficult for some individuals to lift. Think about how much weight you are comfortable lifting before pulling the trigger on something that could become a burden to transport.

Carry Handles

Most speakers with wheels offer some carry handles. Speakers like the JBL PartyBox 310 have a grip area molded into the speaker body and an extendable handle, while some speakers feature just one type. Tall speakers can get away with using a molded handle design, but for smaller speakers, not having an extendable carry handle may mean that you need to bend awkwardly to drag it along, a task that can be taxing on one’s lower back.


Aside from PA systems, almost all speakers with wheels offer Bluetooth connectivity. There are other aspects of connectivity to consider. Wi-Fi support is less common but was recently introduced to the JBL PartyBox Ultimate, which happens to incorporate wheels into its design. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to tie your speaker in with your existing home audio network, assuming you have other Wi-Fi-supported home speakers.

In addition to wireless connection types, you should also consider the wired options. An auxiliary connection will allow you to stream music through a wire instead of via Bluetooth; they are fairly common and can sometimes pair multiple speakers together for added sound. Additionally, if you’re looking to connect other devices, such as microphones for karaoke, you should make sure that the speaker has a supporting input port, either in the form of a 6.25mm input or XLR. XLR ports are also sometimes used to support professional audio equipment like mixers and preamps.

TWS / Pairing

TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo and is a method for connecting two speakers to provide stereo sound. It has a noticeable impact on the soundstage, making your tunes sound more immersive and of higher quality than a mono speaker setup. If this is important to you, ensure the speaker you buy supports it, as many do not.  In addition to TWS, the concept of ‘party chaining’ is slightly different because it allows you to connect multiple speakers (wired or wireless, depending on the speaker). The maximum number of speakers you can pair in a daisy chain differs between models.

App Support

A decade ago, only the biggest audio brands came with companion apps. Nowadays, mobile app support that lets you customize your sound via graphic or preset EQ options is prevalent. You can often use these apps to dial in your speakers to sound exactly how you want them. Sometimes, you may want a powerful bass to throw a party, while at other times, you may prefer more definition in the vocal range.

Mobile apps can do more than just adjust your frequencies; in many cases, they can be used for the party pairing process or even to change the lighting effects on the speaker. If you want to be able to control these elements, ensure your speaker supports them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need wheels on my speaker?

Wheels help you move the speaker from point A to point B. Whether moving the speaker around a large house or taking it to different locations, wheels will make the process much easier. These speakers are quite heavy, and carrying them instead of wheeling them around would be much more difficult. They can also be useful for those who run businesses that require music, where the speaker can be moved around between classes or events.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the wheels?

The maximum capacity depends on the speaker you’re buying. Smaller speakers typically use less durable wheels, while the larger, heavier speakers utilize wheels that can withhold up to 70 lbs in many cases.

Can I replace the wheels if they break?

Some manufacturers sell replacement wheels should yours break. While it’s not a guarantee, speakers like the PartyBox 310 have replacement wheels available through multiple online stores.

How can I clean the wheels?

You can use a toothbrush to remove the dirt from most wheel designs easily. If hair gets caught in the wheel, you may need tweezers or a needle to pull it out. The process is generally simple.

Do speakers with wheels come with carry handles?

The inclusion of carry handles is common; it’s just that they vary in style. Some speakers have built-in carry handles that form a part of the main shell, while others have retractable handles. They’re typically smaller speakers that come with a handle extension.

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