Klipsch AW-650 6.5″ Reference Outdoor Loudspeaker Pair


The Klipsch AW-650 6.5″ Reference Outdoor Loudspeaker produces the ultimate quality in any environment.  This is a UV-resistant product that is enclosed with an aluminum grill. It has a heavy power handling and a horn tweeter that emits clean and clear high sounds.

The speakers come with a C-style mounting bracket attached and its loudspeaker has been built to deliver sound outdoors with an indoor effect.  This model has a punch due to the titanium dome tweeters. It can be mounted anywhere inside or outside of your home and the bass driver will give you the smooth low frequencies you desire in audio production.

There is a 1 inch compassion driver for the midrange frequencies and the loudspeakers deliver a clear sound. Although the Klipsch AW-650 6.5 is built to handle 85 watts with a peak of 340 it is efficient enough to produce more clarity and do so in larger spaces.

A 6.5-inch IMG woofer can also bring the audio to life. This product has a durable plastic enclosure and an input draining cup with threaded inserts. If you’re looking for entertainment outside of your home these are the perfect speakers to invest in.

Klipsch AW-650 6.5″ Product Features:

  • Speaker
  • Non-corrosive Grille
  • Heavy gauge Zinc
  • C-Bracket
  • Threaded Insert
  • Manual

Although you can purchase audio outputs in various sizes, shapes and colors these are amongst the more visually attractive ones. Whether or not you choose to install them in plain sight or concealed within your yard, they’re easy to set up and hear clearly. If you install these under a covered patio it’s probably the easiest application due to the fact that they are protected from weather or water damage.

The Klipsch Brand

This is a manufacturer that offers the highest level of perfection in every single product they put out on the market. They have various series within their brand that are well known for their craftsmanship and power. This particular model is great for hearing audio that sounds live as it builds up a balanced lifestyle and performance.

Klipsch builds audio speakers for floor standers and computers. All of them emit a clear and dynamic performance. This particular series is a 5th generation speaker built from high-end materials, precision and new technology. This series makes accurate audio replication and does so with enhanced features. The drivers have been re-engineered and the new crossover system makes the speakers just as powerful outside than inside of your home.

Making the Most of your Yard

Although this product isn’t waterproof, it is one of the best outdoor sounds when compared to other brands of the same size and type. If you entertain a lot and you enjoy having people over to socialize you can make the most out of your back patio or yard with this model of speakers.

By putting them in higher corners you may have more luck than if you were to set them up on the ground only because they’d be more prone to water damage? This brand is great for anyone that wants a variety of audio outputs. Even if you choose not to invest in the reference model, there are plenty of other types that you can choose from.

These might cost a bit more than other speakers that are weather proof and wireless although they will give you more power and mid-range frequencies. Consider hooking them up to a power amp if you desire a louder bass. They can handle an abundance of wattage and the sound will exceed your expectations regardless of the audio.

You will be able to tell that it is a high end product when you use it for the first time. The vocals, strings and jazz can be heard with clarity and if you’ve gone through your fair share of speakers it’s quite apparent that these are a result of a great design, material and execution. Every detail of the audio is going to matter which is why a high-end manufacturer is needed in order to build a great sound.

What Makes a Valuable Speaker?

If the audio is accurate that means that you do have a quality speaker on your hands. The sound shouldn’t change (the listener should hear it as it was intended to be heard by whoever recorded the music.) Although a lot of speakers come with their flaws, the Klipsch AW-650 6.5″ Reference Outdoor Loudspeaker is close to the perfect sound reproduction.

You can ultimately measure the preciseness through the frequency response chart. If you’re in search of the ultimate speakers you’ll also need to measure the output variation. Every speaker will produce different frequencies that may be louder or softer than others. Let’s assume that your goal is to build a precise reproduction. If there is less of a variation in how loud it is between frequencies, the quality of the speakers are definitely worth the investment.

Design and Structure

The cones found in the driver of the Klipsch AW-650 6.5″ push to deliver strong sound waves. In order to excrete air outwards, the cone has to move. If the speaker is flexing instead of moving, it can change the sound and distort it. Klipsch uses rigid material in this model to reduce flex and build a consistent audio pattern. The design of product has a huge impact on what you are hearing. The materials that are used are only half of why the sound is up to par.

This specific enclosure has been designed carefully which helps because if the enclosure on any product is too wide it can transform the way that it bounces inside of the cabinet – expelling an undesirable cross noise (getting in the way of the sound waves that come from the driver.) The Klipsch AW-650 6.5″ has no rattling or sound distortion and it is well worth the investment cost of $379.95. The speakers will last and give you the surround sound you desire throughout your yard in order to entertain others and enjoy the audio from any area of your home.


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