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Soundcore’s Motion 300 is a mixed bag. While it provides reliable durability, with easy-to-use controls and comprehensive app control, its sound quality suffers from a lack of upper midrange and highs that cause it to sound a little muddy.


  • Durable build quality that’s great for outdoor use
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Comprehensive app support with plenty of features
  • Great battery life


  • The lack of treble and upper midrange results in a muddy sound
  • Not much deep bass

Soundcore’s Motion series consists of the X600, X500, and the smaller 300. The X500 and X600 are moderate-sized speakers well-suited to home use, particularly in their aesthetics. The Motion 300, in contrast, is a compact portable Bluetooth speaker better suited for daily use outside of the home. It has a built-in carry strap and is relatively lightweight. Let’s explore the Soundcore Motion 300 and how it compares to similar speakers and its Motion-series siblings.

Battery Life:Up to 13 hours
Water Resistance:IPX7
Wireless Stereo Pairing:Yes
Power Output: 30W
Frequency Response:65 Hz – 40 kHz
Charging Type:USB-C
Mobile App:Yes (Soundcore)
Size:‎7.8 x 3.6 x 1.85″
Weight:1.98 lbs

What’s In The Box?

  • Motion 300 Speaker
  • 60 cm USB-C to C Cable
  • Safety Card&Quick Start Guide
Soundcore Motion 300 Review 2

Design & Build Quality

The Motion 300 is an easily portable Bluetooth speaker with a durable build. Its rubber shell protects it from scratches and is sealed for IPX7 waterproofing. It’s available in three color variations and features a tight grille design that protects the two drivers from damage. Weighing less than 2 lbs, it’s light enough to carry on outdoor adventures.

Durability of Finish: 8.4/10
Feel of Buttons: 8.9/10
Weatherproofing: 7.8/10

First, we’ll look at how the Motion 300 is built. Looking at the types of materials used, its portability, waterproofing, and color variations.


Just larger than a modern mobile phone, the Motion 300 is a compact speaker that can be easily carried. The built-in carry strap can be removed for a cleaner look or retained for increased portability. Despite its compact build, it’s not particularly light and weighs only 2 lbs. The speaker is still easy enough to carry around with you, but it’s worth noting that it’s almost double the weight of the JBL Flip 6, which it competes with in both price and purpose.

Available in Various Colors

It comes in three color variations and features subtle splash accents that add a touch of fun and flare to the design; however, these splatters won’t appeal to everyone, and some may see them as a distraction from an otherwise clean design. The mirage black version comes with blue accents, the frost blue version with off-white accents, and the fern green option has lighter green accents.

Grille Design

The front grille is made from durable plastic and has a tight mesh design, similar to the Motion X-series, albeit with narrower gaps in the grille. In the center of the grille is a subtle holographic Soundcore logo that changes in tone depending on how the light hits it. While subtle, it speaks to the level of detail and thought given to the design. The rest of the speaker is made from a durable rubber finish that is resistant to scratches and dents.


With nearly all portable Bluetooth speakers being released with some form of waterproofing, it’s unsurprising that the Motion 300 comes with an IPX7 rating. While it doesn’t come with any dust protection, the IPX7 rating protects the speaker from water damage, including splashes, pressure sprays, rain, and submergence in water for up to 30 minutes in up to a meter of water.

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Soundcore Motion 300 Review 5

Controls & Connectivity

Controls on the Motion 300 are similar to those found on the Motion X500 and Motion X600, with buttons across the top of the speaker. They feel great to press and cover everything from track skipping to volume controls and BassUp activation. This speaker uses Bluetooth 5.3 and supports AAC, SBC, and LDAC codecs.

Bluetooth Profiles: AAC, SBC, LDAC
Bluetooth Version: 5.3
Bluetooth Range: Up to 100 meters

The Soundcore Motion 300 is a fairly narrow speaker with all of its controls across the top, with an indented power button so you can still turn it on and off when the buttons cannot be seen. Additional on-speaker controls include a Bluetooth pairing button, BassUp (Soundcore’s bass boost feature), volume down and volume up, and a play/pause button.

In addition to pausing and resuming tracks, the play/pause button provides additional controls based on how many times it’s pressed. Pressing it twice in succession will skip the track forward, while pressing it three times will skip backward. Holding it down for 2 seconds will trigger the voice assistant. The speaker also supports voice calls, and you can use this button to accept a call (single press) or reject a call (hold for 2 seconds).

There is no support offered for wired connections, and the Motion 300 has a single USB-C port for charging, which can be found on the right-hand side of the speaker. This port is covered by a protective rubber seal that helps to protect it from dust and water intrusion.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The speaker uses some of the latest Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity, incorporating a 5.3 receiver that provides a reliable connection over extended distances and low latency. During our testing, we found it could retain connection through several concrete walls for over 15 meters.

Sound Quality

The Motion 300 has a distinct sound signature that features a recessed upper midrange and treble, with the most elevation in the lower midrange and bass. This causes it to sound a bit muddy and sometimes hollow from the lack of balance. It is still capable of reaching impressive volume levels of over 91 dB.

Bass Performance: 6/10
Mid-tone Performance: 5.3/10
Treble Performance: 5.7/10
Volume: 8.4/10
Balanced Sound: 5.3/10

Soundcore Motion 300 Review 7

To test the frequency response of Motion 300, we used the balanced sound setting to represent its natural sound best.


Bass frequencies are decent but don’t extend particularly deep, with the Flip 6 performing better. It has a punchy sound, and midbass is decent, but low bass could be improved. Still, the Motion 300 does only okay with bass-heavy genres, though it suffers most from its lack of balance between the bass and upper midrange frequencies, resulting in a muddy sound.


The midrange frequencies are inconsistent, with a relatively balanced sound in the lower and middle midrange. However, the same can’t be said for the upper mids, where things fall apart for the Motion 300. A distinct lack of upper midrange is present, as seen in the frequency response chart above. The result is a lack of detail that makes it sound unbalanced and creates a hollow sound.


Like the upper midrange, the treble is noticeably recessed with a lack of brightness and clarity. Some elevation towards the upper end of the treble adds some sharpness but just results in more variation and inconsistencies. 

Soundcore Motion 300 Review 8

Soundstage & Dynamics

Dynamic range and soundstage are reasonably good, and the Motion 300 outperforms the Flip 6 in its soundstage. It uses two drivers that create a stereo sound for a more immersive listening experience. Remember that the speaker produces mono audio when rotated vertically, as you would when hanging the speaker from the strap. The Motion 300 also supports a TWS connection, allowing you to pair two of them together to create a true stereo sound.

Its dynamic range is very good and outperforms the Flip 6, reaching high volume levels and exhibiting less compression at higher volumes. Still, there is a slight degradation in quality as you near the maximum volume range. During our measurement tests, we got an SPL of 91.3 dB at a distance of 1 meter.

Soundcore Motion 300 Review 9

Battery Performance

Charging Type: USB-C
Manufacturer Playtime: Up to 13 hours
Playtime at 50-60%: 10 Hours 2 Minutes
Charging Time: 3 Hours 12 Minutes

Soundcore rates the Motion 300 for up to 13 hours of playtime. During our testing, we kept the volume range between 50% and 60%, using the balanced EQ profile with the BassUp feature disabled. We only got 10 hours and 2 minutes of playtime, which, while short of the estimate, is significantly more than that offered by the Flip 6. Recharging is a relatively quick process, and it took us just over 3 hours to fully charge.

The overall playtime is influenced by the settings and volume used. The BassUp feature, for example, may impact the overall playtime.

App Support

The Motion 300 uses Soundcore’s mobile app, which is available on Android and Apple devices. Soundcore boasts one of the more impressive control apps for Bluetooth speakers, allowing the Motion 300 to be finely tuned to match one’s preferred listening style while catering to finer adjustments.

The app tracks the speaker’s orientation, letting you choose whether you want it to be adaptive or manually set a specific orientation. Additionally, there’s an outstanding feature where each orientation can have its own custom EQ set, allowing users to tailor each specific orientation’s sound.

It also allows users to toggle the voice prompt, adjust button brightness, and determine how long the speaker should remain idle before powering off.


Soundcore’s Motion 300 is a mixed bag; it has outstanding app support, and its ability to dynamically switch between stereo and mono depending on its orientation is a useful feature. Additionally, it has great battery life and a durable design. However, the dull and slightly muddy sound from the recessed upper midrange and treble leaves it with a mediocre sound signature. Still, for casual listening, the Motion 300 is a reasonable consideration in the space and, in some ways, is a better speaker than the Flip 6.

Soundcore Motion 300
Soundcore Motion 300 Review 16

Soundcore's Motion 300 is a mixed bag. While it provides reliable durability, with easy-to-use controls and comprehensive app control, its sound quality suffers from a lack of upper midrange and highs that cause it to sound a little muddy.

Product Brand: Soundcore

Editor's Rating:


  • Durable build quality that's great for outdoor use
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Comprehensive app support with plenty of features
  • Great battery life


  • The lack of treble and upper midrange results in a muddy sound
  • Not much deep bass

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