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Soundcore’s Boom 2 is a waterproof boombox-style Bluetooth speaker with outstanding portability that lends itself well to outdoor use. While it looks similar to the original Soundcore Motion Boom, it has many benefits over its predecessor, now featuring lighting effects and improved audio performance.


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Produces a lot of volume
  • Customizable lighting effects
  • Great battery life


  • Mediocre sound dispersion
  • Lacks deep bass

Introducing The Boom 2

Output:80W (60W Standard)
BassUp:BassUp™ 2.0
Drivers:1x 50W Racetrack Subwoofer
2 x 15W Tweeter
Playtime:Up to 24 hours
Waterproofing:IPX7 Waterproof and Floats
Multi-Speaker Pairing:PartyCast 2.0 / TWS
Charging Port:USB-C
Dimensions:11.65 x 7.28 x 3.98″
Weight:3.66 lbs

Soundcore’s original Motion Boom was a popular speaker, praised for its high volume levels and ease of portability. The Boom 2 is the latest upgrade to the original Motion Boom and brings with it some exciting new features. Like its predecessors, this speaker is versatile and portable. Whether you’re after a stationary speaker for your bedroom or one that can join you on your outdoor adventures, the Boom 2 is up to the task. Continue reading to see how we found the speaker during testing, examining its sound quality, battery performance, features, and more.

What’s in The Box

  • Soundcore Boom 2 Speaker
  • 60 cm USB-C to C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Design, Durability & Portability

8.1/10 Durability
9.0/10 Portability
7.8/10 Weatherproofing

The Boom 2 is a lightweight speaker with a boombox-style design. The built-in handle ensures effortless portability, while the durable plastic shell protects the speaker from damage. It includes IPX7 waterproofing, which allows it to be used around bodies of water, and it even floats.

The Boom 2 is named after the classic boombox speaker design popular in the 80s. A boombox-style design is marked by its built-in handle and multiple drivers, usually placed on either side of the speaker. The Boom 2 is smaller than traditional boomboxes but features a built-in handle and has drivers on both sides of the speaker and in the center.

The entire shell of the speaker is made from durable plastic, which makes it extremely light. Weighing just 3.65 lbs, it can be lifted using a single finger. The front grille is silver and can look like metal in images, but it is also made from durable plastics. It features an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it safe to use in the rain, and is also protected from submergence in water for up to 30 minutes.

The Boom 2 has a bit more flare than the original Motion Boom, especially with its colorful bass radiators on either end of the speaker. A built-in light set behind transparent ribs creates a touch of vibrance, especially in low light. The lighting effects and colors can be adjusted for a customized look. 

Because it’s so light, the four rubber stands under the speaker are essential in reducing movement caused by vibration. The built-in handle forms a part of the speaker and is highly durable, with some texture on the underside to reduce slipping in the hand.

Additionally, it is available in three colors: black, green, and blue.


Bluetooth Version: 5.3
Bluetooth Range: Up to 100 meters
Outputs: USB-A

Utilizing the latest in Bluetooth technology, the Boom 2 can retain stable connections at a distance with relatively low latency. While there isn’t an aux-in, it does offer a USB-A output that can be used to charge your phone or other USB devices.

Its wireless connectivity uses Bluetooth 5.3, one of the latest iterations. In turn, it has a reliable wireless connection, even at a distance. During our testing, we maintained a stable connection for up to 10 meters indoors through several brick walls and close to 50 meters with a direct line of sight.

The ports are located behind a waterproof seal on the back of the speaker and consist of a USB-C input for charging the Boom 2 and a USB-A output to use the speaker’s battery for phone charging.

The Boom 2 retains the TWS pairing offered by the Motion Boom, but we couldn’t establish a connection between these two speakers, suggesting the Boom 2 can only be paired with another Boom 2. If you’re unaware of what TWS is, it’s a way to connect two speakers together so each speaker becomes a dedicated stereo channel. This helps to improve soundstage and overall coverage.

Using the PartyCast feature, up to 100 Boom 2 speakers can be connected in unison to cover a larger area. This differs from TWS in that it doesn’t involve stereo connectivity.


On-speaker controls are intuitive and comprehensive. They control volume, track skipping, pairing, and more. A BassUp button allows users to easily toggle it on or off while also controlling the lighting effects. Additional controls are available through the mobile app.

Power Button:Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn the speaker on and off.
Bluetooth Button:Single press to begin pairing.
Press and hold for 2 seconds to start TWS pairing.
Volume Down Button:Press or hold to lower the volume.
Volume Up Button:Press or hold to increase the volume.
Play/Pause Button:Press or play and pause.
Press twice to skip to the next track.
Press three times to skip to the previous track.
Press and hold for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant.
Play/Pause Button (Calls): Press to answer or hang up a call.
Hold for 2 seconds to reject a call.
PartyCast:Press to enter or exit PartyCast pairing.
BassUp:Press once to toggle BassUp 2.0 feature.
Press twice to toggle the lights on and off.
Hold to change the lighting effects.

The controls are easy to reach and are located on the upper front of the speaker. Four circular buttons control the speaker’s connectivity and bass boost. Additionally, a single elongated button in the center controls volume and tracks. The four circular buttons have a backlighting that makes them easy to see in the dark, but there isn’t any lighting on the elongated center button.

Soundcore Boom 2 Controls

Sound Quality

6.4/10 Bass Performance
7.1/10 Mid-tone Performance
6.3/10 Treble Performance
8.9/10 Volume
5.7/10 Balanced Sound

The Boom 2 has crisp sound quality that retains its clarity through most of its volume range. It can get very loud, reaching an SPL of 93.3 dB. While it lacks deep bass, the mobile app can adjust the sound to your preferences with 9-band and full-band EQ options. Additionally, several EQ presets can be toggled between.

Looking to dig deeper? Our measurements and technical data are captured in-house using REW and a UMIK-2 for precise data. Testing was done using the balanced sound preset at a 75-80% volume.

In our SPL measurements, the Boom 2 produced a maximum SPL of 93.3 dB measured at a meter from the speaker. 

Soundcore Boom 2 Review 1

Our frequency response chart illustrates the speaker’s sound signature and visually interprets the speaker’s strengths and weaknesses.

Soundcore Boom 2 Review 2


The Boom 2 has somewhat subdued bass with the balanced EQ preset active with the BassUp 2.0 feature turned off. With these settings, the speaker retains a neutral sound. When the BassUp feature is toggled on, the low-frequency presence shows a noticeable increase. Tracks spring to life with more full sound but aren’t over-emphasized, allowing the midrange to shine through. The Soundcore Signature preset adds more elevation to the lows for additional low-end.


The Boom 2’s lower and middle midrange frequencies are mostly balanced, albeit emphasized. There is a dropoff towards the upper midrange frequencies, a common trait in Bluetooth speakers. Manufacturers opt for this tuning to reduce clutter in the mix. Despite some recessed frequencies in this area, vocals and instruments in the midrange still sound clear and distinct.


The treble is also mostly balanced but is under-emphasized and lends itself to a slight lack of brightness. If you find the Boom 2 a bit dull, you can always adjust the sound with either the EQ presets or custom EQ options. The Treble Boost option brings more vibrancy and life to the treble frequencies. The Soundcore Signature preset also elevates the treble, along with the bass.

Dynamics & Soundstage

The soundstage is generally good, with the Boom 2 producing stereo sound. However, the drivers face in one direction, and the speaker doesn’t have a broad sound dispersion. The dynamic range is fairly good for an affordable speaker, but distortion can be heard after the 85-90% volume level.

While the Boom 2 is affordable compared to similar speakers, it boasts impressive sound quality, with excellent clarity and a dynamic sound that can be adjusted through the associated app. It gets very loud for a speaker of its size; it can fill a small to medium-sized room with sound and cover a relatively large outdoor area, too. This makes it great for social gatherings.

Regardless of what genre you listen to, the Boom 2 is up to the task. While the sound is inherently quite balanced, the BassUp 2.0 feature adds some extra low-end, which is particularly well-suited to EDM and Hip-Hop, where the bass is, in many cases, what carries the track.

The sound is a clear upgrade from the Motion Boom; it retains the same high-volume capabilities that made it stand out from the competition while improving the sound signature and dynamics, which results in less distortion at high volume.

Soundcore Boom 2 Portable

Battery Life

Charging Type: USB-C
Manufacturer Playtime: Up to 24 hours
Tested Playtime: 16 Hours 48 Minutes
Charging Time: 4 Hours 56 Minutes

Soundcore states that the Boom 2’s battery can last up to 24 hours; during our testing, we got just shy of 17 hours of playtime. The variation between the manufacturer’s estimates and testing is partly due to volume changes, lighting effects, and BassUp 2.0 utilization, all impacting how long the battery lasts. It takes around 5 hours to recharge the speaker once the battery is depleted fully. Overall, the battery performance is impressive but falls short of the similar Tribit Stormbox Blast. Still, the Boom 2 will easily last a week before needing charging with a couple of hours of use per day.

Mobile App

Soundcore’s mobile app is customized, with each speaker offering its own unique controls. For the Boom 2, there are some great customization options available.

Volume Control

Volume can be adjusted from the top of the home screen for the Boom 2; it also lets one play and pause the audio.

BassUp 2.0

If you’re after some additional bass, the BassUp 2.0 feature can be toggled from the main screen.


The light tab within the app can be accessed from the bottom of the main screen for the Boom 2 and can be used to change the color, effect, and brightness of the built-in lights.

EQ Presets

The equalizer can be accessed from the main screen and presents preset or custom options. Soundcore’s app illustrates how these presets impact the sound frequency response. These are the preset types and how they impact sound.


The balanced EQ preset reduces some inherently forward lows and softens some upper midrange to create a more neutral sound.

Treble Boost

The treble boost preset makes some subtle adjustments to the bass and midrange but primarily increases the treble to create a brighter sound.


The voice preset increases the overall midrange frequencies to emphasize vocals.

Soundcore Signature

The Soundcore signature preset increases the deep bass while reducing some midbass and upper midrange.

Soundcore’s recent investments in technology are clear to anyone familiar with their products. Their mobile app is one of the best we’ve tested, with new speaker releases carrying plenty of features and adjustments directly from the app. Customize the sound with the EQ presets or custom 9-band graphic EQ. The full-band equalizer can make graphic EQ micro-adjustments for a more comprehensive control. The app is available on Apple and Android.

Soundcore Boom 2
Soundcore Boom 2 Review 11

Overall, there’s little to fault with the Boom 2. Sure, there could be a little more bass, and it could have included a dust-protection rating. Still, it's very well suited to anyone looking for a speaker that can be used effectively indoors or outdoors. Its lightweight build, loud volume, built-in lighting, and clear sound make it a great choice for social gatherings. The Soundcore Boom 2 is an impressive speaker and is priced extremely reasonably for what it has to offer.

Product Brand: Soundcore

Editor's Rating:


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Produces a lot of volume
  • Customizable lighting effects
  • Great battery life


  • Mediocre sound dispersion
  • Lacks deep bass

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