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The 10 Best Soundbars

Having updated our 10 best soundbars, we’re pleased to announce there are some amazing soundbars on the market with some incredible new technology. You’ll definitely find something at every price point from several hundred and even a thousand...

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The Best WiFi Speakers

Wireless technology for speakers is growing so fast it’s hard to keep up! Currently, most WiFi speakers are designed for in-home installation with very few designed to be fully portable. But WiFi speakers are evolving fast and it’s not long before...

Sonos One vs Play 1 - Which is Best? 5

Sonos One vs Play 1 – Which is Best?

In a Nut Shell: In terms of sound quality, they’re virtually the same. When it comes to new features, the Sonos One offers Amazon Alexa as well as Sonos Boost. If those are important features for you, go for the Sonos One. Otherwise, save yourself...