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Best Patio Speakers

The Best Patio Outdoor Speakers

One of my favorite DIY projects is installing a new sound system. You’ve conquered the indoors and now it’s time to find the best patio outdoor speakers. Whether it’s for your outdoor TV or just a bit of background music while you’re chilling...

Best Outdoor Rock Speakers - Outeraudio

The 10 Best Outdoor Rock Speakers

A party or BBQ is hardly an event without some tunes blasting out to annoy the neighbors, or at least make them want to drop by. All jokes aside, though, having a half-decent, let alone a quality sound system in your backyard, around the garden or...

Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers - Outeraudio

The 10 Best Wireless Outdoor Speakers

The popularity of wireless outdoor speakers has grown immensely over the past several years. Installing speakers outdoors is great for music at the pool, in the garden, having a BBQ, entertaining guests or to boost the sound on your outdoor TV. But...