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The 5 Best Portable Outdoor Radios

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Whether the weather is fine or whether the weather is not, we’re going to listen to some good music outdoors even if that’s not in rhyme. Nothing breaks the ice like an awful joke, right? 21st century… The age when technology may become outdated long before its public release. In this wonderful world, we’re living in, the progress made it possible to listen to music wherever you are.

Portable music players have been around for at least 30 years so we’ll skip those and move straight to the outdoor radio systems. Thanks to Bluetooth, wireless Internet, and all those magic things we have become much more versatile in deciding where and how to listen to music. The range of products, which can be categorized as outdoor radio systems (or speakers), is so broad that we could talk about brands alone for hours, let alone models. However, a lot of us would like to know, not only what’s good, but what is the absolute best? So here we are, presenting our “5 Best Outdoor Radio Systems” list below.

Our Selection of the 5 Best Portable Outdoor Radios:

To make selecting the best outdoor radio a bit easier, we decided on a few categories (Best Value Overall, Best Sound for Money, Best Design, Most Durable, Best Portability) and chose the winner for each of them so that everyone will find something for themselves. Let’s kick it!

1. Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning Radio Receiver

Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning Radio Receiver

Best High-End Outdoor Radio System.

Sangean’s U3 outdoor radio system is one of the finest AM/FM models that money can buy. It was designed in such a way that it will easily withstand harsh weather conditions, and it comes supplied with a set of powerful features.

First of all, this radio comes with 10 preset stations, of which 5 are AM and the other 5 are FM. Furthermore, it comes supplied with selectable shutoff timer and auto scan functions. The LCD display is backlit in clearly visible orange color, so you won’t have issues with seeing what you are doing.

Lastly, it’s water and splash-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It’s made of premium-quality rugged materials, so it’s safe to say that this radio can withstand quite a lot of abuse.

In conclusion, Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning Radio Receiver is the best of the best. It’s very powerful, the controls on the LCD screen are easily noticeable, the preset functions are extremely convenient, and the price is fair. If you are ever in search of a high-end outdoor radio system, you should definitely at least consider Sangean’s U3 Radio Reciever, we guarantee that you won’t be sorry.

Available at: Amazon

Also, see the smaller Sangean TB-100 and Sangean LB-100.

2. Monster NOMAD Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Radio

Monster NOMAD Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Long-Play Outdoor Radio System.

Monster’s NOMAD is a powerful, 30-watt outdoor speaker that boasts supreme weather-resistant properties. The reason why we’ve labeled it as “best long-play outdoor speaker” is because it has 30 hours of battery life. This will ensure that you can have your fun outdoor for more than an entire day without stopping.

NOMAD is supplied with 30-watts of power, making it quite strong. It’s fitted with the latest Bluetooth feature, and it’s characterized with IPX4 water-resistant rating. All in all, this outdoor radio configuration might be a bit more expensive than your average radio, but it’s definitely worth the cash.

Available at: Amazon

3. Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with Radio & LCD display

Ivation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with Radio & LCD displayBest Wireless Outdoor Radio System.

This speaker configuration can survive outdoors with ease. With the IPX7 water-resistance, it’s virtually immune to water and splashes (not drenching, though). Ivation outdoor radio comes with the latest Bluetooth technology, but it also comes with Aux-line for a completely wireless experience.

You can even connect these speakers to your smartphone for voice activation, call waiting, call redial, and similar features. The housing is incredibly durable and fully weather-proof, so we might just have the ultimate outdoor speaker here.

Available at: Amazon

4. ION Audio Tailgater Express Speaker and Radio

ION Audio Tailgater Express

Best Compact Outdoor Radio System.

ION Audio’s Tailgater Express is absolutely the best compact outdoor radio on the market. In fact, it was the #1 best-selling unpowered speaker cabinet for a time. By simply looking at it, you can come to a safe conclusion why it’s so practical – it’s incredibly small and quite lightweight (weighing only 6 pounds).

Now, for the best part – the battery life of ION Tailgater Express tailgate speaker can hold up to full 30 hours. It comes with a 1/8″ cable accessory, and it’s powered with 20 Watts. This magnificent outdoor speaker also comes equipped with a Bluetooth feature, with the effective range of 100 feet.

The built-in radio features 10 preset controls, and you can use the Tailgater express in virtually any outdoor situation – camping, hiking, etc. This unit has been declared IPX4 Water-Resistant, but it’s also NFC compatible.

In conclusion, Ion Tailgate Express is incredibly affordable, powerful, versatile, and very compact. It’s obvious why it holds a massive value for the cash.

Available at: Amazon

5. Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio – Waterproof & Rechargeable

Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Best Budget Outdoor Radio System

If you need a speaker on the go, Ancord’s Portable Outdoor speaker is your best bet. This little speaker is actually a budget variant of outdoor radio speakers, so you might want to consider it if you’re really low on cash.

Even though it’s quite cheap, Ancord’s portable speaker has all the features you need – it’s supplied with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology which has the effective range of 33 feet, it has 12 hours of playtime, it’s fully water-resistant, and it has a built-in digital radio.

All in all, the performance of Ancord’s portable outdoor radio leaves a lot to be desired, but it does a good bang for the buck, mostly because it’s capable of fulfilling your need for a good time, requiring but a mere $25 bucks in exchange.

Available at: Amazon


To recap on the above-mentioned speakers, and to help you choose between the provided options; here is a quick table summary that compares the various features of each speaker to help you pick the perfect speaker for you.

The Best Portable Outdoor Radios

TitleImagePriceOuter Audio's Rating
Sangean U3Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged Digital Tuning Radio Receiver$$$4.4
Monster NOMADMonster NOMAD Portable Bluetooth Speaker$$$4.3
IvationIvation Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with Radio & LCD display$$4.0
ION Audio Tailgater ExpressION Audio Tailgater Express$$3.6


That’s it for today – thanks for reading our “5 best outdoor radio systems” list! Keep an eye on other updates and make sure to remain noticed wherever you are.

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