The Loudest JBL Bluetooth Speakers


JBL Bluetooth speakers are known for their consistently brilliant sound quality, reliable builds, and modern features and technology. They manufacture speakers ranging from those that fit in the palm of your hand to speakers taller than some of us.

JBL Bluetooth speakers always find a way onto our best lists since they’re not only incredibly well-made, but no matter the intended purpose, there’s always a JBL speaker that fits the brief. This list shows the loudest JBL Bluetooth speakers on the market, broken down into three specific size formats.

The Loudest JBL Bluetooth Speakers 1
JBL PartyBox 1000

Possibly the loudest commercial Bluetooth speaker on the market, the JBL PartyBox 1000 will rattle windows, floors and perhaps even the walls.

jbl partybox 1000

Our Top Picks

Loudest JBL Bluetooth Party Speaker

The JBL Partybox 1000 is the ultimate beast of Bluetooth speakers. It lacks the portability of the other designs, but if you’re purely going for volume, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any Bluetooth speaker on the market that brings more to the table.

Loudest Portable JBL Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to easily portable products from JBL, the Boombox 3 is going to give you the best volume and sound quality. This speaker is slightly larger than most other portable JBL Bluetooth speakers. We selected the Boombox 3 because of its balance of versatility and loudness.

Loudest Compact JBL Bluetooth Speaker

We recommend the JBL Flip 6 if you’re looking for something you can fit into your backpack or carry with you easily with your buddies down to the beach or have around during your next hang out. The Clip series offers a smaller alternative, but the Flip 6 has so much to bring to the table that it’s tough not to recommend it, with its high-quality sound, weather protection, and latest features.

We’ve gone deep down the loudness rabbit hole, and since JBL speakers make regular appearances, particularly for loudness, here are our favorite loudest JBL Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are divided into three main categories:

  • Massive party speakers
  • Portable but loud Bluetooth speakers
  • Tiny, impressive speakers

For extra help deciding which best suits your needs, look at our guide at the bottom of this page.

Check out our Loudest Bluetooth Speakers article to see how these loudest JBL Bluetooth speakers compare to others capable of the same volume levels.

Larger speakers for party Hosts/performers

The speakers below are part of the PartyBox family, loud and powerful JBL speakers designed to be cranked at your next house party or tailgate or can be used for the busking artist.

1. JBL PartyBox 1000

JBL Partybox 1000

Why we picked it:

The JBL Partybox 1000 is a monster of a Bluetooth speaker. Standing just short of 45 inches tall, the Partybox 1000 and its array of speakers can push some serious volume. The Partybox 1000 has built-in lighting effects, party-friendly features, and app compatibility. The Partybox 1000 can’t be considered portable due to its enormous size and lack of a battery. This speaker is the ultimate house party system.  

Notable Features:

  • Built-in DJ launchpad
  • Microphone & guitar inputs
  • Extensive I/O
  • Onboard lights

Our Thoughts

The JBL Partybox 1000 is an awesome party speaker, especially if you’re an entertainer/musician. While there is no dB rating available for this product, I feel it’s safe to say this is one of the loudest speakers on the market. 

Our Score


  • Built-in light effects
  • DJ and instrument support
  • Loud and sounds great


  • Rather expensive
  • Simply massive, it can be difficult to move
  • No battery, only AC power

2. JBL PartyBox 310

jbl partbox 310

Why we picked it:

The Partybox 310 is on the smaller end of the range, a little larger than the smallest Partybox 100, but still easily transportable and not too heavy. The Partybox 310 is one of the largest portable Bluetooth speakers available and sounds amazing, with a bass boost function should you need it. The Partybox 310 has some nifty party-friendly features, including dual-device pairing, onboard lights, app compatibility, and a splash-proof water-resistance grading. 


Notable Features:

  • Party lights and effects
  • Mic/instrument input
  • IPX4 splash proof 
  • USB input

Our Thoughts

The JBL Partybox 310 is an excellent option for house party hosts, mobile entertainers, or casual listeners indoors and out. The speaker is loud and reliable, and modern features make it relevant and versatile. 

Our Score


  • Great volume capabilities
  • Reliable build quality
  • Loud and powerful


  • It can be awkward to carry

Still large but more portable

If the PartyBox speakers are overkill for what you need, look at the options below, where you’ll find the kind of speakers that can be carried around without sacrificing much volume and features.

3. JBL Boombox 3

JBL Boombox 3

Why we picked it:

The JBL Boombox 3 is a great speaker for those looking for something large and loud but not too big that it becomes awkward to carry as the Partybox models can be at times. The Boombox 3 is JBL’s modern twist on the classic boombox style with the addition of some modern features. Aside from the obvious volume and tonal properties, the Boombox 3 is incredibly versatile- use it for your house party, tailgate, home theater, or camping trip. 


Notable Features:

  • Loud volume from a medium-sized speaker
  • Incredible bass
  • IPX7 water-resistant

Our Thoughts

I’m not the biggest fan of boombox-style Bluetooth speakers, but the JBL Boombox 3 impresses me every time I listen. It’s incredibly user-friendly, sounds amazing, and is one of the most versatile speakers I’ve reviewed.  

Our Score


  • Great battery life
  • Rich sound, loud volume
  • Stunning low-end
  • Durable build


  • No party features
  • It can’t pair with other large JBL speakers

4. JBL Charge 5

The Loudest JBL Bluetooth Speakers 2

Why we picked it:

The JBL Charge 5 is around the shape and size of a football but can reach volume levels nearly unmatched by speakers of similar size. The Charge 5 also sounds as good as the larger JBL models, with outstanding low-end and definition. This speaker is simple, easy to use, and great for casual, private listening, small gatherings, and outdoor use. 


Notable Features:

  • PartyBoost pairing abilities
  • 20-hour battery
  • IP67 water-resistant
  • Built-in power bank

Our Thoughts

When it comes to portable speakers, the JBL Charge 5 is undoubtedly one of my favorites, and I’ll always recommend it as it’s incredibly versatile yet straightforward and always sounds amazing.  

Our Score


  • Great build quality and design
  • Good battery life
  • Stunning sound quality


Small speakers, big sound

For those looking for ultra-portable, lightweight, and durable speakers for outdoor/sporting activities or just casual listening without the hassle of lugging around a massive speaker, the below two are for you.

5. JBL Flip 6

The Loudest JBL Bluetooth Speakers 3

Why we picked it:

For speakers this size, not only is the JBL Flip 6 arguably the loudest available, but thanks to JBL’s signature tonal qualities, it sounds amazing across all volumes, unlike others of similar size, and power handling capabilities don’t distort at such playback levels. The soda can-sized speaker is also built incredibly well, with an IP67 water-resistance rating and a shock-proof casing for all conditions.  


Notable Features:

  • 12-hour battery
  • Classic JBL sound
  • IP67 weather-resistant
  • Reliable build quality

Our Thoughts

The JBL Flip 6 is my favorite small Bluetooth speaker. It doesn’t have any crazy features and isn’t very complicated at all compared to its competitors. Still, it does a stunning job for something portable, reliable, durable, and designed to play music. 

Our Score


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Strong sound from a small speaker


  • A little expensive compared to other similarly-sized and capable speakers

6. JBL Clip 4

The Loudest JBL Bluetooth Speakers 4

Why we picked it:

It doesn’t get more portable than this palm-sized Bluetooth speaker by JBL. We don’t have much to compare this to, but similarly-sized speakers do not match the JBL Clip’s volume and sound quality. The small speaker’s battery life is incredible, and the build quality is impressive. This is a great speaker to accompany you on hiking, fishing, or camping trips


Notable Features:

  • IP67 weather-resistant
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Palm-sized speaker design

Our Thoughts

It’s difficult to compare these kinds of speakers to others that are higher up on this list. Still, in its market, it delivers great sound, reliable build quality, and battery life while being the loudest in its category. 

Our Score


  • Great sound quality
  • Reliably built
  • Decent battery for its size


  • Quite expensive for its size
  • No power-bank feature

So which is best for me?

The loudest JBL speakers on this list are noted for being the loudest in their respective sizes and subcategories, though the Bluetooth audio kings have loads more to offer. Finding the best speaker for you will ultimately depend on your intended uses, so we’ve split our selections into a few categories:

I want to host parties

If you enjoy hosting parties or are looking for something to take to your tailgate, or perhaps even something you can use for an on-the-go DJ or music performance, the PartyBox range is something for you.

Starting with the loudest, the PartyBox 1000 is one of the most powerful and the loudest JBL speaker on the market. However, this comes at a cost- the sheer size of the speaker makes it challenging to transport and isn’t exactly the kind you’ll want to carry around over long distances. Suppose you have the space (and strength) for the PartyBox 1000. In that case, you’ll find its party-friendly and performance features quite rewarding, from the DJ launchpad and app compatibility to the variety of inputs available and, of course, the killer sounds quality and battery.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and perhaps more affordable, the PartyBox 310 is an excellent choice. Offering many of the same features as the 1000 model, the PartyBox 310 is loud, durable, and interactive. You can still connect a microphone or instrument; the onboard battery is impressive. Lastly, one that didn’t make the list is the PartyBox 100, which is considerably smaller than the above loudest JBL speakers but is still much bigger than most portable Bluetooth speakers.

I need something loud but portable.

If you need a speaker that could go in your backpack or beach bag or even something you don’t mind carrying as long as it isn’t too bulky, JBL has plenty of options to choose from for a variety of uses.

Starting with the biggest, the Boombox and Xtreme models are pretty handy if you’re after something that isn’t awkward to carry but is still on the larger end of the spectrum. In this size range, the Boombox II is our favorite; it is not only one of the loudest JBL speakers but is an incredibly versatile Bluetooth speaker that’s commonly seen on the beach, beside the sports field, or even indoors where it’s used to power house parties, home cinemas, or just casual listening. My only issue with the Boombox II is that the TWS feature isn’t compatible with other larger JBL speakers like the PartyBox models. However, it can still pair with the same of its kind or some smaller units.

On the more portable side of things, the Charge range of JBL speakers is another favorite of ours. They aren’t too big but also aren’t tiny, and the volume these speakers can push is pretty impressive for their size. Their batteries are some of the best in their size category, and they sound just as good as you’d expect a JBL speaker. The Charge models support USB charging of your mobile device and pairing with others. They can also pair with two Bluetooth sources- perfect for taking turns playing songs with friends. To top it off, they’re pretty durable and can resist water quite well.

What about tiny speakers?

JBL has a few really small speakers that also run circles around their competitors. Starting with the Flip range, which is practically the size of soda cans, they can be thought of as a smaller version of the Charge models, except they can’t charge USB-powered devices.

Going even smaller, we have the Clip series, which are about palm-sized, and while they can’t be compared to the others on this list, they’re included because, as far as palm-sized speakers go, they are the loudest and sound the best. Their batteries, expectedly, aren’t the most powerful, but they are still far better than similarly-sized speakers from other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the JBL PartyBox 1000 wireless?

No. Due to the intense power usage required to put out the volume it does, the PartyBox 1000 requires a power outlet.

What is JBL PartyBoost?

PartyBoost is the latest technology by JBL for pairing their newer products.

Which JBL speakers use Connect?

Connect is the oldest pairing technology from JBL and is supported by Flip 3 and JBL Xtreme.

Which JBL speakers use Connect+?

Connect+ is supported by the Charge 3, Flip 4, Charge 4, Pulse 3, Xtreme 2, and the first-generation Boombox.

Which JBL speakers use PartyBoost?

PartyBoost is supported by most newer JBL Bluetooth speakers, including but not limited to the JBL Flip 5, Flip 6, Boombox 2, Charge 5, Pulse 4, and Pulse 5.

Which JBL Bluetooth speakers use TWS?

The PartyBox series utilizes TWS (True Wireless Stereo) pairing instead of PartyBoost. Note that this limits the number of speakers you can connect to only two.

Where can I find the decibel measurements of JBL speakers?

JBL doesn’t publish the decibel readings of their products. One would need to measure it themselves to see how much volume a JBL Bluetooth speaker puts out, which can be costly.

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  1. I had bought JBL speakers at the PX in Augsburg Germany in 1982 .I can’t remember what model but the output was 250 watts 500 peak does JBL have anything close to that range
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    • The closest JBL speaker to 250W power with a 500W peak is the JBL EON305. The JBL JRX112M, PRX812W, and JBL EON615 had similar power outputs. Unfortunately, all of these have been discontinued by JBL. JBL currently has quite a few speakers with a higher range than that – you can look at the JBL EON610, the JBL EON715, and the JBL PRX812, amongst others. If you’re specifically looking for something in the 200-500W range, consider the JBL Professional IRX112 and the JBL IRX108. I hope this helps.


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