Yamaha NS-AW390BL Speakers

Yamaha NS-AW390BL 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

The Yamaha NS-AW390 is currently out of stock. As an alternative we recommend the Yamaha NS AW-350 outdoor speakers.

This set of outdoor speakers has been built for both professional and entertainment purposes. Whether you are in need of studio speakers or entertainment outlets that produce a clear and tight sound, the Yamaha NS-AW390BL2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers might be suitable for you.

This is a set that has a weather-resistant component and it also holds up against strong UV rays. Without having to worry about its condition you can keep them outside even during extreme temperatures (although, they are not waterproof).

Even though they can handle a limited amount of water, they aren’t built to be exposed to it excessively.) The components that make up this product are commonly used in all of the Yamaha products and that is the exact reason why they have so much precision and consistency in the items that are put out on the market.

Yamaha NS-AW390BL2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Features:

  • 5″ Polypropylene Driver
  • ½” Dome Tweeter
  • 120 Watts of Power
  • Weatherproof Speakers
  • Strong Grille

This is your solution product if you want to install an audio system outdoors or in public areas. These are the best products if you want to set them up for entertainment purposes. The grilles on these specific speakers don’t cause rust and they are completely resistant to the UV rays that would normally damage other electronic equipment.

The frequency response is what makes this speaker so capable of producing a high-performance sound. Both the poly-cone woofer and the dome tweeter are also what make the product worth the decision. They come with gold banana-plug terminals so that you can get a greater connection from your amplifier.

The grille and the frame on this product will also blend into your environment nicely; although, black is suggested as it’s going to look a lot cleaner outside than if you were to use white ones that can get dirty easily.

Why are they fitting for Use Outdoors?

There are far too many customers who think that they can take an indoor set of speakers and set them up outdoors to get the same quality of music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The majority of speakers are built for a certain usage and the Yamaha NS-AW390BL2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers are built for both inside and outside use.

If you use the wrong ones in a wide-open environment, it’s likely that you will not get the sound that you heard the first time around. These are made for use outdoors because they were built to cover a broad range. They have enough bass, balance and power to get a desirable audio that cannot be done if the speakers aren’t built for the job.

Yamaha has done a satisfactory job of putting this effect into the majority of their speakers although they have ones that are designed strictly for indoor use. As you can see, the rugged construction on these is also important to the sound. The enclosure changes the way that the music sounds inside of the speaker box and in turn outside of it. With a quality shell the Yamaha NS-AW390BL2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers ensures that each and every genre of music is produced smoothly and consistently.

Choosing the Right Speakers for You

When the right set of speakers are taken care of, they will last you for an extended period of time. How you choose your audio equipment also says something about how you shop in general. In order to get the most out of these types of investments it’s always best to obtain knowledge beforehand.

By looking into the components that Yamaha has put into the NS-AW390BL2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers you can see why it’s is sonic bliss. It can be difficult to determine what is right and wrong within a speaker set because you may run into some terminology or audio names that you aren’t exactly familiar with. The truth is – you don’t need large speakers in order to get the frequency that you desire.

If you end up purchasing any sets such as these and you want a bit more power, use a subwoofer. This will deliver the extra sound that you want without you having to spend money on a larger set. This pair, which goes for $130, is an absolute bargain!

When you hear what comes from this equipment for the first time you’ll be amazed as to how you may have been considering some other speakers that were the same size but a much higher cost. They can be used to fill a room full of people with music as well, especially if you use a subwoofer which can come in handy depending on where you use them.

Impedance and Ohms

As you may or may not have heard, speakers have an electrical feature called impedance or ohms. The impedance is what happens when there is a resistance inside of the enclosure – it produces an electrical signal. Although resistance sounds like a bad thing it is actually very important in any audio output. There are many sets that must have a higher ohm rating (such as 8) in order to deliver quality.

Yamaha always sets these up adequately in their products so that the volume can be driven up without any sound distortion. These also prevent the amp from being damaged. The Yamaha NS-AW390BL2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers is safe because of the durability inside and outside of the enclosure.

If you were contemplating purchasing these speakers, there’s no need to hesitate. With the low cost of these and the ability to return them if you aren’t happy with the sound production you really cannot go wrong.

Once you hear the way that they sound outside of your home without walls you’ll be amazed as to how clear and crisp the audio is, regardless of the bass or treble from the original source. The Yamaha NS-AW390BLis a highly recommended speaker pair that can fulfill your entertainment and home needs adequately at no more than $130 per set (a great long term investment for outdoor speakers).

[box type=”shadow”]The Yamaha NS-AW390 is currently out of stock. As an alternative we recommend the Yamaha NS AW-350 outdoor speakers.[/box]

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