Yamaha NS-AW350W Speakers

Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

With the Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Indoor and Outdoor Speaker you can enjoy your audio tunes inside or outside of your home. These are bookshelf speakers that deliver a powerful bass and treble, without the large and heavy enclosure. Most consumers are aware that Yamaha is a reputable product with a top-notch performance and sound.

These are sold as a pair and they have a 6.5 compliance, woofer and dome tweeter. There is a higher sensitivity within these speakers because of the low mass and higher rigidity (modest amplifiers.) There is also an acoustic suspension that makes a fantastic bass because of how it is sealed into the speaker system.

Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Specs:

  • 6 ohms
  • 40 watts – 130 watts (peak power)
  • 55- 40,000 frequency response
  • Full Base
  • 5 Way Binding Post

These are shielded magnetically which is why you can easily put them near any of your other electronic devices without having to deal with degradation in sound (because of the magnetic effect.) Some of the best speakers have a 5-way binding post, such as these and they allow for an easy connection and powerful production. This set is water resistant and they have the stamina to stand up against light rain or winds. Because of their sealed enclosure they will not only last long but produce a clear sound.

This also comes with a mounting base in case you want to attach them to a wall or fence outside of your home. In the box you will receive the two speakers, bases, brackets, manual and a user’s warranty card. The speakers come in white and black; both very sleek and portable. They can be used indoors/outdoors and they are also Energy Star Certified. You can count on the clear and controlled bass response and acoustic suspension to deliver and perform well.

These are definitely the best that you can get for the initial price. It’s convenient that the installation is easy because you can take them down and apply them again without the added hassle. You may be surprised as to how much bass is offered from such a mid-sized enclosure. These will definitely give listeners the boost they desire in a bass. If you want a sound reciprocates that of larger speaker in a small size, these are your best bet.

Exceeding your Expectations

Although they may feel a bit light and hollow when you receive them, you’ll be surprised once you use them inside or outside of your home. You can also hook these up to your stereo amplifier to flood a whole room of guests. Even if you don’t want to invest too much money in a set of speakers, you can get the audio effect that sounds just as good outdoors than in an enclosed space.

These will recalibrate the audio that you want and the subwoofer will contribute to the tones complimenting the ranges and frequencies.  Considering the price of these speakers, you are going to get the most performance and quality. Even if you choose not to use a subwoofer, you can get the best lower bass frequencies. Order two of these if you want more depth although one set of them can get the job done. At $88.72, the price doesn’t get any more reasonable.

The Product Yamaha

Yamaha specializes in helping you build your home theater with these speakers. They have been designed especially for adaptability in any environment and the mounting options allow you to apply them to any surface. Just as the company does in all of their products, Yamaha has designed a wider dispersion pattern and a water-resistant enclosure. The speakers are extremely well-protected therefore if you wanted to use them by your pool area, you’re safe to do so. The key to selling such a powerful product is technology and innovation in audio production.

Speaker systems are critical within the sound chain and because speakers interact with our environment directly, it’s important that we choose ones that are designed for their application. If a speaker is not reciprocating a sound it can take away from the enjoyable experience. Yamaha has taken original technology with this product and has built breakthrough equipment that has created a new performance. The audio reproduction is very faithful to its original source and that is why you will enjoy the Yamaha NS-AW350W 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers more than other speakers that are built with similar components.

Once you get your hands on this series altogether you will find that it’s enjoyable in both its performance and handling characteristics. Whether or not you’re going to install this set permanently or temporarily, you will benefit from a smooth production. If you have more than one pair of speakers you can also mix and match them so that you don’t end up with any dead spots.

The sonic quality is mind blowing, along with the full impact sound that reaches your audience in a broad area. Every audio product that comes from Yamaha has been built with precision and innovation. Conclusively, you will get the best sonic performance in this model for an extremely price.

Why is it better?                 

The majority of speaker installations require the right positioning and angle although this one produces the diversity naturally. This series has been created to provide you with tonal graduations that stand out from other audio productions. The phases deliver the best performance and responds smoothly to any equalization. When a speaker can replicate a natural sound and be adaptive in its environment, it’s worth the initial investment cost.

Parting Thoughts

The shape of these (the cabinet) play a huge part in the setup versatility as well. You can easily design them as floor monitors as they have a very compact configuration. Most Yamaha products have a sound system simulator that offers precise pressure distribution (included in the Yamaha NS-AW350W.) You can install these easily, enjoy your music and not have to worry about damage being done to them because of the sturdy enclosure. Altogether, these are 5 star speakers and well worth your time if you want something that delivers both clarity and entertainment.

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