Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way Outdoor Speakers Review

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People love their music, especially when they are working or playing outdoors. Now that the summer is here you may have decided that it was time to get a pair of outdoor speakers so you can enjoy your tunes while tanning, gardening and relaxing in the pool.

You may have thought that it would be easy to find what you need but little do you know there are tons of outdoor speakers to choose from. After much research this item jumped right– The Yamaha Outdoor Speakers. You will be very happy with this choice.

What You Need In Outdoor Speakers

  • Quality of sound
  • Range of sound
  • Durability
  • Price of course.

The first thing you need in a speaker is a good sound quality. Next of course is the range of the sound. You want to be able to hear your music from where ever you are outside. For instance, after installing the speakers at the back of your house will be very pleased that you can hear the sound all the way across the yard even with the volume set to low.

This is just what you need. How you know that you have the perfect set of outdoor speakers is that they have drivers that provide low mass and high rigidity. This gives them a good amount of sensitivity so the amps have no trouble driving out the sound. Thes Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way Outdoor Speakers also come enclosed in high quality acoustic cabinets so that there is not too much bass that dulls the sound quality and range.

The durability is also important, especially if you have a big yard and may want to move the speakers around to suit your needs. Having said that, one huge draw is that they are waterproof. Of course it is not suggestible to that you leave them where they can fall into your pool, but if they do you are still good to go.

Rain is also a factor with outdoor speakers so having a good water proof item is best overall. And finally, you can have the speakers out and on while your husband watches the game on his portable television and there is no interference for either of you. These two way speakers are magnetically shielded and that makes this possible.

The price is definitely a big consideration as well since you are not likely to be rolling in money.  You may have told yourself that the highest you would go for a good quality outdoor set of speakers was $150. If so you will be extremely happy with the Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way Outdoor Speakersbecause they are half of that budget at only $67. You will have to spend a little extra to complete the set-up though as they do not come with everything you need. But for that price you will likely not mind spending a little more.

What Yamaha Outdoor Speakers Come With

When you order your speakers the box will contain a pair of 2-way speakers, just as advertised. Just so you know what to expect from them, here is some clear cut information:

  • They are designed with acoustic suspension so you get a clear and tight sound
  • It is equipped with a bass control response system
  • Speakers are 5 inches tall-nice and compact
  • The power capacity is 120 watts max
  • They come in both black and white

Above it is mentioned that you will need a few things to get the speakers set up. You can look at this as a downside but for the price it is still an excellent deal. Here are th extras that do not come with the purchase: (NOTE: Some ads say it does come with the cables but this was not the case for everyone, but it is really not a big deal.)

  • Screws for mounting (2 and a half inch wood screws worked great for me)
  • Speaker cable (this is really cheap to purchase but do not go with the ultra-cheap thin cable since it is for outdoor use)

That was it. All in all you will put out an extra $15 to get the rest of what you need to set up your new speakers.

Yamaha 2-Way Outdoor Speakers Rating

These speakers have everything you are looking for in outdoor listening. The sound is excellent for all types of music. Everything comes out crystal clear, unlike other outdoor speakers that you may have wasted time and money on. As for putting them up, that is easy as well. This is true even if you are not a fix it type of person.

After looking at how it should be done you should be able to pull it together and mount them yourself with no problem at all. It should only take you about 15 minutes to do it and by the time 30 minutes rolls around; you’ll be was listening to your music while lying by the pool. For someone who just wants good outdoor sound at a great price, these are the best speakers for the money. An expert may not agree but for the everyday person, they are perfect.

What Others Are Saying

Here are some review to help you make your choice:

“Buy These Speakers Now.” – Patrick, Amazon Customer

“Honestly Speechless” – Kenny, Amazon Customer

“Low Cost with Excellent Sound.” – Daniel, Amazon Customer

“Great Quality Sound-Inexpensive Speakers” – Richard, Amazon Customer

Of course with any product there are also some lesser reviews. Some complaints were that the speakers were not heat resistant enough, some complained about the sound quality and some had trouble mounting the speakers where they wanted them to go. Most people did not mention experiencing any of those problems though, so overall it looks like this would be a great purchase.

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