Wolverine Wireless Speakers

Wolverine Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Speakers

The Wolverine WIOS Stereo speakers are another bit of audio equipment that impressed me right off the bat with its stylish and unique design. They might be portable, but these are not the type of speakers that are going to go for a ride in your backpack while you take a hike or go camping. Instead, they are useful for strategically placing outside when you have company over and want to get some ambient atmosphere going.

A big draw is obviously the fact that the speakers are wireless, which means there are no worries about anyone tripping over cables or having to dig up your garden to install the equipment. If at any point you want to change the placement of the speakers, it is as simple as picking them up and putting them elsewhere which is obviously not something that is very easy to do with mounted, wired outdoor speakers.

Sound Quality

A big advantage with these speakers is that they work as a stereo pair, which is not always the case with outdoor speakers. With proper speaker placement you can get a nice stereo effect going, but due to the rather limited volume you won’t be rattling the windows anytime soon. Considering the size and price of the speakers I was expecting something with a little bit more volume, but the Wolverine speakers will struggle to keep a crowd of noisy people entertained. The speakers can be used indoors and outdoors so depending on the size of the space you are using them you should be able to get adequate sound. The sound quality is perfectly serviceable for speakers of this size and the only time that I noticed any degradation was when the volume was turned up to full blast or the batteries were close to depleted. If you use these speakers in wireless mode, you should also keep them within the 200 feet transmission range to prevent loss of audio fidelity. It was nice to hear that the sound quality is about the same when using the batteries as it is when plugged in to the AC adapter, as some speakers have an audible drop in sound quality when used wirelessly.

If you enjoy deep bass tones, you might be a bit disappointed by what the Wolverine Stereo speakers are able to deliver. The highs and midtones are clear and crisp, but the bass response is about what you would expect from a driver of this size. There have been some reports that other wireless devices can interfere with the speakers, but this is not something that I have personally encountered.


Personally, I really like the design of the Wolverine Stereo speakers as they don’t follow the typical outdoor speaker conventions. The speakers have a sleek, tubular shape that really set them apart from other speakers and make them really eye-catching. If you are looking for a pair of speakers that will just fade into the background, then these are not the ones that you are looking for. In fact they even have Blue LED lights on the speakers for added ambience. The LED lights also make it very useful to locate your speakers outdoors at night!

Each speaker is powered by batteries, but there are also three AC adapters included in the package if you want to save some money on batteries. If you do plan on using batteries I would definitely recommend using rechargeable ones as the speakers tend to deplete the batteries rather quickly. To operate the speakers you have to plug your audio device into the base unit which then sends the signal wirelessly to the speakers. Being able to connect your audio device directly to the speakers using Bluetooth technology would have been nice, but this system also works fairly well. Another nice touch is the remote that you get in the package that allows you to adjust the speakers without having to walk over to each one. You can even switch the LED lights on the speakers on or off with the remote!  The volume of each speaker can actually be adjusted independently, which is always a nice touch.  The top of each speaker has a handle that flips up which make them easy to carry around and you can also use these to hang the speakers from something if you want them higher up off the ground.


The Wolverine Stereo speakers are advertised as water resistant, but I would not want to leave these outdoors when they are not in use. They could probably handle a bit of moisture, but prolonged exposure to the elements will definitely leave a mark. Fortunately the speakers are light and compact enough that carrying them back into the house after you have used them outside isn’t too much of a hassle. If you want to avoid this issue completely you might be better off using speakers that are fully water and weather proof.


The Wolverine Stereo speakers feature a very stylish design although the audio quality is probably not going to win any awards. All the extras such as the blue LED, option to use batteries or AC adapters and remote control makes it an attractive option for its price point though. It is not the most durable outdoor speaker on the market and it is light enough that I would have some concerns about placing it outside on windy days, but in the right conditions it does a good job.

Wolverine WIOS Pros

  • Wireless stereo speakers that can optionally be used with AC adapters.
  • Stylish and unique design with blue LED for ambience.
  • Decent sound quality for the size and price of the speakers.

Wolverine WIOS Cons

  • Maximum volume of speakers is rather low.
  • Remote control is tiny and easy to lose.
  • Not as durable as other outdoor speakers.

You could probably get louder speakers for a slightly higher price, but the stylish design and other features of the Wolverine’s make them a good solution for indoor and outdoor use.

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