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The 10 Best Wireless Headphones for TV

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If you live in a house or apartment where you’re constantly being told by family, housemates, or neighbors to turn down the TV – then perhaps it’s a good time to invest in a pair of wireless headphones for TV. As with wireless TV speakers, some wireless TV headphones are also designed specifically for the hearing impaired who might struggle to hear the TV. Rather than turning the TV volume up, a pair of headphones can isolate the audio for an improved listening experience.

In this article, we take a look at the best wireless headphones for TV reviews. We have included choices for the general consumer who may be looking for a high quality over-ear wireless headphone to use while watching TV or listening to music while walking around the house. We have also included a selection of headphones designed specifically for the hearing impaired. While the premium headphones could be used for both applications, you wouldn’t want to use an in-ear TV headphone for playing video games.

Over-Ear vs In-Ear

The name is in the title when it comes to the styles of headphones. Over-ear headphones fit over the ears, with your ears inside the ear pads. You also get the on-ear fit, which means the earpads sit on the ears. Over-ear headphones are far more comfortable than on-ear and offer good isolation. Premium over-ear headphones will even have passive noise isolation which means you can hear very little of the ambient noise around you.

In-ear headphones go inside the ear canal. Generally, these earbuds are connected to a cable. This cable could be a few millimeters thick or, as is the case with TV in ears, about a ¼ inch thick. The thick cable is flexible and can be bent to improve the comfort of the headphones.

For the hearing impaired, choosing between over-ear and in-ear is simply a matter of preference. In both cases, you’re bringing the audio closer to your ears and thus you’re able to hear better and more clearly.

For the general consumer, an over-ear or on-ear headphone is better. These headphones are easier to move around with and, in most cases, offer better sound quality than the in-ears. Most notably, over-ear and on-ear offer improved bass response.

Bluetooth vs RF

One of the biggest differences between regular wireless headphones and wireless headphones for TV is the connectivity. Regular wireless headphones use Bluetooth whereas wireless headphones for TV headphones use RF or radio frequency.

Why Not Bluetooth?

There are a couple of reasons Bluetooth is not used for TV headphones. Firstly, the Bluetooth transmitting range is poor. Even with Bluetooth version 4, you can typically only transmit up to 33ft or so. Secondly, because Bluetooth is a digital technology, the audio needs to be converted from analog to digital and then transmitted. The delay in this conversion is what’s known as latency.

Latency isn’t an issue for music but it does become an issue when watching TV. Often the latency will cause a lip sync discrepancy. There will be a delay between the person talking and what you hear. This is extremely annoying and can be confusing when there are several people having a conversation onscreen.

RF is analog and therefore there is no analog-to-digital conversion. Although there is still latency, it’s so minimal that our eyes and ears cannot pick it up.

Bluetooth Improvements for This Year

Last year saw many improvements in Bluetooth. Many products on the market still feature Bluetooth version 4 however, more electronics products are now coming out with Bluetooth 5. With these updates, some of the latency issues have been addressed. The Bluetooth range and connectivity is a lot more stable too. TV headphones are starting to make the switch from RF to Bluetooth, the most notable of which is the Aventree range which we feature in this article.

Acceptable Audio Levels to Protect Your Hearing

If you have good hearing, you want to keep it that way. Listening to headphones at excessive levels and for an extended period of time can cause permanent hearing loss. Stony Brook School of Medicine released an article on how to look after your ears – here are some of their guidelines:

An acceptable or safe audio level is no more than 85dB. This is typically around 60% volume but will vary from headphone to headphone. If you need to listen to anything above this level just to hear clearly, you should probably get your hearing checked.

These are the guidelines as advised by Dr. David A. Schessel of the Stony Brook School of Medicine.

At 95 dBHearing damage will occur after four hours of exposure per day.
At 100 dBHearing damage will occur after two hours of exposure per day.
At 105 dBHearing damage will occur after one hour of exposure per day.
At 110 dBHearing damage will occur after 30 minutes of exposure per day.
At 120+ dBDamage occurs almost immediately.

Further to these audio levels, any bass or treble boost will cause hearing loss at that frequency. So in time, you could start to lose your hearing in a specific frequency range. Almost everyone loses some of the high frequencies as we get older. This makes it difficult to hear the intelligibility of dialogue especially. This is why you might find yourself purchasing a TV headphone later in life to hear the TV properly.

Assuming you will most likely lose this hearing from old age, you might want to start protecting your ears as much as you can now.

How to Use Your Existing Bluetooth Headphones for TV

If you already own a decent pair of standard Bluetooth headphones and would prefer to use your existing ones rather than purchasing a whole new pair of wireless headphones, then you’re in luck! We have a solution just for you – the Avantree Oasis Plus is an advanced, long-range Bluetooth transmitter that connects to any Bluetooth headphone or speaker.

The Avantree Oasis Plus boasts a 295ft range which is impressive for any Bluetooth device. Keep in mind that Bluetooth generally works best for line-of-sight connectivity. Moving around the house, you may experience some dropout.

The Oasis Plus can take both analog and digital audio feeds via ⅛ inch and optical input respectively. There is also a thru output so you can connect from the Oasis Plus to your external speakers. This gives you the option to use one or the other, or both the headphones and speakers at the same time.

You can also pair up to two headphones to the Oasis Plus at the same time, so you and a partner or friend can enjoy the same audio together.

For the cost of a cheap pair of wireless headphones for TV, you can use your favorite Bluetooth headphones and enjoy far superior sound quality.

1. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System

Wireless Range
328 ft
Battery Life
18 Hours
Frequency Resp.
17Hz – 22kHz

Sennheiser is one of my favorite brands. Their products are always well made with an emphasis on producing an audio product with the best possible sound within the given price range. The RS 175 RF Wireless Headphones System is an exciting pair of wireless headphones. Most TV headphones cater primarily to the elderly and hard of hearing. The RS 175 will appeal to everyone.

The first thing you’ll notice with the Sennheiser RS 175 is that they appear to be bulky. However, when you pick the headphones up, they’re actually really lightweight and only weigh 10.9oz, (with the batteries included). The base station is also very light, so anyone will be able to move the system around without much effort.

The base station features two audio inputs: one ⅛ inch AUX and one optical. You can switch between these two inputs which means you could (for example) have your TV in the optical input and use the AUX for your mobile phone or music playing device. The base station is powered by an AC adapter supplied with the system.

The RS 175 comes with built-in AAA rechargeable batteries which last up to 18 hours. Battery life will depend on volume and what features you have engaged. The nice thing about having AAA batteries is that if you forget to charge your headphones but still need to use them, you can simply pop some standard AAA batteries in and carry on going.

To recharge the RS 175 headphones you simply place it on the base station and it recharges through the point of contact. This is also a good place to store it when not in use.

The base station uses a digital RF frequency to connect to the headphones, ensuring exceptional connectivity and sound quality. You can connect up to two RS 175 headphones to a single base station, allowing you to watch with a friend or partner. The headphones have a range of 328ft (100m) which will continue to work without any interference or dropout – even when you’re in another room. For most apartments and standard sized 2-3 bedroom homes, the range shouldn’t ever be an issue. You’ll probably get better coverage than your WiFi!

The ear cups on the RS 175 are a decent sized over-ear fit with soft memory foam padding for the ear pads. The headband features the same soft padding and both are covered in a PU leather material. The RS 175 fits nicely on your head and can easily be worn for a few hours while watching a movie or playing games.

The RS 175 also includes a couple of really cool audio features. Firstly, there is a bass boost and surround sound mode. The bass boost on the RS 175 is significant! You will receive some serious skull-rattling sound. This is particularly good for listening to certain types of music or playing games. The surround sound mode is a little confusing, it creates more of a spacial awareness type of audio picture rather than true or even virtual surround sound. More than anything, it just feels like the sound is further away. Secondly, there is also a LO and Hi version of the surround mode – so you can play around with this depending on what you’re watching or listening to.

The sound quality on the RS 175 is exceptional, perhaps even good as some premium cable headphones. You get a good balance across all frequencies, which ensures everything from watching movies to listening to the news is clear and enjoyable. The RS 175 also offers a decent amount of isolation. So, if you’re watching TV in bed, you won’t disturb the person lying next to you.

All of the functions can be conveniently controlled on both the base station, as well as on the headphones. The headphones control panel appears on the left ear cup where you can engage the bass boost and surround sound mode as well as adjust volume levels.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System:

  • Sennheiser HDR 175 Wireless Headphone
  • TR 175 base station/transmitter
  • AC power adapter
  • ⅛ inch AUX cable
  • Optical cable
  • 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries

Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System Conclusion

Now when it comes to premium Sennheiser products – they’re never cheap. The RS 175 is certainly not a budget headphone. If you’re looking for the best wireless headphones for TV listening, then you don’t get much better than the RS 175. At over $250 the headphones aren’t cheap but they’re definitely well worth the investment.

The Sennheiser RS 175 is a great option for every application. The elderly or hard of hearing will appreciate the exceptional sound quality especially. For the general user, gamers and even bass heads, the RS 175 is a great pair of wireless TV headphones.

2. Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones for TV

Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless Range
164 ft
Battery Life
40 Hours
Frequency Resp.
20Hz – 20kHz

The Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones for TV is a bit of a hybrid system. You can use the HT5009 on their own as a normal Bluetooth headphone or paired with the transmitter as a wireless TV headphone. The transmitter allows you an extra 164ft of range, whereas without it, the HT5009 will have the standard 30ft Bluetooth range.

Unlike most wireless TV headphones, which work with RF or digital frequency connectivity, the Avantree HT5009 is a Bluetooth headphone. Even with the transmitter, you’re only getting a third of the range that you would get with most TV headphones, but you get the convenience of headphones that you can use without the need for a base station. This means you get the best of both worlds. Bluetooth is also more stable and experiences less dropout compared with RF frequencies.

Even better, the base station can pair with any Bluetooth headphones as well. So, if you already own Bluetooth headphones, you can just purchase the Aventree transmitter on its own. The transmitter will allow you to pair up to two devices at the same time – including Bluetooth headphones as well as speakers. The headphone and transmitter also feature Bluetooth version 4.2.

The transmitter allows for two audio inputs: ⅛ inch AUX or optical input. Avantree supplies you with multiple cables so don’t worry if you don’t have these already. The transmitter is powered via a micro USB cable which means you can get power from your PC or the USB output on your TV. This micro USB cannot be used as an audio connection though.

The headphones have a built-in battery, which also uses a micro USB cable for charging. Avantree supplies you with two of these in the package system, one for the headphones and the other for the transmitter.

The HT5009 is an over-ear headphone with large ear cups that fit comfortably over the ears. The earpads and headband both feature a soft memory foam with a quality PU leather cover. The fit is comfortable and you can wear the HT4189 for extended periods without experiencing too much discomfort.

The sound quality on the HT5009 is decent. Perhaps not the best sounding headphone available, but at just under $100 for the complete system – you get exceptional value. The sound is decent enough for most TVs and movies but does lack a little bass. For the elderly or hard of hearing, the HT5009 is more than sufficient with enough volume and clarity.

The HT5009 headphones feature a three-button control which allows you to play/pause, adjust the volume, and skip tracks. The play/pause and track skip buttons can only be used when paired with a normal Bluetooth device, while the volume control can be used with the transmitter as well.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones with Transmitter:

    • Avantree Headphones – HT5009
    • Avantree Transmitter – Oasis Plus
    • Micro USB power cable x 2
    • Optical audio cable
    • ⅛ inch AUX audio cable
    • ⅛ inch to RCA cable

Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones with Transmitter Conclusion

If you’re looking for a versatile, hybrid headphone for both TV and general use, then the Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones with Transmitter is an excellent choice. At just under $100 the system is affordable and will certainly be our best wireless headphones for TV listening in the under $100 price category. The HT5009 sounds good and is what you would expect from a $100 headphone. For the price, you won’t get much better than these,

3. Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphone

Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphone

Wireless Range
150 ft
Battery Life
20 Hours
Frequency Resp.
10Hz – 22kHz

The Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphone is great for apartments or smaller houses. The 150-foot range means you’ll experience excellent reception in the room you’re watching in, but moving around the house or apartment might lead to some noise and interference.

The MDR-RF995RK is one of the more stylish wireless TV headphones on the market and the large rectangular design fits nicely over the ears. The ear pads are cushioned with a soft memory foam, covered in a soft PU leather. The headband is mostly plastic except for on the very top, which is covered in the same memory foam and PU leather as the ear pads. The headphones sit comfortably over the head and can easily be worn for a couple of hours before starting to experience any discomfort.

The Sony MDR-RF995RK do have some passive noise isolation which means you can listen without disturbing someone sitting or sleeping next to you.

All the function controls are on the headphones themselves. On the right ear cup are three controls: the first is a recessed rotary volume control, the second button is a voice effect function (Engaging the voice effect will deliver better vocal intelligibility for news and dialogue-heavy content) and the third button is an auto-tuning button.

The base station or transmitter has three frequencies for transmitting. If you are experiencing any interference on the current frequency, you can press the auto-tuning button on the headphones to switch to another frequency and pair the two devices again.

The transmitter features a single ⅛ inch audio input which Sony supplies to you. If your TV only has an RCA out, then you’ll need to purchase an RCA to ⅛ inch separately.

On the top of the transmitter is a contact point for recharging the headphones. To recharge the headphones, simply place it on the base station. The headphones’ built-in battery lasts up to 20 hours of continuous playing time.

If you have ever owned or listened to the MDR-RF985RK (the predecessor to the RF995RK) then you’ll know that these were excellent sounding wireless headphones for TV listening. The MDR-RF995RK improves on this sound quality. The headphones are great for all types of media – including movies, sport, general TV, music, and even games.

The biggest difference between the 995RK and the 985RK is the wireless range. With the 985RK, you were able to walk about the house only experiencing dropout when you were a few rooms away. In some cases, you could even go up or downstairs. With the 995RK you won’t have this type of freedom. The headphones will start to drop out as soon as you leave the room, so don’t expect the same range as before.

After doing some investigating online, I have discovered that this is due to the 995RK having an inferior transmitter to the 985RK and not related to the actual headphones themselves. Users who have both the 985RK and 995RK have paired the 995RK with the 985RK transmitter. The result is the 995RK performs as good, if not better than the 985RK headphones. So, if you own the old 985RK system, use the old transmitter with your new 995RK headphones if your goal is to move around the house. You will enjoy a significantly better reception.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphones:

  • Sony Wireless RF Headphone
  • Sony Transmitter Base Station
  • ⅛ inch audio cable
  • Sony Rechargeable Battery for headphones
  • AC adapter
  • HeroFiber® Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth

Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphone Conclusion

The RF-995RK Sony wireless headphones for TV has exceptional sound quality. At a little over $100, the MDR-RF995RK is a premium headphone at an affordable price. Best suited towards users who will be using these headphones in front of the transmitter watching TV, but not ideal for those who like to move around the house while listening to your wireless headphones.

4. Artiste ADH300 Wireless Headphones

Artiste ADH300 Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless Range
100 ft
Battery Life
20 Hours
Frequency Resp.
30Hz – 20kHz

If you’re looking for an affordable over-ear wireless TV headphone then the Artiste Wireless Headphones is a simple, no-frills option. The Artiste is quick to set up and operate, with minimal buttons. This is a great choice for elderly folks who might be overwhelmed by electronic products with lots of buttons and modes.

Artiste has chosen to go with fabric over PU leather/ genuine leather for these wireless TV headphones. Both the ear pads and the headband is covered in a breathable fabric. The foam is just standard foam, rather than the memory foam found on more premium headphones. This is still really comfortable, but you may experience some discomfort after a couple of hours. It’s not a terrible feeling, but certainly noticeable. The headphones are really light and sit comfortably on the head.

The simple controls on the headphones include a power on/off button and volume plus/minus. Again, this makes the Artiste an easy headphone to operate for those non-tech folks.

The headphones have a built-in battery which lasts up to 20 hours. To recharge the battery you simply place the headphones in the cradle dock transmitter/base station.

The transmitter features a single RCA input. Artiste supplies you with an RCA to ⅛ cable with an adapter to convert the cable to an RCA to RCA connector. This is a convenient extra as it allows you to connect to your mobile devices, as well as your TV or HiFi. The headphones have a range of up to 100ft and work on an FM frequency of 2.4GHz. This offers a solid connection within the same room, however, you will experience dropout and interference when going into the next room.

The Artiste delivers a decent sound which is perfect for watching TV or movies. The headphones do lack a little bit of bass but that’s to be expected for a budget headphone. Aside from the lack of bass, the Artiste has excellent clarity which is perfect for general TV programming.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Artiste Wireless Headphones:

  • ADH300 wireless headphone
  • 2.4GHz transmitter/charging base unit
  • RCA to ⅛ inch cable plus an RCA to RCA adapter
  • 1 x AAA rechargeable batteries
  • AC/DC power adapter

Artiste Wireless Headphones Conclusion

The Artiste Wireless Headphones is a great choice if you’re after simple and affordable. For the money, these headphones deliver a decent amount of sound with good clarity. They do lack in bass, so gamers might be a little underwhelmed. The Artiste would be best suited for the elderly or hard of hearing.

5. Ansten TV Headphones

Ansten TV Headphones

Wireless Range
164 ft
Battery Life
25 Hours
Frequency Resp.
30Hz – 11kHz

The Ansten TV Headphones is another easy to use, plug and play wireless TV headphone. The headphones use RF connectivity giving you a range of around 164 feet. The connection is pretty solid but you do start to experience dropout when moving around the house. Still, for the price, the range is really impressive. Better than expected for a budget TV headphone.

The Ansten TV Headphones are constructed almost entirely of plastic. This makes them lightweight and they sit comfortably on the head. The ear pads are foam, covered in a soft breathable fabric (rather than the usual PU leather). The headband is a simple piece of leather material which has an elasticated base to fit over the head. At first, this is comfortable -however, as the band starts to put some pressure on the top of the head, you may experience some discomfort when worn for extended periods of time. I definitely prefer the regular padded headband over this style. Having said that, you can wear the Ansten for a little under 2 hours before this becomes an issue. So if you don’t usually wear your TV headphones that long, you won’t have a problem.

The transmitter/ base station features a single ⅛ inch input. Ansten supplies you with a ⅛ inch – RCA cable which can be used for a standard audio connection. The transmitter can be synced to two Ansten TV Headphones at the same time. So, if you purchase a second pair of headphones, you can watch or listen with your partner or friend.

The transmitter also acts as the charging dock. Simply place the headphones on the transmitter and the headphones built-in battery will recharge. You get up to 25 hours of continuous playing time from a single charge.

Priced at under $70, the Ansten TV Headphones are an affordable choice. The headphones do lack bass and some treble, which makes watching movies a little underwhelming. For the elderly or hard of hearing who just need to hear the TV better, the Ansten will do the job perfectly.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Ansten TV Headphones:

  • Wireless RF headphone
  • Signal transmitter(charging dock)
  • AC/DC Power cable
  • RCA to ⅛ inch cable
  • 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries

Ansten TV Headphones Conclusion

The Ansten TV Headphones is a great choice for general TV viewing. If you’re looking for wireless TV headphones for movies and gaming, these probably won’t suit your needs. The headphones deliver enough volume, but because of the lack of bass and drop off in treble – movies and games won’t sound very exciting. These headphones are better suited for the elderly or hard of hearing.

6. Simolio SM-823 Wireless TV Headset

Simolio SM-823 Wireless TV Headset

Wireless Range
100 ft
Battery Life
7 Hours
Frequency Resp.

Simolio is a specialist in the field of hearing aids for the elderly and hard of hearing. The company also makes wireless TV speakers and other audio products for this market. The Simolio Wireless TV Headset was designed specifically with the hearing impaired, with simple plug-and-play features that anyone can use.

As the name suggests, this is an in-ear headset – not a headphone. At only 2.38oz, the headset is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to wear for anyone. Simolio includes hanger loops which attach to the earpieces and hook over the ear for improved comfort. The earpieces fit deep inside the ear, offering good isolation so that you can focus on the audio. The listener can choose between listening in mono or stereo. For the hearing impaired, mono listening makes it easier to hear dialogue clarity easier. The headset also has a tone control, so the listener can adjust depending on their hearing requirements. A balance control allows you to favor an ear you may have more trouble hearing with.

A great feature for the hearing impaired is the MIC button. When engaged, the headphones amplify voices nearby. This is useful as you can easily switch between listening to audio and having a conversation without removing the headset.

The Simolio Wireless TV Headset is also very flexible, so the earpieces flex very easily. This means the earpieces won’t break, even if you drop or sit on the headset.

The base station transmitter features a single ⅛ inch audio input. The transmitter connects to the headset via radio frequency so you can enjoy audio without any digital delay. The range on the Simolio Wireless TV Headset is around 100ft and will transmit through walls. This is perfect for small apartments and houses.

The built-in battery on the headset lasts up to 7 hours. To recharge, simply place the headset in the transmitter, which doubles as a charging dock.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Simolio Wireless TV Headset:

  • Simolio Wireless TV Headset
  • Simolio base station/transmitter
  • AC adapter for transmitter
  • Hanger loops

Simolio Wireless TV Headset Conclusion

If you are looking for a TV headphone for an elderly relative or someone who is hearing impaired, the Simolio Wireless TV Headset is a great choice. The headset earpieces sit in the ears rather than over them. This makes the headset comfortable when listening for extended periods of time. A great feature for the hearing impaired is the MIC button which allows you to switch between TV audio and having a conversation easily or amplifying the voices around you.

7. Jelly Comb YP012 Wireless TV Headphones

Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones (YP012)

Wireless Range
100 ft
Battery Life
10 Hours
Frequency Resp.
100Hz – 15kHz

The Jelly Comb YP012 is a stylish wireless TV headphone with sleek modern design features and simple plug and play setup. The on-ear fit is comfortable, however, those with bigger heads or ears may experience some discomfort after an hour or so.

The headphones feature a trendy rectangular ear cup, as opposed to the usual circular design. While this is really cool, aesthetically – it probably isn’t the most comfortable headphone you’ll ever wear. On the right ear cup, the volume control (plus + and minus -) is neatly concealed in the contour of the headband. This further adds to the style of the headphones, by keeping the design clean and uncluttered.

At the bottom of the headband, partially hidden from view, is a ⅛ inch input for wired usage and a micro USB slot for recharging. Unlike most other wireless headphones for TV listening, these headphones recharge independently of the transmitter/base station. The built-in battery on the Jelly Comb headphones lasts up to 10 hours of continuous playing time.

The Jelly Comb FM transmitter is a small device, not much bigger than the palm of your hand. For those who prefer to keep their TV area and uncluttered, this small footprint design will be favored over the larger tower or cradle transmitters. The transmitter itself features a single ⅛ inch input. Jelly Comb provide you with a ⅛ inch cable and RCA to a ⅛ inch, so you can install the cable best suited to your setup.

The transmitter to headphone range is about 60-100ft. This is perfect for the living area or while staying within the same room. You will pick up interference when leaving the room though. One of the cool things about the Jelly Comb is that you can have multiple headphones connected to one transmitter. Jelly Comb doesn’t specify exactly how many, but I’d assume this would be around four or five.

The sound on the Jelly Comb covers the basics. You’ll hear everything clearly but the sound quality isn’t exciting. The headphones lack a little bass as well as some brilliance on the high end. This means regular TV, sport and dialogue-heavy movies will be fine but action movies and games won’t sound very impressive on the Jelly Comb.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones:

  • Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones
  • FM transmitter
  • ⅛ inch audio cable
  • RCA to ⅛ inch audio cable
  • USB charging cable for the headphones
  • AC/DC power adapter for the transmitter

Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones Conclusion

At under $50, the Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones are one of the most affordable TV headphones we feature on this article. This is good news if you need multiple headphones, as you won’t need to fork out hundreds of dollars. A single transmitter can connect multiple headphones, so you can watch with a partner or the whole family. Obviously, this requires you to purchase additional YP012 headphones.

While the Jelly Comb is one of the most stylish wireless TV headphones, they aren’t the most comfortable, especially on larger heads. If you have a particularly large head, and usually battle with the fit of headphones then, I definitely wouldn’t recommend purchasing the Jelly Comb YP012 headphones.

8. Monodeal Wireless TV Headphones

Monodeal Wireless TV Headphones

Wireless Range
164 ft
Battery Life
25 Hours
Frequency Resp.
30Hz – 11kHz

The Monodeal Wireless TV Headphones are lightweight with a large over-ear fit. The ear pads are covered in a soft foam with breathable fabric lining. If your ears usually get hot from cheap PU leather, you won’t experience this on the Monodeal. In fact, I don’t know why more budget headphones don’t choose fabric over cheap PU leather as it definitely makes a difference.

The headband is a piece of leather mounted on an elasticated base which fits comfortably to the contour of your head. This means the headphones will fit most head sizes too.

The Monodeal transmitter connects to the headphones via an FM frequency. Monodeal have programmed three separate frequencies to the device, so you can switch between these to find the best reception for your headphones.

Programming a new frequency is as easy as changing the channel on the transmitter and pressing the Auto-Tune button on the left ear cup. Beside the Auto-Tune button is a simple recessed volume control. On the left ear cup, you have an on/off button.

The range on the Monodeal is around 164 ft which is slightly lower than other transmitters on the market, so you might battle with reception when moving around the house. These headphones definitely work best with line-of-sight. You can have multiple Monodeal headphones connected to a single transmitter so that you can listen with the whole family. The headphones are purchased as singles, so you’ll need to purchase additional headphones separately.

The Monodeal has a built-in battery which lasts up to 25 hours. To recharge the headphones, simply place in the transmitter which also acts as a cradle, to store and recharge the headphones.

The Monodeal Headphones lack bass and some clarity in the treble which makes them better suited for general listening, then the Monodeal will do the job. For gaming and movies, the Monodeal may be a little underwhelming.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Monodeal Wireless TV Headphones:

  • Wireless RF headphone
  • Transmitter/charging dock
  • AC power adapter
  • RCA to ⅛ inch cable
  • ⅛ inch to RCA extension
  • 2 x rechargeable AAA batteries

Monodeal Wireless TV Headphones Conclusion

The Monodeal is a nice large, over-ear headphone. If you like this kind of fit, the Monodeal is one of the larger over-ear headphones under $100. The fit is very comfortable, so you can easily wear these headphones for extended periods without experiencing discomfort. As the Monodeal lack some bass and treble, I wouldn’t recommend these for gamers or movies. If you just need a headphone to hear the TV better, the Monodeal is a good choice.

9. TV Ears Original Wireless Headset System

TV Ears Original Wireless Headset System

Wireless Range
65 ft
Battery Life
6 Hours
Frequency Resp.
20Hz – 20kHz

TV Ears Original Wireless Headset is one of the most popular TV hearing aids on the market. Even legendary singer Pat Boone recommends the TV Ears for the elderly and hearing impaired. TV Ears is also endorsed by California M.D – Dr. Robert Forbes.

The lightweight, 3.25oz headset fits comfortably in the ears, with memory foam earpieces which expand to fit comfortably in the ear canal. Not only does this offer comfort but good isolation as well – allowing you to focus on the audio. This isolation also means those around you won’t hear any sound leakage.

The transmitter is a simple plug and play device. There is a single ⅛ inch input, so it’s easy to install the audio cable. TV Ears supply you with two cables. An RCA to ⅛ inch and ⅛ inch to ⅛ inch. TV Ears recommends that you use the RCA cable connected to your television’s RCA Audio Out for best audio quality.

The TV Ears headset produces excellent sound quality and clarity. While an in-ear headphone will never beat the bass response of an over-ear headphone. the TV Ears do a good job of producing a pleasant bass sound. The mids and highs are very clear too. The headphones have both volume and tone control – so you can tune the headphones to your exact hearing requirements. The headset can produce 120dB of sound,  so you will never battle with volume.

The built-in battery on the TV Ears headset will last up to 7 hours. Recharging the battery is as easy as placing the headset in the transmitter charging dock. The dock has space for a second headset, so if you do have more than one – you can charge both on one transmitter.

The transmitter to headset range is approximately 65 feet. It’s important to note that you will need to be in direct line of sight of the transmitter for the headphones to work efficiently. If you’re watching TV, placing the transmitter on a TV stand or table beside the TV is best.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the TV Ears Original Wireless Headset System:

  • TV Headset with a rechargeable battery
  • Transmitter with space for two headsets
  • ⅛ inch AUX cable
  • RCA to ⅛ inch cable
  • Power cable for transmitter

TV Ears Original Wireless Headset System Conclusion

If you prefer in-ear headphones to over-ear ones, then the TV Ears Original is the best in-ear system. It’s the only hearing system we have found that is endorsed by a doctor. The isolation and clarity of the headset mean that you don’t need to turn the volume up too high. With just a single input, the system is easy to set up/ install for anyone. The TV Ears system is highly recommended for the elderly and hearing impaired.

10. Artiste APH100 Wireless Headphones

Artiste APH100 Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless Range
100 ft
Battery Life
Frequency Resp.

The Artiste APH100 is another wireless in-ear headphone for TV. The system is made up of an in-ear headset with cradle changer/transmitter. Artiste doesn’t specify the exact weight of the headset but I would estimate it to be between 2.5oz – 3.5oz.

The headset comes with two sets of memory foam earpieces so you can choose the fit which conforms to your ear canal the best. The earpieces sit deep in the ear for comfort and good sound isolation.

The headphone has two separate controls for volume and balance. With the balance control, you can pan the audio left or right if you need to favor one ear over the other. On the front of the headset is a large MIC button. When engaged, the audio feed is muted and the room ambiance is amplified. This is great for having a conversation without having to remove the headphones.

The transmitter features a single ⅛ inch audio input. Artiste supplies you with a ⅛ inch AUX cable along with the ⅛ inch to RCA extension, so you can find the right cable for your TV or audio player’s output. Also included is a ¼ inch adapter, which is useful for older audio receivers. If you need more volume out of your TV or receiver, Artiste includes an audio booster which connects inline with your ⅛ inch cable. This will enable you to increase the audio feed you are receiving. Be aware this made lead to distortion so you’ll need to play around with the levels.

On the transmitter, you have a tone control. You can boost bass and treble or have it in normal mode. Selecting between these modes is as easy as pressing a button. LED lights indicate which mode you’re in so you can see if you’re in boost or normal mode.

The Artiste has a range of up to 100ft and the headset will still work effectively even when moving around the house. You might experience some dropout and interference when leaving the room.

The sound quality of the Artiste APH100 is very good. The headset delivers great clarity, especially in the midrange and treble. Great for vocal intelligibility. The bass isn’t great but then these headphones are not made to deliver a full frequency range. For the hearing impaired, the Artiste APH100 will provide an improved listening experience.

What’s in the Box?

Included with the Artiste APH100 Wireless Headphones:

  • Artiste APH100 Wireless Headphones
  • Transmitter/charging dock
  • Power cable
  • ⅛ inch AUX cable
  • ⅛ inch AUX to RCA extension
  • ¼ inch adapter

Artiste APH100 Wireless Headphones Conclusion

The Artiste APH100 is an excellent choice for the elderly and hearing impaired. The headset has all the features the hearing impaired might need without being confusing. Having the tone control on the transmitter is actually good as it avoids confusion about whether you’re adjusting the volume or tone control. The large MIC button on the front allows you to switch between listening and having a conversation effortlessly. A great wireless headphone for TV at under $100.

Buyers Guide

If you are still undecided on which TV headphone is right for you, then take a look at this helpful buyers guide we’ve put together:

Cheapest Wireless Headphones for TV

If you’re after the most affordable pair of TV headphones then the Jelly Comb Wireless TV Headphones (YP012) are going to be your best bet. At under $50 the Jelly Comb is $14 less than the next cheapest headphone. The Jelly Comb is perhaps not the best sounding TV headphones compared to compared to some of the other products we have featured, but it is certainly one of the most stylish. The headphones can be used with a cable so you can plug into a laptop, phone or MP3 player and use them as a normal headphone without the transmitter.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV – for Gaming & Movies

For action movies and gaming, the sound quality is very important. You want a headphone that’s going to add to the experience. The headphones need to incorporate a full frequency response with a nice defined bass response. Our best option for gaming and movie is the Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System. The Sennheiser is without a doubt one of the best sounding TV headphones on the market and will accentuate the audio for any gaming or movie experience.

It is important to note that the RS 175 does not have a built-in microphone which some gamers prefer when playing online.

The RS 175 RF will also be an excellent headphone for the elderly or hearing impaired. The sound quality and detail will be a pleasure to listen to and make hearing the TV much more enjoyable.

The Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System will cost you a little over $200 so this quality does come at a price.

If you want great sound quality but can’t afford the Sennheiser price tag, you also have the option of the Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless RF Headphone. The RF995RK doesn’t have the same range as the Sennheiser however, the sound quality is excellent and you won’t find better value at just under $110.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV – for the Elderly or Hearing Impaired

If you are looking for a pair of headphones for the hearing impaired, then the TV Ears Original Wireless Headsets System is going to be our best recommendation. If taking our word for it isn’t enough, the TV Ears are also endorsed by musician Pat Boone, as well as a registered M.D – Dr. Robert Forbes.

TV Ears is an extremely easy system to install and includes a volume and tone control to fine tune your listening experience. The transmitter/charging dock has space for two headsets to charge so you can purchase an extra headset without requiring an extra transmitter.

At a little over $60, TV Ears is also the third cheapest wireless TV headphone on our list.

Best Over-Ear Wireless Headphones for TV – Under $100

Over-ear headphones are usually more expensive than their in-ear counterparts. For those that prefer the over-ear fit but also have a tight budget, the Avantree HT5009 Wireless Headphones with Transmitter comes in at just shy of $100. Unlike most headphones on this list, the Avantree HT5009 works on Bluetooth rather than RF. Avantree seems to have gotten this right as there is no latency in the audio signal. The range is however limited so you won’t want to purchase this headphone if you want to walk around the house.

As the HT5009 uses Bluetooth, you can use the headphone with the transmitter or as a normal Bluetooth headphone. This could save on the cost of purchasing two pairs of wireless headphones (one for TV and one for travel) if you don’t already own a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

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