TIC PYLPLTTB1 Outdoor Speakers

TIC PYLPLTTB1 Architectural Series Exterior Patio Speakers

TIC PYLPLTTB1 speakers can be classified among more powerful outdoor speakers that drop with quite an affordable price tag of as little as $110. Delivering 120 watts of raw power, they are definitely cheaper than similarly powerful speakers, but are also able to deliver output audio of almost equal quality.

On the outside, the speakers feature a classic design that doesn’t set them too much apart from similar products. The same goes for the interior, except that the manufacturer was cunning enough to figure out the way to put top quality into the cheapest package possible.

The speakers were built as an outdoor product, meaning they are waterproof and resistant to various weather conditions. They come with a 7.6 x 8.6 x 12 inches (19.3 x 21.8 x 30.4 cm) size and a total weight of 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) per speaker. There are quite a few features to discuss here, so make sure to scroll down and join us for a detailed full review in the section below.


When compared to similarly priced devices, TIC PYLPLTTB1 pretty much dominates the competition with a truly rich output sound covering both mid and high frequencies, as well as delivering a solid low end in the bass section. In the volume department, the speakers deliver more power than you might need most of the time, so have no fear about turning them too much up. If you’re the kind of guy (or gal) that likes his tunes cranked up to 11, you should definitely consider a set of these speakers.

Furthermore, the sound is also very much distortion-free and includes basically no noise or crackling whatsoever. On the bit more of a technical side, the speakers feature 35 Hz – 19 kHz frequency response and 88 dB sensitivity. We should also note that despite the praises, this is hardly a $1000 piece of equipment and simply shouldn’t be compared to super high-end devices. But it can easily be ranked among the speakers two or three times more expensive.


As noted, sound is the key area when it comes to these speakers, but that doesn’t mean that at least a smaller set of neat features wasn’t included. So first and foremost, the speakers feature high-density neoprene mounting bumpers, as well as five-way gold-plated binding posts.

As noted, the speakers feature a 7.6 x 8.6 x 12 inches (19.3 x 21.8 x 30.4 cm) size and a total weight of 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg). They’re available in black and white color. Additional features are mostly related with durability, so make sure to scoll down for more details.

Durability and Reliability

Being a set of outdoor devices, TIC PYLPLTTB1 speakers were built with different outdoor conditions in mind. Therefore, they are fully waterproof and feature Teflon-sealed internal cabinetry, as well as UV-resistant ABS housing capable of resisting mildew, infestation and fungus. The casing was strongly built and can easily withstand a few drops, kicks or rough transport.

In the reliability department, the speakers mostly score high grades and positive remarks from users. The inner circuitry was taken care of properly, so it really takes a whole lot to get it shook-up.

Overall: Pros and Cons

As noted, this is a pair of speakers recommended for users demanding more power on a smaller budget. Interestingly enough, the economy budget hardly affects the output audio or durability, putting TIC PYLPLTTB1 speakers among the definite favorites among audiophiles.

Most categories were covered by now, so make sure to join us in a brief pros and cons rundown for the final summary. Check out more details below.

TIC PYLPLTTB1 Speakers Pros

  • Power and sound – 120 watts of power is not a mean feat. This is enough to tear the wall down and truly kick out the jams. Furthermore, the sound quality doesn’t lag behind at all, covering all frequencies with high quality output audio
  • Price – Available for as little as $110, the speakers rarely cross the $170 price tag mark. Considering some of the specs and up sides listed in the review, this is truly a bargain.

TIC PYLPLTTB1 Speakers Cons

  • Could be better for the size – Considering that the speakers come with a 7.6 x 8.6 x 12 inches (19.3 x 21.8 x 30.4 cm) size, some users tend to point that TIC PYLPLTTB1 could offer more in the audio section. This simply points out that this is not a $1000 piece of audio equipment and simply can’t reach the highest of expectations. But once again, considering the given price, you’re in for a bargain


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TIC PYLPLTTB1 Architectural Series Exterior Patio Speakers

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