TIC Outdoor Speakers

TIC Outdoor Speakers

TIC Outdoor SpeakersTIC Corporation is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of Inter-Audio International Incorporated and handles outdoor speaker products. The company has been in the audio system business for decades, operating since the late 1970s, and specializes in researching, designing, producing and distributing exterior ground based speaker systems. TIC has the advantage of all the Inter-Audio facilities and resources at their disposal so while they are a smaller brand they are able to offer the support of a much larger corporation. TIC products are even used in many U.S and world theme parks which is a good indication of how trusted and respected the brand is when it comes to outdoor audio equipment.

Due to their experience and expertise in the outdoor audio market TIC has a wide selection of equipment on offer. Their Omni directional speakers feature a very unique design and offer a nice alternative to traditional mono-directional speakers. Within the Omnispeaker range they also offer plenty of variety including their Pro series, Mini series, T-Soundand subwoofers. The TIC rock speaker range also offers much more variety when it comes to shapes and sizes compared to their competitors. Their rock speakers are not just very durable, but thanks to the realistic designs blend in much better as well.

While TIC is experts in ground based audio system they also offer outdoor patio speakers with multi-mount performance capability. As with their other products you also have numerous designs to choose from and their outdoor patio speakers come in economy, multi-use and pro performance ranges.  Although most TIC outdoor sound solutions are wired they do have some wireless offerings in their Omni and rock speaker ranges as well.

Thanks to the large product range TIC audio equipment is available at both premium and budget prices depending on what your needs are. Even their lower priced equipment still offers great value for money and won’t leave anyone with buyer’s remorse.

TIC Pros

  • With decades of experience in the audio system business, TIC is a brand that has endured and become very trusted.
  • There are a wide variety of TIC speakers available in different categories which offer plenty of choices for consumers.
  • As TIC is part of a much larger company and thus have the resources at their disposal to create quality audio products.
  • The TIC product range offers something for all wallets, from budget range speakers to premium offerings.
  • TIC offers excellent technical support via phone or email to assist you with their products.

TIC Cons

  • TIC doesn’t quite have the brand recognition reserved for the main players in the audio equipment industry.

When it comes to quality speakers with great variety, TIC is one of the best brands to consider out of all the “lesser known” audio brands. Their decades of experience in the industry are evident by the quality of their products and because their range of speakers is so diverse there literally is something for everyone. The company is determined to offer great speakers at great prices and the numerous awards that they have earned is a good indication that they are on the right track.

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