TIC Outdoor In Ground Speaker

TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speakers

I recently decided that I wanted to install some outdoor speakers in my yard before my big summer party. The problem was that I did not want to mount speakers to my house and there really was no other place to hang them. I looked at some of the specialty outdoor speakers like rock speakers, but I did not think they would fit into my outdoor decor. After a long search, I decided on the TIC Outdoor Speakers and it was the best decision.

I searched online looking for the perfect in-ground speaker. What I wanted was a speaker that could inconspicuously be place in my yard. More importantly, the speaker had to provide a good quality sound. After all, I am using these speakers outside, so they must be able to produce a clear sound that can be heard over all the distracting outdoor noise, especially during the party.  Below is a list of some of the factors I used when selecting this speaker.

TIC Outdoor Speakers Sound Quality

Of course the first thing that I wanted to make sure of is that I select a speaker that provides great quality. The first thing I noticed was that it had true 360-degree omnidirectional sound. This is great and means that I can place the speaker virtually anywhere in my yard and still get a great sound.

In order to provide a good sound with a great bass, I wanted to find a speaker with a good sized woofer and a decent tweeter. This in-ground outdoor speaker has a full eight-inch woofer and a two-inch aluminum cone tweeter, which is more the sufficient to provide the sound quality I wanted. It also has an impact-resistant ABS cabinetry, which adds to its capabilities.

The frequency response range may be equally important since this determines how high and low the pitch of the sound can go. Many speakers start at about 50Hz and go up to 15,000 or 20,000Hz. These speakers have an amazing range of 38Hz to 22,000Hz. The high number may not be so impressive since the human ear does not hear much above 20,000Hz, but the low range of 38Hz will help play a deeper and clearer bass.

Efficiency of Speakers

Despite its name, the TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker has a full range 200 watts sound, with a total RMS power output of 75 watts. This is strong enough to provide a great outdoor sound. While this is an important statistic, it does not mean much if there is not power and efficiency to support it. The sensitivity of the speakers is basically the speaker’s ability to transform power into sound and determines how efficiently it will run. Anything over 87db is considered efficient and this speaker has a sensitivity of 89db.

Overall Design Of Product

Now that I knew it sounded great, I had to make sure it would look great in my yard too. This TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker has a shrub green finish that fit in perfectly with my trees and greenery. They barely are noticeable in my yard, which is exactly what I wanted. They are also a decent size measuring just 12.5-inches long, 12.5-inches wide and 13-inches high. At 10-pounds each, they also had a little bit of weight to them making it more secure in the ground. Best of all, the in-ground outdoor speaker was super simple to install.

Is It All Weather Resistant?

Since this product is going to be used outside, it had to be built for the outdoors. This meant it had to be able to withstand various changes in the weather, including rain, snow, and very high and low temperatures. Since TIC is one of the leading brands of outdoor speakers and I knew all their outdoor speakers were designed to withstand the weather I felt good about the product. However, when I found out that many of the nation’s amusement parks use this exact speaker to play music in their parks, I was pretty confident that it was a well-made product. After all, big companies are not going to purchase a product that they have to keep replacing.

Then I looked at some of the specs and knew I was right. This in-ground outdoor speaker has a stamped powder-coated grill that is designed to withstand rain and a wide range of temperatures. It also has a 1m 14/2 double insulated cable that adds extra protection to the speakers.

Does The Speaker Come With A Warranty?

Fortunately, TIC offers a one-year warranty with the purchase of this in-ground outdoor speaker. I’m always happy when a company offers at least a one-year warranty because it lets you know that they stand behind their product. This is especially true for this product, since I need to be sure it will stand up through all types of weather condition.

What Are Other People Saying About This Speaker

Now you know what I think about the TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker, but what do other people have to say. These speakers have a high 4.8 star rating out of 5 on Amazon. Below is just a few comments of what some of the people on Amazon had to say.

“Awesome outdoor speakers that have to be heard to believe.”

“The sound is great, they look great, easy to connect.”

“I was really pleased with the sound quality of the speakers and the bass is quite good.”

“Great design. Sound very good, fills the whole backyard with sound regardless of where we’re sitting.”

This was enough good news for me to go ahead and make my purchase.

Where Can I Purchase The TIC Outdoor Speakers?

Amazon is currently running a special on this great speaker. They are offering 37% off of the original price, bringing the total cost down from $114.99 to the sale price of $71.99. They also throw in free shipping to make the costs even more affordable.


To find out more about the TIC GS-3 150-Watt Outdoor In-Ground Speaker, or to see first-hand what other customers are saying about these speakers, shop at Amazon.

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