TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

The TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker is known for its compact design and the way that it floods a room with clear and concise sound. The mid range that comes from this audio streaming is of the utmost quality and the speaker is designed to maintain its shape and sound even in heavy weather conditions.

If you tend to play music from your iPhone or iPod, this is the perfect hook up to use as it is also convenient to carry around. This speaker delivers great sound performance and it’s one of the lightest, portable wireless bluetooth speakers you can use to get the job done.

Regardless of whether or not you want to use this speaker indoors or outdoors, it will give you the sound performance that you really desire. With the TDK you’d never have to worry about sound distortion or unappealing, artificial tuning. The product is equipped with two 1.5 drivers on the front end and two 3 inch radiators on the back which allows the equipment to produce a very accurate sound and powerful frequencies. It has a 2.5 subwoofer which is what adds the depth to the bass response.

The design is what makes this product stand out amongst the rest. It can function within any environment and it carries a rating of IP64. This speaker will resist any water or dust build-up and because of its rechargeable battery, you can take it everywhere with you without having to worry about purchasing new batteries every time it dies. You also have the freedom to optimize the direction of the sound with the tilt stand that comes built into the product.

Bluetooth and Misc. Connections

Being that we live in the 21st century, it’s almost uncommon to use a product without Bluetooth or have electronics that don’t support wireless use. The TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker allows you to stream music from many devices such as a tablet, laptop or iPad. The audio data will immediately be transmitted to the component without you losing any sound fidelity. You will be able to enjoy it at a loud volume that fills the room well.

This is a weatherproof speaker that has a 3.5 auxiliary input and it allows you to connect wires to any phone or MP3 player. This also has a USB port hooked up to it so that you can charge your other electronics when you run low on battery. You can use this to talk on the phone due to the built in microphone and hands free set. (This only works when it is connected to Bluetooth.) It comes with an AC adapter and a user’s manual. If you are looking for style, convenience and durability this is the best product for you.

What do the Customers Say?

Customers have claimed that this is one of the best portable speakers they have invested in. Although this doesn’t have an EQ, it doesn’t need it. The bass punch that comes from it is extremely smooth with precise mids and an extremely high volume. Customers love that it has both a traditional input cable and a Bluetooth. They also appreciate that it comes with a rechargeable battery. Not having to invest in new ones all of the time is a convenience for power and usability. For all of you travelers, this is the ultimate audio speaker set to carry around with you. There is no heavy weight although it can still fill your hotel room with sound. The only complaint customers do have of the product is that at times the Bluetooth will lose its connection. (This is common depending on your location.) You can get this product for $149.99, a great price for such a portable and versatile set-up.

Technology and Mobility

The gadgets, phones and audio devices that are created are only going to become more mobile due to innovation. Products such as this are being purchased more-so than large and bulky speakers because of the convenience. A listener has the option of not only connecting this speaker to any of their electronic gadgets, but charging them which gives users a lot of utility.

At times, filling a room with music is all that is necessary if you are using it for personal purposes. If you wish to fill up a larger room you can invest in another one and get twice the power. Comparing these types of speakers to larger ones that cost hundreds of dollars more would be unfair due to the fact that they are in different categories of electronics. These are suitable for smaller and more mobile jobs versus larger speakers that are built with more power and size.

If the speaker dimensions are greater it means that the audio will be louder. There is also a one year warranty on this product if you find that it isn’t giving you the performance that you had expected when you purchased it. If you’re looking for a quality bass and treble in a lightweight product, this is more than fitting. There are some speakers that don’t have much of a midrange where the vocals and guitars are supposed to be. The TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker is accurate in delivering all of these unique sounds to the user.

Overall Rating

It is rated highly amongst users because of the way that it delivers a universal audio quality. With Bluetooth and wireless technology you can get both design and audio wrapped up in a speaker product. You can also use your device without wires and invest in new batteries. This is the ultimate versatile experience and the microphone that’s built-in is an added bonus.

Overall, it is a compact product that is built to move with you, wherever you’re going. The auxiliary input is compatible with any device which makes it easy to hear your music playlists or stream music on-the-go. You also don’t have to worry about any of your tablets or devices dying, due to the USB port. If you want flexibility in a speaker, you can’ go wrong with the TDK Life on Record A33.

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