Sony GTKXB7BC Home Audio System Review


Speakers are always a sound investment, but if you want something which will enhance your home audio experience or bring life to a party, you won’t be able to settle for just any speaker.  With so many top-notch speakers out there, how do you know which one to buy? How can you be sure your money would go to the right place and that you’ve got an amazing speaker? This is seemingly a hard question, but it has an easy answer: read through this review to know more about one of the best speakers out there.

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The Sony GTKXB7BC Home Audio System is a high-powered machine which will really bring out the best in any party or special occasion. Reliable, portable and flexible, it can be easily transported to any location.  You can connect it to your desired device instantly and enjoy your digital library without much commotion. It also has a built-in LED light to help set the atmosphere and can even serve as a charger for your phone.

Perfect for all those party animals and tailgaters who can’t bare having faulty equipment, no matter the price.


  • Dimensions: 33 x 17.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • 3-ohm impedance
  • Three 2″ tweeters and two 6-3/8″ woofers
  • 470W power
  • Can be placed horizontally or vertically
  • Ability to connect to multiple speakers- party chain
  • NFC and Bluetooth connection
  • LED lights which can be synchronized with the beat
  • Extra bass
  • Built-in handle for easy transportation
  • Other equipment can be added
  • 2-way system design

The package includes:

  • Remote control
  • Owner’s manual


Bulk and heavy speakers that are a nightmare to transport seem to be the only thing we come across on when searching for a perfect speaker. Well, not anymore. The Sony GTKXB7BC  is fairly light and can be picked up easily so you can pop it in your car or a cab and take it straight to your destination. This means getting to throw parties anywhere you want, without any inconveniences as far as music is concerned!

The controls are located on the top surface of the speaker so you will have quick and easy access to them. There are four simple buttons, each with its own purpose. One is for turning the speaker on, one for an extra bass, and two for adjusting volume.

There is a docking port included, allowing your guests to choose from the music source.
The LED lights are also situated at the top. They are there to give you information- one is to indicate that a USB device has been connected, while the left one is for pairing and the right one for indicating audio.

All the ports are located behind the speaker, for a  clutter-free experience. This includes the party chain ports, AC in for power, audio in, USB port. Two buttons which set up the party chain are conveniently above the USB port.

Another perk of the design is that you can lay the speaker horizontally or stand it up, depending on your surroundings. This is great because you can fill out an empty space, or fit the speaker where it otherwise wouldn’t.


With 470 watts of power, this speaker is bound to uphold its performance and deliver clear sound, even at the maximum volume.

This speaker was meant for outdoor hangouts with your friends, all night ragers, and any kind of a party you can think of. This is because of the sound. It’s not small or delicate, no, it will provide you with a loud, clear sound that no one can ignore (but we hope the cops will).

Normal speakers don’t really do justice to songs which require a lot of bass. That’s why this speaker has an extra bass button and can carry out all your favorite tunes with no problem. Not only that, but the unit is able to read .mp3 and .wma files from the USB port, so you don’t have to worry about it being unable to play your songs.

As far as the horizontal and vertical posture of the speaker is concerned, you should know that it doesn’t affect the quality of the sound. It has sensors which switch the left and right speaker depending on the position, to give you an optimal sound. Similarly, the sound will not be compromised whether you’re playing music directly to the speaker or transmitting it wirelessly.


With little to no effort, you can now connect any device to your speaker and play music from anywhere in the venue. What’s specific with this speaker is that it can be connected via Bluetooth andNFC.


The thing is, this speaker doesn’t have a battery. It’s AC powered. That might sound like it will put a damper on things since you can’t always find where to plug it in, especially if you’re outside, but to no avail. All you have to do is find a portable AC output, and we all know how widely available those are these days.

The no battery should be considered a perk, even, because this way there’s no risk of your party flopping just because the speaker ran out of power.


You might think that the price is a bit much for a speaker. But keep in mind that it’s not a regular speaker. This one will provide you with many years of service of high-quality sound, which is why it’s worth it. You could spend less on a poorer speaker and have it break down, and end up spending, even more, money to fix it or buy a new one, or you could get the top-notch quality right away.


  • Amazing bass
  • Many connectivity options
  • Available in three colors
  • LED party lighting
  • Ability to connect multiple devices and speakers
  • Ability to change EQ settings
  • Easy to carry around
  • Durable


  • Audio cable not included
  • A bit pricey

The Final Word

Having read this review, you are now more fit to make the decision about buying this speaker. You know the details, the pros, and the cons, it’s up to you to decide if it meets your expectations and wants. One thing is for sure, the quality won’t let you down.


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