Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz Wireless Indoor Outdoor Speakers

Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz Wireless Speaker

Listeners shouldn’t have to be restricted with their music because of wire hook-ups. The Sabrent Wireless Speaker System with Remote and Dual Power are high quality, weather resistant products. These can even be used in wet areas without getting damaged outside or internally. One of the most prominent things about these speakers is the fact that they are powered by a 900 MHz phase loop lock circuitry. It will lock in automatically to produce an evasive sound with no limitations. The audio can also reach up to 150 feet in distance.

The signals in the Sabrent Weather Resistant speakers produce a clear signal through any walls or obstacles within your backyard. The installation options for these are also limitless as they are not too obtrusive or heavy. It’s a huge plus that this product supports different audio outputs for your home theater receivers. This is the ultimate solution if you want to add music around your patio, yard or garage area

Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz Wireless Speaker Features:

  • 900 MHz Phase Loop Lock Circuitry
  • 150 ft. Performance Range
  • The system transmitter supports a range of audio outputs!
  • Additional Sabrent Speakers
  • Covers large areas
  • Mounts onto the wall
  • Will charge devices such as an iPhone/Cell phone/iPod

These speakers come with a transmitter, power adapter, two speakers, and two AC/DC power adapters, audio cable, Y Cord Adapter Cable and a remote control. With a high carrier frequency listeners can really get the sound that they desire. With a great frequency response and 1.5% distortion you will get an amazing sound from every area of your home. Traveling father than 50 meters you and your guests can enjoy the music within an open area without any negative sound feedback.

These can be purchased for any of your outdoors needs and you can attach them to a wall in any location. Although the look of these are not as sleek as some other products, the sound is much more enhanced; being that the purpose of it is for sound, that precedes the lack of décor.

These are not sealed speakers, they are ported which means that it has Powerport Bass Venting. It’s also prominent to note that this was designed to be weatherproof even with the port. The size of the woofer is about 5 1/4th diameter and it has a rubber surround which smoothes out the audio production.

Shopping for a Prominent Speaker System

In all honesty, a good sound should be as lifelike as possible. It should not only be directed one way. The right speakers will be able to cover a broad range without having to put up multiple sets in a yard or home. When you’re shopping for these types of electronics it’s necessary to take a balanced approach – all of the speakers should sound the same regardless of the music or frequencies. The Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz Wireless speaker has a wide range of timbre-matched models.

The drivers and tweeters within this system are impacting and the midrange driver is built from a quality material that allows for a smooth sound. When you are shopping for any speaker components, balance is the most important feature. You shouldn’t have to overspend on any electronics if there isn’t a balanced production of frequencies and tones.

Listening is definitely the ultimate test as there are no other depictions of quality by looking at the products. Although it’s important that the speakers have a solid enclosure, there are some materials that can actually degrade the sound and it isn’t always easy to tell just by looking at the audio outputs. Some of the best speakers have a solid binding post and that is why this product is well worth the price.

Wireless Connections

With the convenience of hooking up the stereo to any of your gadgets (smart phone, iPad, Bluetooth etc) you can play what you want in any location without being tied down to wires that often get in the way of speaker installation. It’s common for some systems to have an unclear sound when you hook it up to another device; the Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz sound is clear regardless of what it is attached to.

The Bluetooth allows for a clear output and you don’t have to worry about connection issues. It’s most convenient not to have cables hooked up to your speakers outside. Although there are ways around attaching them, it’s much easier to set the speakers up in a desirable location without having to worry about the closest outlet.

You can set them up on your fence around the pool or hot tub, in any area that is most convenient and enjoyable as you’re relaxing or entertaining guests. It’s extremely easy to mount and it covers a long distance, therefore you can keep it away from where the hangout spot is and still get the desired audio.

Speaker Power

In order to invest in a quality product it’s recommended that you always buy a speaker based on the type of sound you want to achieve. If you want the audio to fill out a large space then the Sabrent Weather Resistant 900MHz is definitely the output to do the job.

The gauge on this product is high-end and it has a quality system that is geared toward a strong reproduction of sound. The components within this equipment improve the overall sound quality by blocking any sound interference and when it is set-up as a wall installation you will be able to hear it throughout your backyard and home without needing electrical wiring.

Keep in mind that these speakers will last you a long time without you having to worry about them being damaged by outside weather conditions. When you hear these for the first time you’ll experience why they are so highly rated. They are well worth the investment cost of $149.99; you can’t get a better deal than this.

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