Sabrent Outdoor Speakers

Sabrent Outdoor Speakers

Although the company was founded in Pittsburgh back in 1998, Sabrent moved its corporate offices to Los Angeles, California in 2001 from where they still operate today. The company specializes in a wide range of technology products such as computer peripherals and consumer electronics with audio products forming only a small part of their product range. The company operates worldwide and the Sabrent brand is present in more than 100 countries around the world.

Because Sabrent is such a diverse brand it is easy to overlook the audio equipment that they have to offer amongst all their other peripherals. Their audio lineup consists of USB 2.0 speakers, wireless speakers and Bluetooth receivers. When it comes to their wireless speakers they have a slightly more diverse range than other brands that don’t focus on speakers exclusively either, but they still lag behind some of the more specialized brands. Their products do tend to receive positive reviews from consumers, which coupled with their stylish designs and affordable prices make Sabrent a good choice.

What stand out about the Sabrent wireless speaker range are the unique designs of their products. Instead of generic shapes for their speakers Sabrent has some very stylish options available. Their weather Resistant 2.4 GHz wireless indoor/outdoor 150 Ft stereo speaker system for example is a sleek, modern piece of equipment that despite its bulk looks great in any setting. Their weather resistant 900MHz wireless indoor/outdoor 150 ft stereo speaker system on the other hand features an elegant and contemporary curved design. They do however cater to consumers that prefer the classic boxed speaker designs as demonstrated by their Classique wireless speaker system.

Apart from their bigger wireless speakers Sabrent also has a few pieces of more pocket sized equipment such as the Sabrent Ultra-Portable Weatherproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and the SABRENT Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Both these speakers not only look great, but sound good and are affordably priced as well.

Considering that speakers are not the only product in the Sabrent range (they actually have over 200 products in their catalog) they have surprisingly decent offerings. Their speakers are also very affordable and while there are some mixed opinions over some of their products the quality is generally quite good for the price range. While Sabrent is probably not a brand to consider if you want high-end audio equipment they certainly get the job done on a tight budget. Their selection is rather limited, but this is to be expected as speakers are not their only focus.

Sabrent Pros

  • The design of Sabrent speakers is very stylish and unique in comparison to some of the more generic offerings by other brands that do not focus on audio equipment exclusively.
  • Sabrent offers very competitive prices on their speakers while still maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

Sabrent Cons

  • Audio equipment is not the number one priority for the Sabrent brand so some of their products have received mixed reviews from consumers.
  • Although unique, the wireless audio offerings from Sabrent is still limited compared to the competition.

Sabrent is another brand that will appeal more to consumers look for value for their money and not audiophiles demanding the latest and greatest in audio equipment. Having said that, they do have some nice speakers available and some great ideas when it comes to the designs.

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