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Portable speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but the Pyle Sound Box Splash still manages to stand out in a crowded market with its funky design. It is not that big but it is also not the type of speaker that you would want to stroll around with in your hand.

The selling point of the Sound Box Splash is its durability so if you lead an active lifestyle that involves a lot of bumps and knocks you won’t have to worry about this speaker. Chances are that whatever device you are streaming your audio from will bite the dust long before the Sound Box Splash ever needs replacing.


Sound Quality

The Pyle Sound Box Splash packs full-range stereo speakers and while the sound output is generally good, it is obviously not meant to replace your home theater system. The sound quality is generally very clear and I was impressed with the solid bass output as well. Some portable speakers lose a lot of audio clarity when taken outdoors, but the Sound Box Splash does not suffer from this problem. The incredibly sturdy design suggests that the speaker is probably designed more for the adventurous types than audiophiles, but overall I don’t have any complaints about the sound quality.


When it comes to the design you can expect the Sound Box Splash to turn a few heads, especially if you opt for one of the brighter colors. The rectangular design features a metal hook loop on top, so you can easily attach the speaker to anything from your backpack to your tent.

The controls are located on the side of the device and while the push buttons are slightly recessed they are easy enough to operate. There are only three buttons, so the power button doubles as the pause/play/pair button as well while the volume and down buttons handle the track selection too. Next to the buttons you’ll find a rubber flap which conceals the micro-USB port used to recharge the speaker. It is a very clean, simple layout which is exactly what is needed on such a portable device. One thing worth mentioning is that the speaker does not have a microphone so unfortunately you won’t be using it as a speakerphone for your smartphone.


You can tell from the looks alone that the Sound Box Splash is a durable piece of equipment. Pyle boasts that the speaker has a marine grade splash-proof and shock-resistant design and judging by the weight alone I believe them. This is not the lightest speaker to carry around with you but you certainly won’t have to worry about it getting dinged up in the great outdoors. This thing is as solid as a brick with the weight to match. The splash-proof design makes the Sound Box Splash the perfect accessory for your next pool party, but don’t take it for a dive as it is not completely waterproof.


The Sound Box Splash is not as feature-rich as comparable devices, but on the flip-side it is not as expensive either. If you want a straightforward, durable speaker to play your music on the go then you are in luck. If you want to use it as a speakerphone, you might have to look elsewhere. The speaker connects via Bluetooth but I did find that the range is not as impressive as some of the other portable speakers that are available. I suspect the durable metal grill that covers the speaker might be partially to blame for the decreased Bluetooth range. This might be an issue for some people but unless you plan on moving so far away from the speaker with your connected device that it is not visible or audible you should be fine. The Sound Box Splash includes a Lithium 1400mA battery which is charged via a USB cable which you will also find in the box. You are looking at about 6 hours of battery life, which should be ample time to finish that BBQ, hike, pool party or whatever it is you need music for. I have seen portable speakers with longer battery life but there isn’t much point if the battery in your audio device can’t match that of the speaker.

Pros and Cons

The Sound Box Splash is a speaker for people that are not too fussed about all kinds of extras and features. It plays music while absorbing whatever knocks you inflict on it which is what you want to see from something that is going to be used a lot outside. Sound Box Splash Pros

  • The Sound Box Splash looks and feels like a brick, but this means it is also as sturdy as one.
  • The sound quality and volume is more than adequate for outdoor use.
  • The metal hook loop on the speaker is convenient for hanging it from anything.

Sound Box Splash Cons

  • The Bluetooth connectivity range is shorter than comparable products
  • The Sound Box Splash does not have a microphone so it cannot be used as a speakerphone when paired with your smartphone.
  • There is no line-in jack so the device is limited to Bluetooth connectivity only.

The combination of heavy duty design and quality sound output, make the Sound Box Splash a great choice for a portable outdoor speaker. You might find speakers with more features but definitely not at the price that the Sound Box Splash has. If your priority lies with durability and audio quality, don’t hesitate to check out the Sound Box Splash.

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  1. This is a great speaker, works exactly as advertised; pairing is simple, sound is impressive for its size and takes bumps and scratches in its stride. The only downer so far is the range, but that’s not a problem if you plan on keeping it relatively close to you most of the time.


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