PYLE PLMR64W Outdoor Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker


On paper the Pyle PLMR64W certainly looks very impressive, but it once again demonstrates how important it is to listen to audio equipment before making the purchase. Even the look of the speakers might fool you into thinking that they are high performance devices, but unfortunately this is not the case.

It could just be that I am spoiled by other superior speakers, but to me the Pyle PLMR64W speakers do not quite live up to their performance. Depending on your audio needs you might disagree with my assessment, but the simple truth is that there are so many options available out there when it comes to audio equipment that there really is no reason to settle for anything that does not offer you the best value for your hard-earned money.

In 60 Seconds:

Sound Quality

These speakers promise booming lows thanks to the 5″ woofer with rubber edges, which make it perplexing that the bass is so poor on these speakers. Hooking up a decent subwoofer will obviously improve matters, but I was expecting a lot more out of these speakers. The highs and mids fare considerably better thanks to the 3″ high quality cone and 0.75″ aluminum voice coil. Once again, I have heard better audio quality from other speakers in this price range, but depending on how picky you are about your audio quality I would rate these as satisfactory. Nothing really stands out as particularly great about the sound quality, but apart from the disappointing bass they do get the job done. I don’t quite agree with the “crystal clear” quality that Sound Around promises, but depending on where you install the speakers you might get better results.


The Pyle PLMR64W speakers are quite big at 10.4 x 14.4 x 15.4 inches, which would make you think that they would be able to deliver better bass than what they actually do. Weighing in at 18.4 pounds, the speakers are also quite heavy, so ensure that you securely fasten the wall mount. Instead of the usual square blocks these speakers sport a more stylish, curved rectangular shape, which fits in well with contemporary decor. Apart from the shape, the rest of the design is relatively straightforward with only the Pyle Aqua logo on the grilles really catching the attention.

The speaker is wired and comes with a wall mount so there are no buttons or knobs that you have to fiddle with to adjust the sound. This means that you can mount the speakers safely out of reach of small children and pets.


The Pyle PLMR64W scores a lot of points when it comes to durability. Not only are these speakers big and heavy, but they have clearly been built to last. The cabinet is made out of high-impact ABS plastic so it is more than equipped to handle a few bumps and scrapes. I also like the fact that the speakers are not just water resistant, but actually waterproof, so you don’t have to worry that they will get damage when left out in the rain. The casing is actually so sturdy that I would imagine they would last you much longer than the actual speakers!

Mounting the speakers outdoors in the elements shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the waterproof casing, but if you are going to leave them in direct sunlight, they might fade or turn yellow after a while. I would suggest finding a nice shady spot to mount the speakers if you want them to continue looking good. The bracket used to mount the speakers is quite sturdy, which is a good thing considering how bulky the casing is.


I have already mentioned that the Pyle PLMR64W speakers don’t quite live up to what their specifications promise, but on the other hand I have seen people who love them, so I guess it comes down to a matter  of preferences. Personally, I expect a good bass response from speakers of this size, but was let down by what it actually had to offer. The speaker is loud enough to keep a small group of people entertained when mounted outdoors, but I don’t think anyone is going to be blown away by the sound quality.

The speakers are very low maintenance, so if you want something that you can just mount and forget then you should give them a look. As they are not wireless, you will have to figure out the optimal way to connect them to your receiver without exposing the wires to outside hazards, but after that they are good to go.

Pyle PLMR64W Speaker Pros

  • Extremely rugged and waterproof casing means the speakers can be used outside with no worries of damage or rust.
  • The aluminum voice coil and quality cone delivers decent enough highs and mids.
  •  Easy to mount and comes with a sturdy bracket

Pyle PLMR64W Speaker Cons

  • The bass quality is not what I was expecting from a speaker of this size
  • The speakers are wired, so their placement is dependent on where you can safely set up the wires.
  • There are better speaker options available in the same price category.

I really wanted to like the Pyle PLMR64W speakers as they seemed to have a lot to offer, but it is hard to recommend them when there are better options available at the same price. The durability is obviously a big advantage and if you pair them up with a decent subwoofer, you might be able to get a good audio experience. Straight out of the box, however they lack the kind of bass that would have made them an essential purchase. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preferences though, so if you have a chance, listen to these speakers yourself before making up your mind whether they are worth it or not.


2 thoughts on “PYLE PLMR64W Outdoor Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker”

  1. I bought these as relatively inexpensive & loud outdoor mounted speakers (on my patio / BBQ area). The “waterproof test” is successful so far as they’ve been mounted right out in the rain for three weeks now and still function as new.

    Sound could be a bit crisper and the build quality is also not what I expected from Pyle.

    Overall, good speakers for the price.

  2. I have to agree with the reviewer – the best thing about these speakers is the looks. They actually sport a very nice design but simply do not deliver the sound you’d expect from a device retailing at over $300! Granted, you can get them at a third of that price on Amazon but you’d much better off getting a pair of Polk Atrium 4’s at the same price.


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