PYLE PLMR64W Outdoor Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker

The Pyle PLMR64W also goes by the name of the Aqua 500. On paper, the Pyle Aqua 500 looks impressive, but it again demonstrates how important it is to listen to audio equipment before purchasing. Even though the appearance of these speakers might fool you into thinking that they are high-performance devices, unfortunately, this is not the case.

This pair of indoor/outdoor speakers is not the most flattering product that Pyle has produced, and while Pyle is well-known as a budget-friendly audio manufacturer, we feel like they missed the mark with the PLMR64W.

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Sound Quality

While we have seen some 5″ woofer designs produce great patio speakers, these speakers cannot keep up with the competition on most audio fronts. While present, the bass feels more distorted than the bass, especially when pushed at high volumes. The mid-range performs slightly better but still feels recessed in places and too strong in others. While not terrible, the highs still carry that slightly metallic sound.

The number 500 in the speaker’s name represents the 500W-rated power they produce. Still, unfortunately, this power is not efficiently engineered, and we’ve seen speakers with less rated output perform louder and clearer. We would recommend considering something like the Polk Atrium 4 or Pyle PDWR62BTBK instead, as both speakers are similar in cost but offer superior sound quality.


The Pyle PLMR64W speakers are fairly big at 10.4 x 14.4 x 15.4 inches, making you think they could deliver better bass than they do. Weighing in at 18.4 pounds, the speakers are also quite heavy, so you securely fasten the wall mount. Instead of the usual square blocks, these speakers sport a more stylish, curved rectangular shape, which fits well with contemporary decor. Apart from the shape, the rest of the design is relatively straightforward, with only the Pyle Aqua logo on the grilles catching the attention.

The speaker is wired and comes with a wall mount, so there are no buttons or knobs that you have to fiddle with to adjust the sound. This means you can mount the speakers safely out of reach of small children and pets.

pyle aqua 500


The Pyle PLMR64W scores a few points when it comes to durability. The durability is much closer to the standards we’d expect from an indoor/outdoor speaker in this price range. However, we’re unsure how they will perform over an extended period, as our testing primarily focused on a single-use scenario.

This speaker is marketed as an all-around speaker that can cater to home or marine audio. Since they are marketed towards the marine user, we suspect that the durability, even over extended periods, should do well, especially if you’re looking for a home audio solution exposed to less harsh conditions.

Mounting the speakers outdoors in the elements shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the waterproof casing, but if you leave them in direct sunlight, they might fade or turn yellow after a while. I suggest finding a nice, shady spot to mount the speakers if you want them to continue looking good. The bracket used to mount the speakers is quite sturdy, which is good considering how bulky the casing is.


The speakers are very low maintenance, so if you want something you can mount and forget, you should give them a look. As they are not wireless outdoor speakers, you will have to figure out the optimal way to connect them to your receiver without exposing the wires to outside hazards, but after that, they are good to go.

Pyle PLMR64W Speaker Pros

  • A fairly rugged and waterproof casing means the speakers can be used outside without worrying about damage or rust.
  • The aluminum voice coil and quality cone deliver decent enough highs and mids.
  •  Easy to mount and comes with a sturdy bracket

Pyle PLMR64W Speaker Cons

  • The bass quality is not what I was expecting from a speaker of this size
  • There are better speaker options available in the same price category.
  • Volume isn’t where we’d like to see it.

I wanted to like the Pyle Aqua 500 speakers as they seemed to have a lot to offer, but it is hard to recommend them when better options are available at the same price. The durability is an advantage, and if you pair them up with a decent subwoofer, you might get a good audio experience.

The best way to describe these speakers is in the middle of the road. There are worse speakers out there, but also better options, even at this price point.

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