Pyle Home PDWR50B Indoor - Outdoor Waterproof Speakers

Pyle PDWR50B Indoor – Outdoor Waterproof Speakers

Unless you are in the mood to rush outside in order to retrieve your speakers at the slightest hint of rain in the air, or want to carry the speakers outside only when you want to use them, something that is weatherproof is highly recommended. One such speaker is the PDWR50B from Pyle, which has been designed to handle outdoor environments well. They are not the biggest or best sounding speakers on the market, but not having to worry about them getting wet really helps for peace of mind. It also helps that the speakers are quite stylish looking so you won’t have to hide them somewhere out of sight.

Sound Quality

If you are an audiophile, the sound quality of the PDWR50B speakers might not blow you away, but for the average person that just wants to liven up the backyard, pool area, garage or barbeque area they work great. With dimensions of 6.4 X 7.2 X 11.6 inches these speakers are slightly bigger than the usual outdoor speaker, but not as big as some of the high quality models. The bigger size does help considerably with the audio quality, especially the bass, which is actually pretty good. To boost the bass response, Pyle has added a bass reflex vent to the speaker enclosure, which is not something that you see often on outdoor speakers, especially the waterproof variety.

The 6.5″ aluminum injection cone woofer delivers some solid bass while the 1″ high compliance myiar tweeter delivers crisp highs and midrange sounds. If you are upgrading from a cheaper outdoor speaker to the PDWR50B’s, you will definitely hear the difference in sound quality immediately. When it comes to waterproof speakers you usually have to compromise on audio quality, but not with these speakers. The focus might be on durability, but Pyle did not skimp on audio quality to achieve this goal. You can boost the bass quality even further by investing in a good outdoor subwoofer, but for casual use this is not necessary to enjoy the speakers. You will want to hook them up to a decent amp to make the most of them though.


When it comes to the design of outdoor speakers, especially ones that are rugged, you usually end up with something that is best mounted out of sight. With the PDWR50B speakers it seems that Pyle has realized that a good design can be just as important a factor as sound quality and durability. These speakers has a functional instead of flashy design, but they look stylish enough that you can mount them in plain sight without worrying that guests will ask you what that junk on your wall is! In fact, these speakers look good enough that you can use them indoors as well without them looking out of place, but obviously this will be a waste of their most important attribute which is durability.

The design of the mounting bracket that is attached to the speakers is also fairly functional looking with nothing really fancy going on. The same can be said for the plain, unbranded grille that covers the front of the speakers. You can take the grille off if you want the drivers to be visible, but they look just as good with the grille on. It is worth mentioning that the grille is advertised as “removable” which it is, but it is glued on so putting it back after removal is not that simple. These are wired speakers so there are no knobs, buttons or switches on the casing. The quick connect/disconnect speaker terminals are also quite convenient.


An outdoor speaker with poor durability is quite frankly useless, so thankfully the PDWR50Bs are rugged enough to withstand some wear and tear. The speakers are completely waterproof so you can leave them outside even if it is pouring with rain without having to ready the chequebook for a replacement pair. The grilles are also rust proof so you don’t have to worry about them changing into a rusted mess after leaving them up in the elements. The heavy duty ASB construction of the speaker cases ensures that they just shrug off everyday wear and tear without looking like something that your dog used as a chew toy. The mounting system is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the speakers which is important as they weight about 13 pounds.

You might have to use a few washers to properly mount the bracket though as the bolts are a little long and tend to bottom out in the insert. You can extend the longevity of the speakers by mounting them out of the elements like under the eaves of your house, but overall they won’t let you down when it comes to sturdiness.


These speakers are very much in the lower price range when it comes to outdoor speakers, so it would be silly to expect the kind of features that you find on the top of the range, expensive brands. With that being said, these speakers are still great when it comes to durability and sound quality, especially considering the low price. The best feature is obviously the fact that the speakers are completely waterproof which eliminates the nuisance of having to constantly carry them around if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Pyle Home PDWR50B Speaker Pros

  • Durable construction with waterproof speaker casing
  • Sturdy mounting system
  • Bass reflex vents for added bass boost

Pyle Home PDWR50B Speaker Cons

  • Detachable grilles have to be glued back if removed

Pyle did a pretty good job with the PDWR50B speakers and they are a good investment for any outdoor area, especially if it experiences a lot of rain or moisture in the air. The convenience of not having to carry the speakers back and forth when you want to listen to some music outdoors is great and the sound quality is good enough that all but the most demanding audiophiles will enjoy the experience.


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Pyle Home PDWR50B Indoor - Outdoor Waterproof Speakers

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