Pyle Audio Outdoor Speakers

Pyle Audio Outdoor Speakers

Pyle Audio Outdoor SpeakersAlthough Pyle is not exactly a household brand the company was actually founded way back in the 1960s and made a name with high-quality advanced woofers. Their original speaker, the Pyle Driver, was quite popular at the time. In more recent years, Pyle has expanded into other areas such as car audio, marine audio and professional musical instruments. Because this brand has been in the market for such a long time, they have seen fads come and go and know what it takes to deliver audio equipment of a high caliber.

While Pyle has a “pro” line of equipment that caters to musicians, studio engineers and DJs, they still have a solid line-up of both indoor and outdoor speakers as well. As the company has been in existence for such a long time they have build up a solid brand name and a diverse line of equipment which has garnered them a loyal following. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Pyle might have a lot of audio related products on the market, but this does not mean that they have neglected their speakers or failed to innovate.

One of the most popular categories in the Pyle line-up is their sports and outdoors equipment. While they have branched out to items such as sports watches, temperature and level meters as well as metal detectors, they also offer a variety of Bluetooth speakers. According to Pyle their aim is to deliver high end performance at an affordable price and while some of their products fall a little short of the mark, they still have plenty of great equipment on offer. Don’t think that because the company is more than fifty years old that their designs are stuck in the past either, as Pyle has been able to keep up with the times. With a Bluetooth speaker line-up that ranges from floating speakers to ones with built-in LED flashlights, nobody can accuse Pyle of stagnating when it comes to designs.

With such a large selection of audio equipment consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to Pyle audio products. While they generally maintain a high standard of quality there are unfortunately a few of their products that don’t quite live up to expectations. This is often the case with brands that have so many diverse products as they don’t have the luxury of just focusing on one or two products like some of the smaller brands.

Pyle Audio Pros

  • Pyle is a well established brand known for their audio equipment and thanks to their quality products they have been able to continue for more than half a century.
  • With their diverse selection of audio equipment there is something for everyone when it comes to style and functionality.
  • The company values affordability so their products are not priced out of the reach of the average buyer.
  • Despite the large product line-up their speakers do not look generic and actually features some very unique designs.

Pyle Audio Cons

  • The audio quality of especially their Bluetooth products is not always as great as the more expensive offerings from competitors.
  • With such a large product range not all their equipment are top notch so doing some research before purchasing is highly recommended.

Pyle Audio is a great brand if you are looking for audio gear that won’t require a second mortgage to afford. They product line-up is also diverse enough that you are sure to find something that suits not only your wallet, but also your taste.

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