2R4G Outdoor Home Theater

2R4G Outdoor Home Theater by Theater Solutions

My husband and I have always wanted to create a home theater in our home, but unfortunately we just do not have the extra space. I recently read an article about the popularity of outdoor home theaters and knew that this would be the perfect solution. Deciding on the right type of equipment to use was probably the hardest part. I knew that it was vital that the equipment we chose would provide an excellent picture and a clear sound. After finding the right projector,  we started our search for the best outdoor home theater speakers.

We knew that we wanted speakers that could stay outdoors throughout the entire summer. We also wanted speakers that were easy to set up and use. We wanted to ensure the speakers fit into our patio décor and be barely noticeable when we were not using them. We spent a lot of time checking out different speakers and looking for just the right one. We finally settled for the Theater Solution 2R4G Outdoor Garden Waterproof Granite Rock Patio Speaker Pair,  which was the perfect option for us. I was so excited about this purchase that I wanted to write a review to let others know how great these speakers are.


The Design Of The 2R4G Outdoor Home Theater Speakers

We definitely wanted outdoor home theater speakers that could stay outside permanently, so we would not have to bring them in and out every time we wanted to watch a movie. We also wanted to be able to play music through the speakers for other times. We looked at some of the mountable speakers, but we really did not like the look of them. Finally, we saw home theater speakers that were designed to look like a rock. This was perfect for us because the speakers would add to the look of our outdoor landscape and let use bring sound outdoors.

Size And Dimensions

We also wanted to make sure that we did not purchase really big speakers, especially since we would not be using them every day. My hope was for them to just look like real rocks on the patio, like a decoration. These outdoor home theater speaker rocks were the perfect size measuring just 8-inches high, 7.5-inches wide, and 6.75-inches in diameter. They also only weighed 6 pounds making them easy to move around to where I wanted them. Best of all, the granite color made the speakers look like real rocks. Many of my guests still do not know they are speakers.

Crisp And Clear Sound

While the look and size of the rock is very important, the most important thing to us was that they sounded great. We felt that there was no use to purchasing outdoor home theater speakers if they did not work right. A quick look at the feature of these speakers made it easy to see that they were high-quality speakers that would produce a great sound. Each speaker had a 4 ½-inch surround sound butyl rubber woofers that have Poly-Mica cones. It also had a ¾ soft dome tweeter. This works to provide exceptional sound, especially in the outdoor setting. Another great feature is that the speakers are set at a 20° angle upwards, to project the sound from ground level up.

The power behind the speakers was also great for our use. Each speaker has a 250 watts maximum power handling, with a RMS of 125 watts per speaker. The sensitivity of the speakers is also important because it tells you how efficiently the speakers will play. The average sensitivity level you should look for is 88db and  Theater Solution 2R4G Outdoor Home Theater has 94db providing a great sound. Finally, a quick look at the frequency response range can tell you how good the speakers are at producing high and low pitch sound. You always want to look for speakers that have at least a 100 Hz to 15,000 Hz, and these speakers have a frequency range of 80 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is sufficient for our outdoor use.

Can It Stand Up To Weather Elements

Since these speakers were going to be used exclusively outside, they had to be all-weather resistant. These speakers definitely are weather-resistant. The Theater Solution 2R4G Outdoor Garden Waterproof Granite Rock Patio Speaker Pair have silicone enclosed leads, as well as, silicon sealed composite cabinets that is multi-layered. This helps provide great sound and creates a long lasting product. The speakers also have steel grills that are rust-resistant and can withstand rain, snow, or sleet.

What Are Other Customers Saying About The Speakers

You are probably thinking by now that I am just one customer, so what do the other customers think about the  Theater Solution 2R4G Outdoor Garden Waterproof Granite Rock Patio Speaker Pair. Well after 30 reviews, these outdoor home theater have a 4.0 rating out of 5.0 on Amazon. Most of the customers are more than pleased with this product and feel that the speakers were definitely worth the money they paid for them. Here is just a glimpse of what some customers are saying.

“I am amazed at the sound quality of these speakers.”

“I have these set up outside and the sound is loud enough and sound crisp.”

“These rock speakers look great and sound really good, too.”

“We recommend these speakers for all those who love to entertain with cookouts in the summer.”

Any Complaints

This product has very few complaints on Amazon, but the most common one is that the speakers do not produce a loud enough sound. Many of the customers previously had larger speakers. They were hoping to get smaller speakers, yet keep the same sound range. If you have a rather large yard, these may not be the best speakers for you or you may have to purchase more than one pair to get the sound you want. However, most customers with average sized yards or patios found the sound more than adequate for their needs.

Where To Purchase These Speakers

The Theater Solution 2R4G Outdoor Garden Waterproof Granite Rock Patio Speaker Pair can be purchase through Amazon. They have a retail value of $249.99, but they sell on Amazon for only $59.99, which is a great deal. They are a very popular product and sometime must be backordered.


If you are interested in purchasing these great outdoor home theater speakers or want to learn more about them, go to Amazon. You can see the complete product details and read customer’s reviews for yourself.

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