Niles RS6 6 Inch 2 Speaker

Niles RS6 6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker

Getting the best outdoor speakers can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for first. Inside of your home it’s a lot easier to get the sound you desire due to the low-frequency response. Outside there’s often an increase in background noise which can make hard to replicate. The Niles RS6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker is an audio hook-up complimentary toward high and low frequencies.

This is a product that creates a full-bodied audio with a low frequency response- although; it has enough of a bass to satisfy your entertainment needs. There are some people who choose to add a low-end punch on this product with a subwoofer although it doesn’t necessarily need it (depending on how large the event is.)

This is a set of outdoor speakers that can stand against weather conditions and it has an extremely promising enclosure which also ensures that the sound will be produced adequately regardless of the music you’re playing.

It’s common that manufacturers will make a speaker product and then recommend that you protect the equipment under a covered patio but the Niles RS6 can be left out in the open without you having to worry about what happens to the health and appearance of the speaker. There are some models that are built extremely tough and this is definitely one of them.

Niles RS6 6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker includes the following features:

  • Two- Way
  • High Performance
  • 6 ½ ” Size
  • Injection molded
  • Cone (forward design)
  • Midrange Sound
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Aluminum Grilles
  • Security Bracket
  • Connection Cable

Even though you can mount these as higher speakers the sound is just as clear if you were to keep it on the ground because of the 2-sided sound projection. If you have a longer and rectangular patio you can get optimal results from the sound coverage if you put them in the corners of your yard. Regardless of how you arrange them you will get an amazing left and right sound from these speakers and your guests may not even know where they are coming from if you choose to keep them tucked into your yard.

Most customers put these in an exposed location due to their ability to maintain a condition even in extreme weather scenarios. If you do choose to mount these speakers you’ll get best results if the cones are facing down (for drainage purposes.) It’s unlikely that you won’t get the sound coverage that you want for entertainment with these speakers.

Even though they’re smaller than other bookshelf models they produce a greater volume. You’ll get a great effect if you place these about 12 feet away from the listening area. You can always invest in more of them if you have a greater sound distance to cover although the two of them are often powerful enough to get the job done.

Balanced Sounds and Design

If you have a deeper understanding as to how speakers work you’ll know why the sound that comes from the Niles RS6 6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker is so crisp and clear. The highs, lows and midrange sounds are produced effortlessly because of the products mechanisms and outside enclosure.

Being that it is two sided you can get full coverage of your yard and patio without having to worry about not hearing music when you have guests over. These balanced sounds also contribute to the stealth of your product. When there is too much bass or acoustic it can actually damage the speaker if you turn up the audio too loud. Because this product is balanced you won’t have to worry the front cover being blown out or damaged.

The Niles RS6 6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker has a flawless design that fits in perfectly into your yard. These are highly suggested if you want to get a strong audio output within your home without having large speakers that take up too much room on the patio.

The granite cover replicates any large rocks in your yard and it also makes for a sturdy enclosure. You won’t have to worry about this design during the winter season as the product can maintain its condition in extreme temperatures (it’s also protected against UV rays.)

Speakers in Action

Compared to Other Products

While there are many outdoor speakers that give you a desirable sound it’s difficult to find a product that is two-sided, well protected and with a complimentary design. The problem with many other speakers that are portable and versatile inside and outside of the home is that most of them will not give you universal audio tones.

While one genre of music may sound good on the speakers it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them will. It depends heavily on the bass and acoustic set-up and you may have some songs that don’t sound as clear as others which can be frustrating at times. The Niles RS6 6 inch 2-Way Rock Speaker plays each genre or volume the same, distinctly clear without you having to deal with noise pollution or variation of tones.

Listeners can often tell whether or not a more compact speaker is good if it replicates a sound on larger speakers. It all comes down to the mechanisms and enclosure which does have an impact on how the sound is made.

Bottom Line

Although they’re most fitting for outside use, they are also great for indoors. If you have a unique nature theme in your home these would make the perfect speakers decorations. The best features about this product are that they are 2-sided, durable and complimentary toward your music selection.

You can hook them up as wireless connects as well which is a huge plus due to the fact that they are portable and can be set-up anywhere. You can take these on the go without carrying around heavy weight. Conclusively, this is a fantastic brand name that makes a variety of quality products. For a price of $219.95 they are a definite steal!

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