Niles Outdoor Speakers

Niles Outdoor Speakers

Niles Audio is a niche audio equipment company focusing on several areas of different sound products. Although not a household name like Bose or JBL, the manufacturer still delivers high quality goods and even excels in certain domains to some of the big-name producers. Their best selling outdoor speaker model is the RS6 Rock Speaker.

When it comes to outdoor speakers, Niles doesn’t exactly offer a wide array of products, but the ones that can be found in the catalogue are quite versatile and different from each other, meaning that the company opted to cover a broad range of customer demands rather that focus on a strict niche.

So right now let’s check out some of the company’s pros and cons and then delve further into product nuances with specific device reviews. Read on for more info.

Niles Outdoor Speakers

Niles Outdoor Speakers Pros and Cons

As noted, the company’s products tend to vary from each other, hence the distinctive pros and cons are somewhat hard to single out. However, we’ll point out the sound quality, durability and warranty. Niles speakers deliver great audio quality for their price, are highly durable and come with a lifetime warranty, a feat only few manufacturers can brag about.

As for the versatility, the company offers several sets of products and numerous variations. So in most cases, they have the customer demands covered, but if one of the basic sets isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll just have to move along.


Now it’s time to check out some of the nuances featured in each of the company’s products. Several notable products stand out in the Niles catalogue, so we’ll make sure to cover them all. Specifically, the rundown will include OS and RS Rock series representatives, as well as GS4 Satellite Garden Speakers. More details below.

Niles OS7.5 Outdoor Speakers

Niles OS7.5 White 7 Inch Outdoor SpeakersThe OS series represents Niles’ take on the high-power outdoor speakers, coming with a 7’’ interlaced carbon fiber cone and a massive 12.5-pound weight per speaker, rounding up to 25 pounds for a pair. The device delivers smooth, bass rich audio that will please most tech geeks and sound aficionados.

However, it also comes with a bit higher price, ranging anywhere from $525 to $600. The speakers can deliver a total of 300 watts of peak power and feature 60 – 23,000 Hz frequency response range, as well as 91 dB sensitivity.

Some of the distinctive features the manufacturer takes great pride in include a butyl rubber cone, dispersion stabilizer for midrange tones distribution, tweeter technology, as well as a one-inch tri-laminate Teteron dome allowing clear and detailed high frequencies.

Niles RS6 Rock Outdoor Speaker

Niles RS6 6 Inch 2 SpeakerThe RS6 outdoor rock speaker model ranks among the top “rock” speakers that deliver more than just the fancy looks. The device drops in with 300 watts of max power and a massive 22-pound weight. Specifically, RS6 features a 11 x 14 x 12 inches size and has an 89 dB sensitivity, along with a 70 – 21,000 Hz frequency response range.

It’s quite stylish and good-looking, but also extremely well-built and durable. The massive size makes it anything but portable of course, but once the device has been placed, you can count on years of impeccable delivery even in the roughest weather conditions. The rock appearance is a matter of personal choice, but taking purely sound and built quality into consideration – we’re looking at one of the finest products on the market.

RS6 is available in one of four color patterns – coral, granite, sandstone, speckled granite. And finally, there’s the matter of price. Coming with a $200 – $220 price tag, the speaker pretty much falls into the right price range for what the user is getting.

Niles GS4 Satellite Garden Speakers

Niles GS4 Satellite Garden SpeakersDelving away from the more robust products, the GS4 series is focused on the customers demanding portability and high-quality audio delivery. The speakers are easy to adjust and mount on most surfaces, as well as transport, seeing that they come with a 4-pound weight. When it comes to dimensions, the device features a 10.75 x 5.5 x 9 inches size.

GS4 don’t lose much of their power to portability and reduced size, as they still deliver 110 watts of audio. Each speaker includes a four-inch woofer, one-inch Teteron tweeter and a built solid enough to withstand rough weather conditions. Among several pros, the manufacturer has singled out the “ultimate flexibility” as the prominent one.

And lastly, all Niles outdoor speakers come with a lifetime warranty, as previously noted. The company is willing to go a long way to prove its dedication to high quality and customer satisfaction, and a permanent product warranty only proves it.

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