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If you like the convenience of streaming but aren’t impressed with the audio quality, then you’ll be pleased the people at Naim have designed the ultimate range of four high-end, all-in-one streaming devices. The most compact of which is the Naim Uniti Atom. This state-of-the-art streaming device allows multiple inputs and built-in streaming services and features a high-performance stereo amplifier. In this article, we deeply dive into the Uniti Atom and what makes this device so special.

At a Glance (per speaker)

Power Output: 40W per channel @ 8 ohms
Audio Outputs: RCA, ⅛-inch headphone
Network: WiFi, Ethernet
Dimensions: 9.7” x 3.8” x 10.5”
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Inputs: 2 x optical, 1 x coaxial, 2 x USB, RCA, 1 x HDMI ARC (optional)
Streaming: Chromecast Built-In, Apple Airplay, TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (AptX HD), Internet Radio, UPnP (hi-res streaming), Roon Ready

Starting with design, the Uniti Atom has become one of the best-engineered streaming amplifiers on the market. Naim didn’t just go for audio performance; they took the form and function of design to another level. The Uniti Atom features a brushed aluminum outer casing with a large 5” display on the front panel.

The front display is what makes the Uniti Atom stand out. Where many manufacturers are going for small and sleek, Naim has designed the Uniti Atom with a large LCD, which you can read from across the room. When a track plays, the artist, title, and album/single cover fill the entire screen. If you turn up the volume, the screen goes blank, only displaying the volume count between 0 and 100. Accessing menu items and settings are easy to access, with everything displayed in detail on a 5” screen. The first thing you’ll love about the Uniti Atom is how easy the system is to use. If you’re familiar with using a tablet or mobile phone, the system layout works much the same.

Naim Uniti Atom


Regarding audio inputs, the Uniti Atom offers just about every option available. These include 2 x optical, 1 x coaxial, 2 x USB, and RCA. You can also get HDMI ARC as an optional extra. There are also RCA (pre) and ⅛-inch headphone outputs. The coaxial is great for connecting your CD player, allowing for the digital-to-analog conversion to be handled by the Uniti Atom. There is also the option of the Unity Star or Unity Nova, both of which have built-in CD players. I’ll cover more on these units after this article.

The Uniti Atom connects to your home internet network via WiFi or Ethernet. Now, it must be said that if you spend the money to buy a Uniti Atom, you must use a wired Ethernet connection. This will give you the highest quality audio when streaming audio from the internet.

With a built-in Chromecast, streaming audio could not be easier with the Uniti Atom. You can play your favorite streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio, etc, directly from the Uniti Atom without needing an external device like a mobile phone or tablet. The Unity Atom is also Apple Airplay enabled for quick connection with Apple devices. Every possible way to stream music is covered within the Uniti Atom. You can even go “old school, ” connect your Bluetooth device, and play music. Although, this would be the equivalent of putting cheap rims on a Ferrari.

Naim Uniti Atom


There are three ways to control the Uniti Atom. On the unit itself, via the remote control or the Naim app. Like the Uniti Atom, the remote control is a work of art. The volume behaves in the same manner with LEDs that light up on a rotary-style wheel as the volume increases or decreases. You can play/pause, skip tracks, switch inputs, choose playlists/favorites, and access the Uniti Atom configurations using the remote. Everything shows up on the 5” display, so you can see what you’re doing when making adjustments.

The Naim app allows you to perform the same changes and adjustments as the remote, control the streaming services, and set up playlists or favorites on your Uniti Atom.

The Uniti Atom also features a built-in high-performance integrated amplifier delivering 40W per channel into 8 ohms. Perfect for powering most bookshelves and some floor-standing speakers. If you’re looking for even more power, look at the Naim NAP 200 DR audio amplifier, which delivers 80W per channel into 8 ohms.

If you’re looking for a pair of high-end speakers for your Uniti Atom, Naim recommends the Focal range. For the 40W amplifier, I would definitely go with a pair of Focal Aria 906 2-Way bass reflex bookshelf speakers.

More From The Naim Uniti Range

As mentioned, four products in the Uniti range will also integrate with other Naim products. All the Uniti devices can communicate with one another, which means you can build a multi-room entertainment system.

Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core

The Uniti Core is essentially the heart of a multi-room or multi-device Uniti system. The device rips (it takes around two minutes for a whole CD) and stores CDs, which you can then play back using one of the three Uniti players. Playback can be achieved wirelessly or via an Ethernet connection. Essentially, the Uniti Core becomes a music server for your home. Load your entire CD or music collection on the Uniti Core, and you will have a home music jukebox that can store up to 100,000 tracks.

Naim Uniti Star & Naim Uniti Nova

Naim Uniti Star & Nova

The Uniti Star and Uniti Nova are essentially a combination of the Uniti Atom and Core. Both the Star and Nova can playback or rip and store CDs. In addition, these units have bigger power amplifiers, so if you have big speakers, the Star or Nova might be better options over the Atom.

The Uniti Star has 2 x 70W channels in 8 ohms, while the Uniti Nova has 2 x 80W channels in 8 ohms. Great for floor-standing speakers.


Many of these high-end streaming devices are hitting the market right now, but none have quite hit the mark, as well as the Uniti Atom. The system is so simple to use, with an awesome 5” display to see exactly what’s going on at all times. Having a built-in Chromecast means the system works independently of external devices.

What’s great about the Uniti range is the ability to build a multi-room home entertainment system. Use a Uniti Core as your main music server and install Uniti Atoms in the rooms you wish to control.

Suppose you’re serious about audio quality, like the convenience of streaming but have yet to find something digital to replace your vinyl. In that case, the Uniti Atom is the answer to your streaming quality woes.

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