Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block Outdoor Speakers 1

Mutant MIG-WS2-S Wireless Outdoor Stereo Speaker System

You get outdoor speakers that seamlessly blend in with the environment or with plain designs that make them unobtrusive and then you get the Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block speaker system. These bulky speakers certainly stand out no matter where you place them, although this is not necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to wireless speakers, these ones are fairly big, translating into much better sound quality than smaller speakers. We are not talking top of the range here, but considering the price there is definitely a lot of value for money here. The speakers do have some quirks, but nothing that would deter me from recommending them.

Sound Quality

When it comes to wireless speakers, the sound quality is often sacrificed for the sake of convenience, but the Mutant speakers are big enough to produce a nice, full sound. It is also worth noting that these are stereo speakers, which is not always a given even when outdoor speakers are sold in pairs. When used in range of the receiver, the sound quality is more than acceptable and a step up from some of the smaller speakers. I have heard reports that the sound quality can degrade if there is interference so you might have to take a bit more care with the placement of the speakers. Obviously if you are an audiophile, the sound quality is not going to blow you away, but for some background music or a small outdoors party the speakers are great for providing atmosphere. The treble and bass sound full and you are not stuck with that tinny sound that some of the cheaper speakers produce.

The volume of the speakers are more than adequate for indoors or a small backyard area. The volume of each speaker can be adjusted individually, which is nice if you plan on using them far apart. I did find that the speakers do not remember the last volume setting you used if switched off, so you have to adjust the volume each time you turn them on. On the one hand it can be a nuisance, while on the other it ensures that you don’t get a nasty fright when you turn the speakers on after they were at their loudest on a previous occasion. It would have been nice to use a wired connection for these speakers to improve the reception, but unfortunately this is not possible at all.

Mutant MIG-WS2-S Design

These speakers have been designed to stand out and draw attention, so if you are looking for something that will blend in with your backyard you had better keep searching. These speakers come in big, very visible cases that are impossible to overlook. They also have built-in lights to make them even more visible during nighttime. Fortunately, you can turn these lights off if you don’t want your backyard to look like a disco.

Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block Outdoor Speakers 1

I like the sleek design of the speakers, although there is no doubt that they are magnets for dusts and fingerprint marks. Considering that these are outdoor speakers, this is a bit of an issue and if you want them to remain nice and shiny you had better be prepared to clean them frequently. The speakers have nice, comfortable handles to make it easier to carry them around, but include no brackets to provide a permanent mounting solution. The speakers can be powered by either batteries or an AC source, although unfortunately the receiver can only be powered by an AC source, which limits how portable it is. I should also mention that if there is no audio source for a few minutes, the receiver stops transmitting and the speakers start making loud warning noises which can be quite startling.

The power, volume and lights of the speakers can be adjusted from a stylish touch pad on the front of the speakers. Also included is a remote control so you can make adjustments from a distance, but remember to leave the speakers in standby mode for the remote to function. If the speakers are off, you have to walk over to each one and physically press the power button to turn them on as this cannot be done from the remote.


The build quality for these speakers is rather good and apart from how easy they get dirty, they are well suited for outdoor environments. They are weatherproof so can be left outdoors and, unless you experience flooding a bit of moisture, it won’t do them any harm. They also have a bit of weight to them so you don’t have to worry about the speakers blowing over in the wind.


While I have heard better sound quality, the Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block speakers still manage to impress with their durable design and great looks. The receiver unit can connect to anything that has a 3.5mm audio output jack, but I would have liked to see more connection options.
Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block Deluxe Outdoor Stereo Speaker Pros

  • Acceptable sound quality for the price range
  • Stylish and very eye-catching design
  • Stereo capabilities
  • Weather resistant design for casing
  • Remote control to operate speakers from a distance
  • Option to power speakers with batteries or AC connector
  • Sturdy handles to carry speakers comfortably

Mutant MIG-WS2-S Media Block Deluxe Outdoor Stereo Speaker Cons

  • Prone to a certain amount of interference
  • Receiver unit can only be powered by AC connector
  • Only way to connect to receiver unit is through 3.5mm audio output jack
  • Volume has to be adjusted each time speakers are switched on
  • Speakers make loud warning noises if left on with no audio for more than a few minutes
  • Cannot switch speakers on from remote if they are switched off and not in standby mode
  • No brackets to mount the speakers in a permanent position

The pros and the cons for these speakers just about balance each other out and while there are better options available on the market the Mutant MIG-WS2-S speakers won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

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