Micca M-8S 2-Way In-Wall Speaker Review

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The Micca M-8S speaker and its little cousin, the 6S model, are some of the best in-wall speakers for around $50. Providing a wide range of high-quality sound packed in a well-designed box is only one way to depict these powerful built-in speakers. Check out all the reasons why this piece of audio equipment should find a place in your home.

This speaker is part of our list of Best In-Ceiling Speakers and Best In-Wall Speakers.

Finding a speaker that will fit well in your living room or studio, if you’re a professional producer, can be tough. You need to think about aesthetics and quality of sound at the same time.

A powerful speaker that looks too out of place when mounted on your wall or ceiling can tick off your wife, and you’ll end up paying for something you won’t even use, not to mention the expenses you’ll have to cover up the hole in the wall. That’s why finding a balance between design and performance is essential. You can’t have both in most cases, but you’ll most certainly be able to find a set of speakers that can be customized according to your needs.

We’ve tried cherry-picking the top choices when talking about in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, and some items perfectly match the criteria in both categories. Some speakers are designed solely for wall or ceiling usage, while others can work well wherever you place them.

One of these speakers is the Micca M-8S two-way speaker, perfect for wall and ceiling integration thanks to its stealth design and ability to go unnoticed until you pump up the bass. This is very important for bulky, powerful speakers you want to be mounted somewhere in your house or apartment because you’re looking for a noninvasive solution capable of reproducing high-quality clear sound waves.

The slick design makes the Micca M-8S a perfect pair of speakers that can be easily incorporated into your 7-channel home theater system or used as support speakers in your bedroom and provide clear tone relaxing music throughout the day.

Whatever the case, the M-8S can satisfy even the pickiest perfect audio quality seekers, and here’s why.


It Is Loud Enough

People tend to look for the most powerful speakers because everybody wants to annoy their neighbors with the pumping bass from their system. In reality, you probably won’t even come close to exploiting the maximum Watts capacity your surround system speakers provide.

The same goes for the Micca M-8S. Each pair of these speakers is equipped with 200 Watts (100 per speaker) of pure audio power. The frequency response ranges from 40 Hz to 22 kHz per unit, making them a solid solution for audiophiles looking to enhance their musical experience.

Just for comparison, the loudness a single M-8S speaker can produce can go toe to toe with some of the best party speakers on the market.

With only a couple of 8Ss, you can organize more than a decent block party in your backyard, as the speakers can be placed almost everywhere, including the roof of your patio. If you’re more of an indoor person who likes to spend quality time with your family and stifle things up now and then with a projection of movies like Godzilla or The Transformers, this set of speakers won’t disappoint you.

Besides being loud, this Micca product is also equipped with all the right tools necessary for producing a clear sound that won’t make a mess of your low, mid, and high-pitched frequencies by laying them pretty close to the perfect V shaped sound signature curve.

You won’t need an amplifier to power up the sound or an equalizer to separate your highs and lows. How is that even possible? It’s all about the build quality.

Deep Bass Line and Clear Sound

You would also want your built-in speaker to produce a clear sound covering extremely low and high frequencies without mixing them. If your audio device can’t do so, it’s time to upgrade.

There’s no need to live in a world where your speakers produce all sorts of crackling noises when you expose them to some heavy music. Who needs in-wall or in-ceiling speakers in the first place when you can’t listen to Celine Dion’s Titanic ost with the volume pumped to the maximum?

This is what the team at Micca had in mind when creating the structure for the M-8S and M-6S wall speakers. To apply to industry sound quality benchmarks, they’ve included these two crucial components:

  • 8” Poly Woofer – This is a wide enough woofer for an in-wall speaker, and the fact it’s made from polyester only indicates how the company has invested a lot into research before finding a material that will be able to produce clear low and mid-ranged tones while keeping them separated from the more high pitched zone. The size of the woofer allows for the “bass” tone to fully develop before closing down and allowing the tweeter to take the stage.
  • 1” Soft Silk Dome Tweeter – The difference between a good and a bad two-way speaker lies in the tweeter’s quality. Yes, that tiny one-inch circle in the middle of each driver can ruin the sound your audio device provides. The overall design of the Micca M-8S tweeter gives the speaker the power to disperse high-pitched sounds throughout the room to create a precise tone image production.

The presence of such a powerful woofer for a speaker of this size means you won’t necessarily need to use a subwoofer to try capturing lower frequencies. Eight inches of driver material is enough to satisfy even the pickiest bass hunters looking for sound signature lines that will bump your heart in line with the drop of the beat.

Even if you add a subwoofer, the M-8S will easily integrate into the upgraded environment and help your home entertainment system produce even deeper bass lines without sacrificing sound quality.

Many people looking for powerful bass output steer away from models that don’t possess extremely low-frequency response levels. This is also the case with the 8S, as its bottom FR line is 40 Hz, which may appear insufficient to the untrained eye.

Don’t be this guy because Hz isn’t everything you need from your speaker if you want some heavy bass. Driver size does matter, and the Micca M-8S has enough of it to cover both low and mid-range frequency sounds.

What it lacks in frequency range is that this compact in-ceiling speaker overcompensates in woofer size, and that’s why it’s capable of producing deep bass lines that don’t interfere with mid-range notes.

That tiny one-inch tweeter produces everything else or better said, the high-fi sounds range from 2 kHz and above (the human ear doesn’t even detect some of them).

Yep, the dome-shaped silk thingy in the middle of the driver is a crucial element that helps the speaker produce a clear, uninterrupted sound. Depending on the room you’re mounting the speakers in, the tweeter will adjust the on and off-axis with the help of a diffuser that manages and controls the direction of the produced sound.

Besides a diffuser, there’s also an automatic pivoting mechanism that will help you adjust the sound production of the speaker to the type of room you’re operating in. This makes finding the sweet spot for your home entertainment system easier. You will avoid making unnecessary holes in your wall or ceiling just because the Micca M-8S fits well with its surroundings and makes sound travel in all directions.

Including a 12 dB crossover network amplified by a solid compensation mechanism makes the 8S an even better choice for people with diverse music tastes. This structure, which can be found inside the speaker, ensures that low, mid, and high-ranged sounds stay where they are supposed to, and you end up with a clean and precise sound machine mounted on your walls.

This leads us to the most important question that’s probably puzzling you from when you started reading this article.

Sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long.

How to Install the Micca M-8S Speaker

Micca M-8S 2-Way In-Wall Speaker 1

The process of mounting the M-8S in-wall/ceiling speaker is extremely straightforward. With your order, you’ll get a set of drywall tabs and need to dig an extremely precise hole in your wall. This may be difficult for people with concrete or brick walls in their homes, so always try to find a lighter inner wall where you’ll mount.

If you’re looking for a perfect fit, you can screw a 1×2 board on the back side of the speakers and remove the drywall tabs that come with the set. Once you do this, you can use 3” fine threaded screws for drywall usage to make the speakers stay fixed on your wall.

There’s also a white colored net on the front side of the speaker, so you won’t even notice them in your room. Just ensure the installation is stable and vacuum-tight so the sound doesn’t disperse through the inside of the wall.


The Micca M-8S in-wall speakers are probably the most price-friendly speakers on the market; they look great and provide high sound quality at the same time. They’re great for different home entertainment systems and professional production studios.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the product, please don’t be shy and fill out the comment section.

We’re always here to help, and it would be our pleasure to be a part of your quest for the perfect sound that will fill your home.

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