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Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Speakers Set Review

Do you think that all outdoor speakers are alike? Well, I did too, until I bought a set last year for my backyard and they did not even last throughout the summer. With that being said, I decided to do a little research this year before spending any more money on another set of speakers. What I found was the powerful Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Speakers.

What I was looking for was a set of speakers that could withstand all weather conditions, yet still produce high quality sounds. While, I was not looking for the cheapest pair of speakers I could find, I certainly wanted to purchase good speakers at an affordable price. So, my job was to find the best outdoor speakers that are durable, with high-quality sounds, at an affordable rate.


Are The Klipsch Outdoor Speakers Durable?

Since my major problem last year was that my outdoor speakers could not withstand the outdoor weather, durability is the first thing I looked for in a new set of speakers. The Klipsch Out Door Speakers is enclosed in a UV-resistant casing, which means that sun will not damage the speaker over time. Another plus is that the grille and hardware are made from durable stainless steel, adding to the life of the product.  In addition, the C-style brackets that are used to mount the speakers outside are designed to be rustproof, so the brackets will not deteriorate even in bad weather. Overall, these added features to the speakers increase the products durability and guarantees that it is built to last for many years. This fact, made me look a little closer at these speakers.

Does It Have Good Sound Quality?

Now naturally the most important aspect of any speaker is how it sounds. After all, if the speakers do not produce good quality there is really no use for them. Although, these speakers are designed for both outdoor and indoor use, I plan to use them in my backyard. This means that they have to produce good sound quality outside. As you can image, using speakers outside can present an array of disturbances, such as low mowers, traffic, and even the wind. So any outdoor speaker I buy has to provide excellent sound quality despite these external conditions.

I know that for outside performance, I needed to find the best outdoor speakers with a low frequency response curve. Speakers frequency can range from 65 to 30,00 Hz, but people rarely use below 50 Hz or above 15,000 Hz because it cannot be heard very well, if at all, by the human ear. The Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Speakers has a frequency response range of 65 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is perfect for my outdoor use.

Another factor that determines the quality of sound is the tweeter and woofer capabilities. These speakers come with a 1-inch silk dome tweeter with the unique Klipsch Tractrix horn technology, which is more than adequate. In addition, it has a 5.25-inch poly cone woofer that provides brilliant and excellent sound quality.

Number Of Watts

The amount of watts the outdoor speakers have is another important feature to look at when choosing the best speakers. Speakers typically have between 60 and 300 watts. Obviously, the more wattage the more volume the speakers will produce and the better quality they will have. The Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Loudspeaker Set has a peek power handling of 300 watts, with a RMS power range of 75 watts. This provides enough sound for nearly 1,200 square feet of space, and is perfect for most outdoor spaces. This was more than adequate for my yard.

Is The Impedance Important?

Most people do not even consider the impedance of the speaker when considering which ones to purchase. It is true that this does not have a lot to do with the sound quality of the speakers, but it can directly affect the amps. The problem is if the impendence is not high enough it will not provide enough power for the amps and reduce their power. The impedance can be anywhere from 4 to 8 ohms. These speakers have 8 ohms meaning that it provides that ultimate power and the amps will always work correctly.

Size Of The Speakers

If these speakers were going to be used inside, the size might not be quite as important, but when you are going to mount them outside size becomes a major factor. These speakers are great because they are only six-pounds each making them very easy to work with. The product size itself is 12.2 by 6.8 by 8.2-inches which is a nice size speaker to hang up somewhere outside. I mounted mine right on the sides of my house, which worked perfectly.

What Kind Of Reviews Does The Speakers Have?

The Klipsch Outdoor Speakers Set is one of the highest rated outdoor speakers on Amazon. Almost all of the 49 people who left reviews on Amazon, rated the product with either a four or a five star rating, giving it an overall rating of 4.7 stars. Here is just a few of the comment left about this product.

“The clarity of the sound is amazing.”

“The sound quality is really good, very clear.”

“I would definitely recommend these to anybody in the market for outdoor speakers.”

“They sound great, look good, the price is right and they come with everything you need to mount them.”

Need I say anything else, these speakers are perfect for any outdoor space.

Where Can You Buy These Speakers?

The Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Speakers Set is available at Amazon. They are currently offering a special deal with a discount of 43% off the original price. This drops the cost for best outdoor speakers from $349 down to $198. On top of that, they are also offering free shipping on all orders. Amazon also offers six-month financing options for eligible buyers allowing you to make lower payments over time.


To find out more about the Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Loudspeaker Set or to read some of the reviews yourself, go to Amazon.

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