Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Speaker

Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker

With the Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker you can hide your outdoor sound and get the audio effect you desire. This product is an actual rock speaker that blends in perfectly with any landscape in your front or backyard.

This speaker is extremely sturdy and it has a strong woofer so that you can get the bass you want from an audio output. The dual-tweeters provide listeners with stereo channel signals and a desirable audio clarity. You can use these for a conventional stereo hook up inside of your home as well (although the design is more fitting for outdoors.) The enclosure on this product is UV protected therefore you can enjoy using them for years without having to worry about product damage.

Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker features:

  • Bass Reflex
  • High Frequency Response
  • 50 Watts
  • Dome Tweeters
  • 6 ½ dual voice coil woofer
  • Granit Rock Enclosure
  • Aluminum Grilles
  • 3 ft. Speaker Cable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 60 day Money Return Guarantee

This model of outdoor speakers has a balanced combination of both bass reflex and acoustic suspension. They are sealed and have a good cone control due to the air cushions that keep the woofer moving correctly in-sync with the audio signal. If a set of speakers has too much acoustic suspension it won’t have enough bass and too much bass can distort the sound.

Ultimately, the Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker has a balanced reflex. There are many manufacturers that end up using too much bass in their product because they believe that most people want a louder sound rather than one that is a clear reciprocation. Klipsch produces a perfect balance of bass and acoustic in a sealed system.

The Importance of Speaker Enclosure

As you may or may not know, the speaker enclosure has a lot to do with the audio sound. If it has a flimsy encasement then it is either going to emit too much sound or lose durability? One of the most important aspects of a speaker is having a strong enclosure and this one exceeds the requirements. The Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker has a granite external material that can handle vibrations easily. There is little to no interference with the sound as it is produced from the driver.

There are two different types of enclosures – sealed and ported.   A sealed enclosure is an airtight case that will cause the air pressure to change in the audio box. This puts a lot of pressure on it although it takes a lot of power to put out a sound. In order to have an efficient speaker it is necessary to have the right bass reflex enclosure which will balance out pressure on the inside and outside of the speaker. This product has a prominent sealed and bass reflex therefore you have an efficient design, prominent sound and a reliable construction.

Blend it into a Landscape

Besides it sounding amazing, the speakers fit into your yard seamlessly as they are camouflaged in with outside rock areas. If you entertain often or you have a piece of property that you rent out this is a great addition to your audio needs. Since the speakers have a strong granite enclosure that blends in with any landscape, you can place them in various locations without guests knowing where the music is coming from.

This is a fantastic way to set up audio for a wedding or an outside venue. You don’t have to worry about the product becoming damaged because of how strong the enclosure material is. It’s also convenient that regardless of how high or low these are placed; it will give you the same frequency and bass consistency with sound. They aren’t overly large and they’re still light enough to carry around with you.

You can play music in your yard without needing any wires which is extremely convenient. There is a two-way design so that your guests can hear it from anywhere in the location. The Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker has a dual voice coil polymer woofer, tweeters and a UV resistance enclosure. The only downfall is that if you want a better sound you’d have to purchase two for a left and right output.

A single speaker is effective for a backyard but it’s highly recommended that you invest in two of them if you want to use them for a venue, event, wedding etc. With any speakers it’s more effective if you purchase two for the left and right sound, especially if you are using it for entertainment purposes. Although you’re less likely to use these to watch a movie, you do have the option of setting up a projector outside and if that’s the case you should use two Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers.

A Quality Voice Coil

A satisfactory voice coil works as an electromagnetic component. These are actually coils of wire that are wrapped around in an internal metal piece. The use of this properly in the Klipsch products allows for a reverse electrical flow. The voice coil is placed in the stereo’s magnetic field and every time there is an interaction, the polarity changes. This causes the coil to move back and forth quickly which makes the cone vibrate in front of the speaker. When this component of an audio output is built sufficiently it helps build that clear sound.

Regardless of the music type you’re playing, the Klipsch AWR650SM Granite Outdoor Rock Speakers will deliver the bass, high and low frequencies that you desire in audio equipment. It blends in very well with a home or property and holds up well without you having to worry about durability issues. With a market price of $299 it’s worth more than an initial investment. Whether or not you choose to store them on the ground or in higher locations, you can get the surround sound that you desire for your outside entertainment purposes. This product is highly recommended to anyone who desires a powerful sound and outdoor speakers.

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