Kicker Outdoor Speakers

Kicker Outdoor Speakers

The Kicker brand is owned by Stillwater Designs which has been operating since 1973. When the company, which previously specialized in hand-built audio products for churches and auditoriums, branched out into car audio they became one of the pioneers in the car audio industry. Today the company is still based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma and while they are best known for their subwoofers, audio crossovers and amplifiers they also produce home and personal audio products.

Kicker Outdoor Speakers

The company has come a long way since their days of hand-building speaker systems in a one-car garage and their products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. Kicker has a very diverse car audio range, but their home and personal audio products are also well worth checking out. Speaker systems, headphones, earbuds and full range of outdoor speakers make up their home and personal audio range although the diversity within each product category is not quite up there with their car audio range yet.

The flagship full range speaker from Kicker is their KB6000 and is designed with “every-place” audio in mind. These speakers can be used indoors and outdoors and are available at a very affordable price. The KB6000 speakers have received very favorable reviews from consumers and hopefully Kicker will expand this range to widen their selection of full range speakers. When it comes to the design, the KB6000s are rather plain, but looks aren’t everything when it comes to audio products.

For wireless audio the Kicker brand offers their Amphitheater range of speakers. The Amphitheater BT and Amphitheater BT 2 features Bluetooth technology to allow audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Amphitheater range was the first to allow docking with iPad, iPhone and iPod media players, but the inclusion of Bluetooth technology means that the newer models are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Amphitheater range has a more eye-catching design than the KB6000 speakers and resembles the open-air musical venue from which it derives its name.

Kicker might be a household name when it comes to car audio, but their home and personal audio products are just as impressive. Unfortunately, they don’t have as wide a selection of audio devices in the home and personal category as they do for car audio, but they will surely increase their line-up as the popularity of these devices increase. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for the brand when it comes to their home and personal audio product range.

Kicker Pros

  • The Kicker brand is established and quite well known so they have strict quality control measures in place in order not to tarnish their reputation. This translates into higher quality audio products for consumers.
  • They are able to offer affordable home and personal audio products.

Kicker Cons

  • The Kicker home and personal audio range is not as extensive as their other divisions such as car audio.
  • Because Kicker is associated with car audio many people tend to overlook their home and personal audio products.

You won’t be spoiled for choice when it comes to Kicker products, but they have some solid speakers that combine quality and affordability. As the wireless and portable market continues to increase in popularity we should start seeing more products from Kicker in these categories to keep up with the trends.

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