JBL Northridge N26AW II 2 Speakers

JBL Northridge N26AW II 2-way, 6"

The JBL Northridge Bookshelf speakers fill your home with an amazing 2- way sound. Due to the high-impact molded enclosures users can experience an amazing clarity with 6 inch woofers and a 125 watt capacity. The mounting that comes attached to the speakers allow for a compact and convenient design.

JBL Northridge is a quality manufacturer building reliable products with extreme value and these bookshelf speakers are not only designed well but powerful enough to give you the sound that you want inside and outside of your home.

What are the Product Features?

  • Weather Resistant
  • 2 – way, Bookshelf
  • 0.75 laminated Dome Tweeters
  • FreeFlow Increased Bass Response
  • Zero Sound Distortion
  • 125 Amp Power
  • Wall Backers
  • 5-Way Binding Posts
  • 5 Year Warranty

It’s amazing that such clear highs and lows can come from such a modern and portable speaker. The midrange is accurate and the bass is powerful enough to flood your home with crystal-clear sound. It’s difficult to find outside speakers that can provide users with the power they desire. It’s even more challenging to come across a product that measure up to high-value in a book-shelf form; because these are 2-way it’s much easier to obtain the sound that you desire in any location.

Tweeter Design and Sound Effect

Once you’re shopping for speakers or looking for a way to improve the sound flow throughout your home, you’ll want to consider the type of tweeter used in the output. The shape and material that they are made from will change the way that the music sounds.

These are what produce the high frequencies within your music: horns, high pitches, instruments and vocals. They allow these noises to come to life although not all speaker manufacturers do well in an attempt to balance sound factors. The JBL Northridge N26AW II 2-way, 6″ Weather-Resistant Bookshelf Speakers have a sound quality and dispersion that are phenomenal.

The tweeters are light. They move quickly and are solid enough to hold the shape of music instead of causing sound distortion. The manufacturers built these tweeters so that it ‘dampens’ well, or stops moving quickly when the music has ended.

Take into consideration that tweeters are shaped and designed differently which is why varying audio outputs don’t always sound the same. The shape of the component will determine how the high frequencies are distributed throughout your home or backyard. JBL Northridge has designed these so that listeners get the best performance from the material and shape. With this product you don’t have to worry about the power handling and frequency response. The tweeter design conveys accurate sounds that flow smoothly without distortion.

Shopping for Speakers

The most important issue in any speaker is how well the audio holds up. The JBL Northridge N26AW produces an amazing performance due to the distinct bass drum and guitar playing notes. It’s common for any speaker to have an amplifier that produces distortion which in turn causes more strain on the components of the speakers. When you hear it produced incorrectly it may actually be doing damage to the audio outputs you’ve invested in.

These specific bookshelf speakers are durable because of the way that they’re built. When sound is produced loudly indoors or outdoors you don’t have to worry about it doing damage to the equipment as a result of the speaker mechanisms. They have a fantastic frequency range and overall, the noises in any of these products are crystal clear and crisp.

With the majority of speakers the production changes with different locations because of how the sound waves flow and bounce off of surfaces. With the JBL speaker you don’t have to change any environmental factors due to the audio construction. There is enough sound isolation and tone absorption that you can hear the sound clearly within a room or outside where there is greater isolation from the walls and floors.

The sound transmission class or the acoustical material isolation in these products is up to bar with much larger speakers. If you cherish a high-quality sound experience you don’t have to invest in large speakers that take up too much room. You also don’t have to build an environmental structure for the audio sounds to bounce off of.

About Bookshelf Speakers

Whether you are purchasing this equipment for entertainment reasons or recording productions, you’ll benefit from having them ‘bookshelf sized.’ Although they are smaller speakers they do create an amazing sound and can also fit into more compact spaces. If you want a product that is diverse (instrument hook-up) you may want to hook it up to a subwoofer. Be aware that these are made up of the same components as larger speakers although each of the mechanisms varies depending on the model you invest in. The wires, housing and tweeters are all connected to produce optimal sound. There are some products that offer diverse equipment variables and this tends to affect the power output and frequency range.

High End Product and Brand

The JBL Northridge is a high-end component for a fantastic price – not to mention, it is weather proof so you don’t have to worry about investing in them and ruining the quality of sound or molding. Within audio entertainment at home you are limitless in the types of sound systems that you set up in any location. Although this specific product isn’t designed to build a surround sound it creates similar effects due to the 2-way feature and the audio that emanates from audio components.

The best part about the JBL Northridge N26AW is that you can use them for more than one purpose. Whether it’s for studio music, outside listening or home entertainment needs it does build an amazing output that is far more enjoyable than your average book-shelf speaker. You can mount them to the wall and take them with you wherever you go without having to worry about the added weight. These are most ideal as they are durable, portable and produce a perfect sound without the added hassle.

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