JBL Northridge Bookshelf Speakers


The JBL Northridge Bookshelf Speakers are the ‘party outside’ audio outlets. If you attend regular concerts or outdoor festivals, you’re probably aware of the need for quality in music production. The JBL Northridge is a product that delivers a pristine sound and a bass that has the utmost power. The first feature you’ll notice when purchasing your own set is the quality and high-impact enclosure.

Being that it is a weather resistant product you can safely assume that the quality molding has something to do with how the product is well-preserved. There’s no way to use a speaker set outside around loud people if it doesn’t have fantastic power handling. The Northridge Speakers reduces static noise and has an increasing bass response that can be heard clearly amongst a group of listeners.

JBL Northridge N24AWII Bookshelf Speakers:

  • Weather Resistant (2-way audio)
  • 4 inch cone woofers
  • 0.75 laminated dome tweeters
  • Flared port (Reducing distortion and increasing the bass response)
  • 100 watt amp power
  • Wall-mounting brackets
  • 5 year warranty

How Does the Audio Sound?

The sounds produced are rich, consistent and crisp. If you’re looking for value in speakers and power we highly recommend the JBL Northridge. If you are like most people, you have probably run into many problems with speakers in the past. Perhaps there were of low quality and didn’t produce great sound. Fortunately, JBL speakers act in quite the opposite manner, producing rich tones that sound amazing when hooked up to a subwoofer (and this holds true regardless of volume).

The powerful sound comes from the Kapton voice coil and the HeatScape motor structure. These two parts allow the speakers to contour to every audio wave. The port is what increases the bass responses and it also eliminates any unwanted static. We do believe that a lot of the sound comes from the quality electrical components that help to reduce a processing that gets in the way of unclear sound signals. This product includes the same type of mechanisms that can be found in universal music halls and concert stadiums.

JBL Electronics

Before purchasing the JBL Northridge speakers you may have experimented with some other products from the same company. There are separate portable loudspeakers that reinforce this same sound for professional DJs and musicians. If you know JBL, then you already know the kind of quality products they produce.

There are many clubs and performance venues that invest in this brand due to their consistent performance, durability and power features. By understanding how speaker components work it’s much easier to identify whether or not a stereo is producing quality audio.

JBL products are made with a flexible suspension which keeps the diaphragm of the product from becoming de-centered. There are a lot of speaker products that fail within an environment when they are exposed to heat and humidity and this is often due to the incorrect application of the suspension and speaker basket when it is built by the manufacturer. The bass that comes from the JBL Northridge Bookshelf Speakers are designed for a deep operation because of their size and ability to circulate more air for that extra oomph.

The Northridge Line

This specific JBL series of speakers it built to enhance technical performance at a price that can be reached by the customer. There is a unique driver construction inside of these speakers with midrange ability and woofers that contain a special cellulose fiber. The consistent frequencies come from the construction, building a fast response while eliminating sound distortion.

These specific products aren’t too small or too large. The high density wood minimized the vibration and contributes to its durability. The finish and binding posts make the product weatherproof and sustainable regardless of where you plan on using them.

You’ll really enjoy the JBL Northridge Speakers because of their performance and appearance. They are clean looking with a modern appeal to them which is easy to blend into the layout of a home. They can be used for media purposes outdoors or indoors and quickly moved from one location to the next.

The Quality and Price

Considering the quality put into these speakers you may be initially caught off guard by the price. There aren’t many outdoor audio outlets that are this powerful, durable and weatherproof. With the mobility that they offer it’s extremely easy to carry them around with you. You won’t have to worry about damaging them due to the high-impact molded enclosure.

You can usually purchase this set for $130 online or at a local electronics store – which is a definite steal in our opinion. The high frequency domes, wide listening and tight bass has made the JBL Northridge Bookshelf Speakers a favorite amongst many who are in need of reasonably priced audio outlets. With minimal distortion and critical frequency bands we feel that the quality precedes the price of the product.

The speakers are compact and they can be mounted easily to the inside or outside of your home. You can also choose whether or not they’re mounted horizontally or vertically. Smooth sounding audio is the most important feature within a product and it is definitely found in this model, at a cheaper price than the same features created by other manufacturers.

The JBL Northridge Bookshelf Speakers Speakers Rock, Literally.

The tone is warm and it can easily be listened to for long periods of time without an audience experiencing sound fatigue. The grills can be removed easily and we admire the look of the binding post on the back of the speakers. There’s also a swivel mount that comes with the product that lets you hang up the speakers at a convenient angle.

It can be tedious to compare products but it’s often necessary due to the low quality and high-priced electronics repeatedly found within the marketplace. We truly recommend investing in the JBL Northridge N24AWII 2-Way, 4″ Weather-Resistant Bookshelf Speakers. They’ll satisfy the look, sound and longevity that you desire in any audio or electronic device purchase.


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