Jawbone Outdoor Speakers

Jawbone Outdoor Speakers

Jawbone, which was founded in 1999 as Aliph, is a privately held company operating out of San Francisco, California. The company specializes in technology and wearable products, with headsets at the forefront of their product range for many years. It wasn’t until 2010 that the company branched out with their first non-headset product the Jambox, a product which has since become one of their best selling pieces of equipment. Aliph officially changed their name to Jawbone in 2011 although they have been using the brand name for a lot of their products already.

Currently Jawbone offers products that include an activity tracker, wireless, portable Bluetooth speakers as well as their signature headsets. The company has also received a myriad of awards and recognition over the years for their products including the Jambox and Big Jambox speakers.

Jawbone Outdoor Speakers

Because Jawbone only started working in the portable speaker field in 2010 their product range in this class is much more limited than that of their competitors. They more than make up for this with their attention to detail and design quality though. At the moment they have two entries in the portable speaker category namely the Mini Jambox and Big Jambox.

The Mini Jambox speakers have a strong focus on portability and stylish designs, measuring in at only 1.5 inches thin. These speakers are built from extruded aluminum and has a weight of only 9oz. Jawbone also caters to all tastes when it comes to this speaker with 9 colors and five design options to choose from.

The second portable speaker offering from Jawbone is their Big Jambox which as the name suggest, is able to produce a much bigger sound than its mini cousin. At 10″ in length and 3.1″ in width it is still quite portable, but the proprietary acoustic drivers and dual passive bass radiators make it an audio powerhouse.

Unlike many other brands, Jawbone has their finger on the pulse of what modern, technology savvy consumers want and expect from their products. Apart from the funky designs and impressive tech specs their Jambox range is also what they label “Smartspeakers.” This means that you can download content, apps and software updates for your Jambox speakers to customize your experience even further.

Jawbone Pros

  • Jawbone is a popular brand with numerous industry awards to prove that their products are cutting edge.
  • Their Jambox range feature very stylish designs with plenty of customization options.
  • The brand has a big focus on portability and their speakers are small enough to take anywhere.
  • Proprietary drivers mean that their small speakers are able to deliver big sounds without sacrificing any audio quality.
  • The Jawbone account website means that your Jambox equipment can be updated with new software, features and apps which is not possible with speakers offered by competitors.

Jawbone Cons

  • Jawbone focused on headsets for a long time so at the moment their portable speaker range is limited to only the Jambox speakers.
  • Due to their focus on quality and style the Jambox speakers fall into a higher price range than similar products from competitors.

While Jawbone doesn’t quite have the diversity of their competitors when it comes to portable speakers their existing offerings are already very impressive and the brand can only get better in the future. Their equipment might come at a higher price, but they definitely provide value for money.

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