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JAM Party HX-P730 Wireless Boom Box Speaker Review

For those of you who aren’t willing to spend a bunch of money on a party speaker, there is good news – you actually don’t have to! Sure, you cannot expect from a budget party speaker to sound like high-end models (and you should not) but if you are happy with the average sound quality, then there will be no problem. Budget party speakers are actually a great way to save your money and still dance to your favorite beats. There are many budget models on the market, so choosing the one for your needs can be a tricky task. That is exactly why we are doing this review – to help you out with choosing the speaker of your budget (or dreams). In this article, we will reveal all about the JAM Party Speaker so as to help you bring good tones to the next party and enjoy the music. So, let’s take a look at what this party speaker has to offer you.

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HMDX has been known for delivering budget speakers, including this model that we are reviewing today. Since here we are talking about a budget option, we can say that this model is similar to others in the same price range. That is, this speaker is not anything special.

But, the selling point of this speaker is the battery, as it lasts much longer than with other speakers of this size and price. However, as far as the design is concerned, we can tell you straight away that this unit won’t exactly win the design award. The unit itself is compact and will fit anywhere, but the integrated handle is not actually a must because the speaker is not hard to move and carry around. The sound quality is okay, or we dare to say pretty good, with clear highs and mids, and little bass.

So, considering all this, this unit does provide a good value for the money, and if you have realistic expectations you will love this speaker. You can make a great house party with it, or add some music to the family picnics and gatherings.

Highlighted features:

  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Wirelessly play up to 12 hours
  • Available in four colors – pink, yellow, gray, and blue
  • Lithium-ion battery (provided)
  • Built in Bluetooth (up to 30 feet away)
  • AC power adapter (included)
  • Line in connection
  • Integrated handle for easy transport


As for the design, this unit is well-built and is durable, so no worries about that.

Next, we love the size of this unit, as it is very compact. That makes this speaker easy to fit into corners, on the shelf, or anywhere else you may want to put it. With 11.2 ounces and 7.5 x 2.6 x 2.5 inches, this unit is a breeze to move and transport. It even comes with the integrated handle to make transport a piece of cake. However, we think there is no need for that handle since it makes the speaker a bit larger than it should be.

As for the looks, this unit comes in four colors – yellow, pink, gray and blue, so as to match or contrast your room’s interior. We cannot say that the speaker’s look will sweep you off your feet, but we love the colors.  All in all, this speaker doesn’t look bad.


What does impress us is the sound quality. Keeping the price in mind, this speaker delivers very good sound quality. It has two active and two passive speakers in order to deliver clear highs, and okay bass. Of course, the bass could have been better, but that would probably mean the price will also be higher. So, this speaker sounds good, and you won’t be disappointed (and that is all that matters anyway).

What’s more, the speaker is relatively loud, making it a good choice for a house party. Whether you want to listen to Latino music, pop, electronic, or perhaps hip-hop, you will love the sound of the speaker.


What you will definitely appreciate about this speaker are the controls. They are easy to notice, and more importantly, easy to use. They are placed on top of the speaker, allowing for fast access whenever you want.

Bluetooth connection

When it comes to playing the music, you can do that via Built-in Bluetooth. However, do keep in mind that this speaker can connect to MOST Bluetooth enabled devices, not all of them. But, we guess that is what you get for the price.

Even though the manufacturer says the speaker can work wirelessly up to 30 feet away, the connection it will interrupt often, so maybe you want to stay close to the speaker, just in case.

Thanks to a handy Speakerphone feature, you can answer the call, without using your hands.


As we mentioned, what makes this speaker stand out from the crowd is the battery life. Thanks to a rechargeable lithium ion battery, you will easily recharge the speaker when needed. But, before you will need to do that, this speaker will give you amazing 12 hours of playtime, on a single charge. Now, that’s quite impressive, taking into account the price of this little guy.

However, if you want to have more reliability, you can make use of an AC power cord. That way, you won’t have to think about the battery life, and can fully focus on partying all night.


Under $100, you should be more than happy with what this unit has to offer you. If you love its design, and all the other features that we mentioned, there is absolutely none reason of why you should not buy this speaker. So, chose your favorite color and make the most out of your party.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • Good sound
  • Well built
  • Easy to move around
  • Compact design so the speaker can fit anywhere
  • Great battery life


  • The sound is not very bassy
  • Ordinary look
  • Poor Bluetooth connection

The Final Word

Well, that is all we have to say about the JAM Party speaker. With all the aforementioned features, this speaker can be a great addition to any home, birthday party, or BBQ, as long as you don’t expect top notch sound. All in all, this unit is worth every penny, so it is definitely a sound investment.

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JAM Party HX-P730 Wireless Boom Box Speaker

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