HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker

HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker

Winning the crowd over with cuteness, HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker in fact has quite a few other tricks up its sleeve to make it worthy of your purchase. We’ll go ahead and list the price, sound quality for the given budget and once again those cute looks as some of the key factors.

But let’s not get too much ahead as well. This is clearly a modern, well constructed device we have at hand, dropping with a very affordable $49 price tag, but as always, features its own set of pros and cons, so it ultimately all comes down to your personal taste and needs.

As you might have guessed, this is a Bluetooth speaker featuring a very light overall weight, making portability one of the key features as well. There’s plenty to go around with, so make sure to scroll down and join us for a detailed full review in the section below.


It pretty much goes to show without saying that the HMDX Jam XT doesn’t have the ability to deliver full-on blasting, but the sound quality within the given power capacity, size and price range does come as surprising. Unless you crank it up to 11 all the time, the speaker will deliver clear, noiseless and crackle-free audio with quite rich mid and high frequencies. Some users tend to point out that the low end was covered equally well by the manufacturer.

When it comes to power and volume, the speaker has enough capacity to cover larger rooms and outdoor environment, which is far from shabby for a device twice smaller than a soda can. The speaker also features a neat set of additional features, but more on that in the following segment.


Apart from packing a sonic punch, this little guy is also packed with some cool features. As noted, the design is gorgeous, but also very well built, making the speaker much stronger and endurable that you might think. The $40 package also includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and an AC power cord. According to the manufacturer, the device is capable of delivering 4 hours of non-stop wireless play, which is more than expected considering the size.HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker 2

Speaking of wireless, HMDX Jam XT features a 30-foot Bluetooth range and a line-in for connecting different non-Bluetooth devices. The speaker drops with a minimal 3.3 x 3.3 x 3 inches (8.38 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm) size and a mere weight of just 8.8 ounces (250 g). Available in different colors, the device can also be clipped onto your backpack or belt, taking the portability department to a whole new level.

Durability and Reliability

Featuring a foldout carabineer, HMDX Jam XT is not only extremely easy to transport, but quite durable. No much can be damaged on this little guy due to the compact size, so occasional drops and rough transport are definitely something the speaker can handle. However, this is a small device we’re talking about, so don’t think you can through it around either. Treat your sound equipment with care and it will deliver what you need.

In the reliability department, you’ll need to make sure to charge the battery consistently, but apart from that, users don’t have a tendency of reporting problems with this one. The inner circuits are well connected and will hardly give the user a rough time.

Overall: Pros and Cons

It should be fairly obvious by now that this device is worthy of your attention, so if you’re looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker, this might be the thing for you. Plus it’s so cute you might not be able to resist it. Finally, we’ll sum it all up with a brief pros and cons rundown.

HMDX Jam XT Pros

  • Price – $49 for a speaker of this quality is truly a bargain. When you think about it, video games tend to cost more, making this device an investment you’ll hardly regret
  • Portability – Most speakers are considered highly portable if they can fit in your backpack. Well, this one can easily fit in your pocket. The initial size is small enough, but it can be folded down even further. Need we say more?

HMDX Jam XT Cons

  • Sound far from the pro domain – This one goes to show without saying, but if you’re looking for a high-end audio quality, you’ll want to give HMDX Jam XT a pass. But as noted, the sound quality is more than fair for the listed price tag, making the overall grade more than positive


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