Dual 3-way Indoor Outdoor Speakers

Dual Indoor Outdoor Speakers by Dual Electronics

There are all types of speakers. There are those meant for indoors. There are some made for outdoors. There are even those speakers that are meant for both indoors and outdoors called Indoor Outdoor Speakers. What you purchase depends on just what you plan on using the speakers for.

With the Dual Indoor Outdoor Speakers you don’t have to choose just one purpose for them. Move them inside to your living room or outside to your patio. No matter where you put them you will get the same quality results and in the end there is nothing more you can really ask for.


What you Need In Indoor Outdoor Speakers

When you are searching for the best indoor outdoor speakers, the following things are those that you must consider when picking what is right for you:

  • Quality
  • Sound
  • Durability
  • Price

When it comes to buying new speakers, the quality of the item itself, as well as the sound it produces is of the utmost important. These particular speakers boast 50 watts of RMS power and 100 watts when they reach their peak power.

The woofer is four inches and the tweeter is a Piezo dome. This means that the sound quality can be expected to be quite high. Also pertaining to the sound, once the speakers are mounted you can turn and swivel them to point the sound exactly where you want it.

The next thing to consider is the speaker’s durability. This is especially true since it is an indoor and outdoor model. You do not want to buy a product that lacks in durability when you may be placing it outside. Any item placed outside is subject to rains, snow, heat, SUV rays and much more depending on the area of the world you live.

With these speakers you do not have to be concerned about such things. They are totally resistant to all types of weather and can take a licking and keep on ticking. (Of course you may want to bring them inside if you are facing hurricane or tornado weather!) Overall, the construction has a high amount of durability so this is not a concern that you will have with these speakers.

When it comes to buying new speakers you may be concerned about the prices you will be facing. This is a valid concern since they are typically an expensive investment; especially if you are planning on getting something that is high quality.

These Duel speakers will not break your bank but they will give you the high quality you crave. On Amazon you can get them for only $79 new and as low as $59 refurbished. That is an amazing deal for speakers of this stature and you will not likely be able to beat it with any other similar speakers.

What Comes in the Box?

The only three items that come with this purchase are the speakers, the owner manual and the mounting pieces. It does not come with the hardware or any cable. This is not a big deal though as the things you will need to buy do not cost much and the extra few dollars you will spend will be worth the return you get from your new speakers.

The owner’s manual does tell you what the best hardware and cables are to get for the best quality. Putting up the speakers is super simple, so much so that ANYONE can get the job done. It just takes a few minutes to mount them and before you know it you have the music pumping though.


When it comes to speakers many people are pretty hard to please. This is what reviews are meant for; to help the consumer choose and show them all sides of a product. The only downside to this product is that when the speakers are being used outside, the bass is a bit low.

However, this is not something that really ruins the sound quality and your neighbors will be thankful that they do not hear a ton of bass coming from your yard and shaking their homes! For a fair review you also want everyone to consider what others have said about these speakers, so take a look below for other happy customers who love their Duel Speakers.

“Fantastic!” – David, Amazon Customer

“Great Speakers” – M. Barnett, Amazon Customer

“High quality, low price” – Adam, Amazon Customer

“Great value in these speakers” – Kevin, Amazon Customer

As with any product there are always a few complaints and a fair review mentions these as well. Of all 478 reviews, only 66 were below four stars which is an impressive number; overwhelmingly positive.

The lower reviews mostly complained that they had a hard time mounting the speakers, that there was no cable included, and that they find it hard to move the speakers from area to area. These things were not enough to most buyers from making the choice to purchase them since the majority of people seem to really love them.

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