Dual Audio Outdoor Speakers

Dual Audio Outdoor Speakers

Dual Audio Outdoor SpeakersOut of all the audio brands that are available on the market today Dual Audio certainly boasts one of the most convoluted paths to where they are now.  Although the company started out in 1907 manufacturing clockwork and gramophone parts in Germany, the Dual brand was only adopted in 1927 after the dual-mode power supplies it pioneered became a hit. Although Dual was one of the biggest turntable manufactures in Europe, the company eventually went bankrupt in 1982. After this the brand changed hands quite a few times until in 2002 a Korean-American company, called Namsung Electronics, bought the rights in order to use the name for their consumer electronics in the Americas.

Today the Dual Electronics Corporation company headquarters is in Heathrow, Florida and they have distribution centers in Nevada and Illinois. Staying true to their heritage, the company still sells turntables as well as car, marine and home audio. For this article we will focus on their home audio range though which includes their outdoor rock speakers and LU Series of indoor/outdoor speakers.

The Dual Audio Outdoor Speakers brand is generally perceived to be a more affordable alternative to some of the other brands as they tend to price their products much lower. This might lead you to think that the quality is inferior, but this is not always the case. Dual Audio speakers, especially the outdoor variety, show a surprising amount of durability for the price class. Audio quality is not sacrificed to attain the lower price points either so with a Dual Audio product you are usually guaranteed satisfactory sound quality. Their architectural outdoor rock speaker range in particular has been receiving rave reviews not only for their durability, but also the sound quality. Because of their diverse product range Dual Audio tend to have less variety amongst individual speaker types though which places them at a slight disadvantage compared to the competition. Their lower prices definitely make a difference though especially as they do not cut corners to achieve these.

Dual Audio might not be the same company today that it was nearly a century ago, but the brand still carries some weight. They have proven that there is a market for quality audio products at affordable prices. Their products might not be top of the line, but they do offer great value for money

Dual Audio Pros

  • The brand is recognizable and well establish even if it has changed hands over the years.
  • Dual Audio delivers products that are generally more affordable than their competitors.
  • The sound quality as well as durability of Dual Audio products is better than expected given the lower price range.

Dual Audio Pros

  • Dual Audio has a wide range of product types, but less variety within each product class which means they are able to offer fewer alternatives than other brands when it comes to types of speakers.
  • The sound quality of their cheaper speakers is obviously not as good as those found in much higher priced offerings.

Dual Audio is a nice entry level brand for people looking to expand their audio hardware without breaking the bank. While serious audiophiles might scoff at their speakers the average consumer will be satisfied with what they get for their money.

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