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Definitive Technology is a US-based company specializing in speakers production. Its products vary from home theater speaker systems to sound bars, in-wall speakers and portable Bluetooth loudspeakers.Their best selling outdoor speaker model is the AW6500 speaker pair.

When it comes to the range of Definitive Technology outdoor speakers, the manufacturer mostly opted to stay on the safe side and deliver standardized products without delving too far into certain niche domains. However, this doesn’t mean that Definitive Technology products are lacking in any of the areas they focus on, not by a long shot.  The company has a well-established reputation among audiophile consumers and constantly strives towards delivering top-notch efforts.

So before getting down to specific products, let’s check out the points Definite Technology excels in or falls behind its competition.

Definitive Technology Logo

Definitive Technology Outdoor Speakers Pros

  • Price – The company’s products undoubtedly come with a fair price. As you’ll notice by reading further, Definitive Technology doesn’t exactly offer a wide array of outdoor speakers, but the ones that can be found in the catalogue come with a good price. Specifically, the given price range varies from $200 to $250.
  • Durability and portability – Definitive Technology outdoor speakers can concisely be described as sturdy, yet portable. The company successfully mixed the strong built and somewhat light materials, resulting in 11 or 12-pound devices that can deliver up to 200 watts of peak power, as well as withstand harsh weather conditions without breaking or malfunctioning.

Definitive Technology Outdoor Speakers Cons

  • Lack of diversity – The company basically went for the safest strategy by producing the most commonly used kind of outdoor speakers. Nothing wrong with such an approach of course, but it does cut a few niche crowds short. Specifically, Definite Technology offers two models in the Definitive Technology outdoor speakers range – the AW6500 and AW5500. Both come with a set of previously listed pros, but if their power or overall style isn’t meeting your demands, you’ll have no choice but to just pass DT.


As we said, Definite Technology offers a total of two outdoor speakers models – the AW6500 and AW 5500. Both come with a standardized appearance, but still carry plenty of distinctive or even signature and unique characteristics to differentiate them from other companies or each other. So without further ado, let’s check them both out. More details below.

Definite Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speaker

Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor SpeakerDescribed as an “ultra-performance all weather” speaker, the AW6500 outdoor speakers model commonly earns unanimous praise from audio aficionados. The device is capable of delivering 200 watts of peak power and has a 40 – 30,000 Hz frequency response range. The 12-pound weight fits about right with the 9.25 x 14.5 x 8.83–inch size, making the speaker quite portable.

Several features stand out when it comes to AW6500, earning the device, as well as the company in general, a rightful place among the audio elite. To name a few, there’s the Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) mid-bass driver or a passive radiator, allowing high-quality delivery of rich bass frequencies, as well as great power without the loss of overall audio quality.

The speaker has a stylish and slick design, so it’s easy to accommodate it within most environments. Speaking of which, AW6500 is highly durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions and physical damage. Finally, the $200-250 price tag makes the device a good value product, allowing users to purchase a top-notch set of speakers for under $500.

Definite Technology AW5500 Outdoor Speaker

Definitive Technology AW 5500 Outdoor SpeakerThe company’s second outdoor speaker model, AW5500, is essentially similar to AW6500 speaker, except that several cuts were made in different departments, including both power and price. The device can deliver 175 watts of peak power and has a 40 – 30,000 Hz frequency response range. The size is also slightly smaller and features 8.25 x 12.75 x 7.75-inch dimensions, summing up to 11 pounds of total weight.

Some of the company’s distinctive or signature features from the AW6500 model are also included, such as the Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) mid-bass driver and a passive radiator, keeping the sound quality at the same high level. So if 200 watts of power isn’t something you require, the AW5500 essentially comes just as good as the AW6500.

Apart from the size differences, AW5500 is identically designed as the AW6500 and is also available in black or white finish. The price dropped for approximately $50 and ranges anywhere between $150 and $200. Once again, the device is most often praised by users, ranking it among the very top of the global line of outdoor speakers.

Finally, both products come with a five-year warranty, reflecting Definite Technology’s dedication to high-quality products and delivery.

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